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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gorbachev cannot be punished twice

On Wednesday celebrates its anniversary, perhaps the most unpopular policy of Russia: the first and last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev celebrates 85 years. He is forced to witness not only toasts in his honor, but also the endless curses, coupled with the proposal to recognize his reign of crime. But does like Gorbachev?

The recent initiative of Nikita Mikhalkov to arrange the trial of former Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist party (and otherwise recognize someone else’s actions is not a crime), of course, found many supporters, but to take it seriously in the performance Mikhalkov is impossible for one simple reason. The same Mikhalkov, in the same interview, spoke of the sacredness of power. And if the power of the sacred, then even the most incompetent criminal and the leader of its state can not be judged. Don’t mix the two concepts. So leave statements Mikhalkov on his conscience and try to understand who in fact is today’s hero of the day.

“Try to imagine what the last quarter of the century, with all its UPS and downs there would be, and would be the only constant Gorbachev”

It is difficult to say what historical figure was equal to Gorbachev when he launched perestroika, glasnost, new thinking and new method. It is possible that the modestly – at Khrushchev. Supporters compare him with Alexander the Liberator, while mapping with his grandson Nicholas Alexander, which in Soviet times was called the Bloody, and now canonized, it would be more accurate. Gorbachev managed to escape the Martyr’s fate of the two emperors killed in 62 and 50 years respectively, but failed to escape from the collapse of their own state.

Also with Nikolai Gorbachev brings together the forced nature of the reforms and the lack of a proactive stance: they do not create events, and followed them, often with a huge gap. Same here – the inability to restore order in his inner circle, and many other high unacceptable for the leader traits.

Despite the fact that most of the current residents of Russia studied in the Soviet textbooks, and the Marxist vision of history considers the role of personality secondary (most importantly – the will of the masses), the vast majority of people somehow tend to blame all the troubles of the country’s leader. And the liberals follow this concept with no less zeal than the Communists.

From USSR to Russia: how our country has changed over those thirty letmi no weak or, conversely, a strong leader is able to get people so disappointed in the home country to happily welcome its collapse, bringing all his forces. That Nicholas II had taught the peasants to burn the houses of the landowners with the landowners? What Gorbachev was quarrel between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Abkhazians and Ossetians, and Pro-Romanian Moldovans are Pro-Russian?

For the collapse of the state required some kind of “perfect storm”: the combination of factors in a different sequence or with another (perhaps even greater) force would not have led to a catastrophic cumulative effect. And the role (and fault), who by chance was lifted up at this moment on the top of the state pyramid, is not the main. Despite this, in the mass consciousness of the perpetrators was clearly defined – “a weak king” Nicholas II and “incompetent reformer Mikhail Gorbachev.

About the components of the two “perfect storms” of the twentieth century, destroyed the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, it is possible to argue very long, but the result can not be questioned – in both cases, the countries were thrown back in its economic development and suffered serious human losses, although in the second case, and managed (miraculously) to do without a full-scale civil war. Irony of fate – the death rate fell because of Gorbachev’s anti-alcohol campaign (Yes, it was not only the harm), only to after a few years in a country flooded with low-grade alcohol sold almost in school cafeterias.

Of course, you can imagine what would have happened if Gorbachev started perestroika and was not a supporter of the “consensus”, and a stern leader with a strong hand.

In this case, he still would be head of state. Communist leaders just do not go to rest, the case of Khrushchev, isolated, Korean leaders ruled until death, and Fidel Castro handed power to his brother solely for health reasons – and still remains to Cuba with the ultimate truth. Try to imagine what the last quarter of the century, with all its UPS and downs there would be, and would be the only constant Gorbachev.

What would the which existed a quarter of a century the Soviet Union? Optimists might say that this, like China – without the iron curtain, open for investment to modernize the economy, with high-speed Railways and other government mega-projects. Pessimists would say that it would be a gigantic North Korea, with regular hunger, crumbling infrastructure and a ban on communicating with foreigners and also with a constant low intensity war on the suburbs.

In fact, such disputes can not have the slightest importance, and use them no more than reading books about “popadantsev”. The story has already happened, the Soviet Union has collapsed, and you cannot restore it as the Russian Empire, Kievan Rus, the Scythian Kingdom.

Attempt to “restore” or to get even with someone for their past mistakes and failures is called “revenge”, and revenge-seekers always ends badly. So Georgia it makes sense to forget about Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Ukraine – about the Crimea, Moldova, about Transnistria, and Russia to build and if the new integration project in Eurasia, on a new basis, not Soviet. Germany would not have the economic and political leader of the European Union, if it still was trying all by hook or by crook to return to the Russian Kaliningrad oblast, or French Alsace Lorraine.

If to speak about “the court”, then your sentence hard to Gorbachev the people of Russia made 20 years ago – during the presidential elections of 1996. It is 0.51 percent of the vote. According to employees of election headquarters Gorbachev, the former President was literally crushed by this figure. Even the worst five years of stagnation of the 90s forced the citizens of Russia once again to wish the return of the Gorbachev era.

After 20 years the more it makes no sense to frantically rummage in the past and discuss who is more to blame for our current problems – Gorbachev or Yeltsin. You need to go forward. Today is the anniversary of not so much from the last General Secretary of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev, how many middle-aged and not too healthy person of Mikhail Gorbachev. So we will, first and foremost, people, and we wish him good health. No one can be twice punished for the same crime is a basic principle of justice. Not to mention the fact that the fight with old people is not the valor nor from what point of view.

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