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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Crack Rashkin

Thirty years ago, in the midst of stagnation, in times of endless congresses of the CPSU and the “dear General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev” literally hanging on every fence the slogans “the People and the party United” was perceived outright mockery. How can there be unity with the nomenclature on the black “Volga”? Yes, they even ate other products than the common people. From special stores.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

After the restructuring of the arrogance of the Communists diminished. They began to pose as defenders of workers ‘ rights. Chorus pull at the Congress “we Went all the people, the children of the family labor…”. But not for long, apparently, they were enough. Haven’t won none of the elections are still so far inviting rooms Busty secretaries, but the rift between Communist party officials and their constituents have already appeared. And the crack is so wide and deep that there can easily collapse all the election efforts of the Communist party.

The police of Moscow received two statements from Ivan Penkin and Marina Shestakova. On 20 may they were both beaten by guards of the Deputy of the state Duma and part of the second person in the party Zyuganov, Deputy Secretary General and the first Secretary MGK the Communist party Valery Rashkin directly in front of everyone. The victims have applied, and then recorded the damage in the fracture clinic.

Rashkin and his guards. Photo Marousi Barsunova.

I run the reports through the app Periscope, and anyone can watch on social networks, — says Ivan Penkin, assistant municipal Deputy from “Fair Russia” Yakimanka district Dmitry Zakharov. — Naturally, Rashkin it is a burning heartburn. Its protection is constantly trying to disrupt my work. As recently as may 6, directly into the meeting I was attacked by one of the guards, knocked out of the hands of the phone and began to stomp his feet. I applied to the police for this reason.

A may 20, I went to the next stated meeting Rashkin in Marino, at Pererva, 6. I saw a “Gazelle” in the colors of the Communist party. And from it unloaded a goon squad. I immediately turned on the app and started to broadcast this process, accompanying its oral review. A minute security was keeping himself in hand. But after I called them extras, they attacked me. Snatched from the hands of the phone, the people threw me to the ground. Several times a really bad hit to the head and back.

Broadcast Periscope Penkina. Photo Marousi Barsunova.

Two athletes-intellectuals fumbled with the phone, trying to remove the stream from it. While nothing they did not work. Here is one of them, someone called. They left me and the phone, were divided into two groups and fled in different directions. I got up and went to the meeting, although I felt very bad. To meet these types of do not come. And to me it became bad, Dmitry Zakharov took me in the car. On the road I was sick. Then he took me to the fracture clinic. There have recorded the displacement of the vertebrae. Fortunately, bleeding in the brain was not. After the emergency room we went to the police station where I filed another rashkinsky Gopnik.

It is noteworthy that at the same meeting, suffered elderly woman Marina Shestakova. She tried to approach Valery Rashkin and ask him a few questions. The people’s choice, the original defender of all workers, grimaced at her question, then Shestakov attack. According to witnesses, she was beaten on the head with a heavy bag, umbrellas, conducted chokes and kicked him. And only the intervention of young people who were also at the meeting, had saved her from more serious injuries.

— Some of the attackers were from protection Rashkin, — says Dmitry Zakharov, — and some from among his supporters. There was one girl, and so she went into a state of frenzy, began to strangle Marina Shestakova. And in the end it dragged even the scared guard Rashkin. However, another part of protection to work the head Shestakova, umbrellas…

Penquin is broadcast. Photo Marousi Barsunova.

The phone out of the hands of Penkina. Photo Marousi Barsunova.

Marina Shestakova also was taken to the emergency ward. And after the injuries she has also filed a statement to the police. (Help from the emergency ward are at the disposal of “MK”.)

Police vowed to find the perpetrators. And it will be very surprising if they did not find. While it was not possible to obtain any official comment on the matter. But we will continue to monitor the situation.

By the way, on may 20, Valery Rashkin was scheduled two meetings. And after the massacre on the first to the second, neither he nor his supporters did not show up…

The Communists have always prided themselves on their closeness to the people. Immediately after the revolution and up until the 30-ies of XX century any member of the party upon presentation of a membership card could go to any, even the most high procridinae. They say that this right was exercised, the assassin of Sergei Kirov Nikolaev, penetrated into Leningrad city Committee on your membership card. But does Valery Rashkin considers himself a modern Kirov. Or a tight row of foreheads-guards it is easier to hear only what you want to hear. But then you should stop calling themselves the party of the working people.

Watch the video on “the protection of the Communist Rashkin beat the voters “

At a meeting with voters on may 20 in Maryino the guards of the Deputy of the state Duma and leader of the Moscow Communists Valery Rashkin beat two people: the works of Ivan Penkin and Marina Shestakova. Apparently, the Communist did not like the questions that they asked. The victims recorded the beating in the emergency room and called the police.

Video: Barsunova Marusya/ “Moscow order”

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