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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A pipeline to Croatia will bring

How much of fuss about the scandal with Panamanian documents, how many ugly secrets was opened suddenly! Although, it would seem, why so surprised — well, who, tell, today is not questioned that the politicians, officials and heads of major corporations exist on just one salary?

So the other day in mass media there were publications about undeclared foreign real estate owned by close relatives of the President of the company “Transneft” Nikolay Tokarev.

A little bit about the “Transneft”, Russia this company is a key, strategically significant. Oil-producing enterprises in the country are many, but all their work and, accordingly, revenues to state coffers in one way or another dependent on the Transneft monopoly, handling of fuel through pipelines. Therefore it is quite natural that controls the company, the state, in whose property is 100% ordinary shares of “Transneft”. And also no doubt that with such significance for the country leaders of such a company should be, what is called, under the magnifying glass of the state. But with this, it seems, there is the RUB.

Business family talent Tokarevich-Bolotov

As you know, statesmen — people special, outstanding. They usually are very smart and hard-working wife, successfully leading the business and bringing in millions of family, while their husbands for a modest salary put force in the service of the Fatherland. Another they have talented children, who after graduating from prestigious universities also take into good positions in ministries and state corporations. And here the President of “Transneft” Nikolay Tokarev as lucky. At the time, his daughter Maya married a man named Andrey Bolotov. The young man already distinguished for intelligence and wit, but after his marriage, his business acumen and career rapidly went up. “Rosbalt” transfers “the big way” Andrey Bolotov — “ITERA holding”,… “Kazhiminvest” and joint venture “Zarit” for oil and gas on the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian sea. “Zarit” created in 2002, Zarubezhneft, Rosneft, “ITERA” and Vneshtorgbank.

However, and she Maya Tokarev-Bolotov turned out to be talented in the business. First, it is reported, “it had to do with little-known companies (“Promsvyaz’avto”, “Strove” and “import industry”). Firma Strojsib”, with the same address as the Bank, in 2002, became one of the largest shareholders of the publishing-polygraphic complex “Press-1” (formerly “the Truth”). By 2005, Bolotov received income from “Kapriz-Stell”. At that time, the company was among a group of shareholders that owns 2.28% of the shares of the largest Russian operator of fixed communications of OJSC “CenterTelecom”. In General, all Maya Bolotova in life is good.

That being said, was a prelude. Now let’s get down to brass tacks. One of the problems is very disturbing domestic wealthy individuals, is perhaps the fact that spending money in Russia they are sometimes just not what. Of course, you can invest in any firm, but the life in our country, as we know that the skin of a Zebra: today you are an oligarch of the top ten, and tomorrow scribble gloves. Whether business abroad with its iron laws and clear tax system.

Where to invest money? For example, there is a country called Croatia, and in it the island of Losinj. Pure Paradise, where the sea is transparent, and floating in the air the smell of sage and Laurel. It is not surprising that three years ago the island decided to build a luxurious sports and fitness resort. So, after a complex renovation for tourists opened its doors a 5-star designer hotel Bellevue offers a giant Spa, a quiet Villa Hortensia for wealthy visitors and a boutique hotel Alhambra & Villa Augusta with a private pier and beach.

All this beauty, standing God knows how many millions, according to recently published information, “formally owned by four Croatian companies — “Katina D. O. O.”, “T. G. A. D. O. O.”, “Magnum XP Nova D. O. O.” and “Jadranka D. D.”.

Here only, as writes “Rosbalt”, “founder “Katina D. O. O. is offshore Xerath investments limited”. When you purchase a share “Katina D. O. O. on behalf of the offshore “Xerath investments limited acted by proxy is none other than the son-in-law of the head of Transneft, Tokarev Andrey Bolotov. He, Andrey Bolotov, and subsequently became a Director of the company “Katina D. O. O.”.

Not less curious personality of the founder of the firm “A. T. G. O. O. D.”. It turns out that in that role, according to “Rosbalt” was made by “some Tokareva Galina Alekseevna, 24.09.1951 year, and all the data of the founder fully coincide with those of the spouse of head “Transneft” mister Tokarev”.

Too much of a coincidence

Just think, someone will say, what’s wrong with this story? To do business the relatives of the heads of state companies is not prohibited, so all the law… But because we’re talking about coincidences. And they don’t stop there.

The fact that the above-mentioned company “Jadranka D. D.” a Supervisory Board. One of its members is one Krešimir Philipovich.

The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that the interests of Mr. Lata, lies not only in hospitality but also in the oil. Specifically, trusting to the newspaper “Century” that “he works first Vice-President of the company “Velesstroy”, which is one of the main contractors of Transneft. In particular, the “Velesstroy” takes part in the construction of most pipelines, receiving contracts worth billions of rubles. So, in December of last year, “Vedomosti” reported that the “Velesstroy” has won two tenders for the construction of 146.7 km of the pipeline, and do the work for 7.06 billion RUB In total in recent years, the company received contracts for a multibillion-dollar amount.

Independent of any Builder will tell you: get hooked on this “gold mine” — it should be able to, such orders are often given only to her. What is the “Velesstroy” has caused such a sympathy with the “Transneft”?

However, this issue is not only that the competent authorities could ask Nikolai Tokarev. So, just the other day, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” spoke about the schemes of transportation in Novorossiysk sea port. Pumping fuel through pipelines there knows a subsidiary of Transneft — JSC “Chernomortransneft”. It in turn is the founder of JSC “Transneft-Terminal”, headed by Sergey Kireev. “It is interesting that, according to SPARK, a name of Sergey Kireyev is listed in the guide are a number of companies, formally unrelated to Chernomortransneft”. Among them LLC “TNT”, whose name stands for “Transneft-Terminal”, which coincides with the name of the official “daughter” of “Transneft”. Yes, and the company does the same — the transportation of oil and oil products. Through pipelines. But there is a caveat. According to SPARK, the founder of “TNT” is not AK “Transneft” and some OOO “WOOF”, continues publication.

That’s not all. In January 2016 JSC “TNT” held two competitions, which resulted, OOO Portkomplektimpex” are two contracts — for construction of warehouses for transshipment complex of technological and technical re-equipment of the pumping station. The total value of these contracts exceeded 240 million rubles.

“But the competition, according to “the Independent”, is unusual: it seems that Kireev in a strange way involved in it and the customer (as CEO of “TNT”), and as a performer. In fact, according to SPARK, Kireev related to “Portkomplektimpex” through the “South bunker company”, “stealth” and “Stenoyl”. That is, the “Transneft-Terminal”, in fact, is holding a contest, which was won by “daughter”.

Thus, concludes the edition, “it seems that in the sea port of Novorossiysk formed a strange scheme, by which certain private companies and their leaders are intermediaries for shipment of petroleum products under the wing of AK “Transneft”. Because it would be interesting to ask Nikolay Tokarev, how could this happen?

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