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Monday, February 26, 2018

French journalists caught Dmitry Kiselev on the new fraud on television

French TV has exposed the fraud in the program “News of the week Dmitry Kiselev”, released on may 15 on the channel “Russia 1”. In it, broadcaster and head of the state news Agency “Russia today”, talking about “skeptics” in France, not only gave them protesting against the labour laws, but also put it in their mouth completely different words than what they actually said.

The satirical program Le Petit Journal TV channel Canal+ found the French heroes of the story “Russia 1”. They were three girls (one with the rally against new law on labor, the second to which in the frame allegedly molested migrants, the third — also mourn for the new law) and an elderly former employee of the city hall of the city of noisy-Le-Sec, “complained” on the dismissal and replacement of its three migrants, “even ignorant of the French language”.

Finally, another character was the former Minister Bruno Le Mayor, whose words summarize all complaints of the previous heroes. He allegedly said that the way for France’s closer cooperation with Russia.

However, when the French journalists talked to all the heroes of the story “News week”, it became clear that they do not recognize his words in the Russian translation. So, eks-the employee of the municipality called them “lies”, adding that the Russian TV made her “a racist” and the girl “molested migrants”, explained that it was completely unfamiliar to her tipsy young man who did not speak those platitudes that are attributed to him staff Kiselyov.

French women protesting against a new law on labour, also said that their words were distorted, and the former Minister had abandoned the attempt to attribute to him the Pro-Russian rhetoric.

Thus journalists of Le Petit Journal added that their attempts to contact Kiselyov and his team was a fiasco: no one with “Russia 1” has not responded within a week.

The story of French television was accompanied by a portrait of Vladimir Putin: leading, according to him, wanted to illustrate the forgery of a portrait of the head of VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeev, but its “not found”.

Note that Kiselev’s revelations are not confused: in yesterday’s program, he once again dedicated the plot of the protests in France — now actually the labour law, allowing employers to more easily dismiss employees.

Recently the TV presenter constantly caught on the forgery, as he was forced to admit that aired fake “ausvays” during the Second world war, and the accusations in the address Kiselev Alexei Navalny, allegedly a CIA agent, ridiculed for illiterate English “classified documents” refused to investigate and the FSB, and the UK.

Watch the video on “Journalists on propaganda and “information warfare” in the modern media”

Journalists of the Federal channel again caught in a lie. But after “the crucified boy” it’s communicating the news, which is no surprise. However, in the Union of Journalists of Russia are trying to change the situation in the Russian media. May 20, cjr held a conference “Journalism and propaganda in modern media.” We asked the experts and organizers of the conference : Why the media are less informed, and more and more are advocating? Why journalists turn into soldiers of information warfare? And why the viewer is no longer interested in the facts? Answers on video.

The Navalny Case. Chronicle of events

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