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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A new film festival in Sochi: cultural workers are in shock

In the days of the 69-th Cannes film festival in the Russian pavilion presented the new Sochi international film festival. It will be held from 10 to 16 December in the territory, built for the Olympics.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Luba Balagova and Mozi Kandor.

Since the names of its organizers didn’t tell our filmmakers, then immediately the question arose: why Sochi is the second film festival where there is a “Kinotavr”, and in Moscow is the Moscow international film festival.

For a long time already there are conversations about what we need to master the objects, which appeared for the Sochi Olympics. If you believe the rumors, insisted that the management of the “Kinotavr” to move out of the city center in the new complex, but the leadership of the chief National festival of the country refused to leave the place mastered. And there were new players. Sochi international will go directly to the area of Adler, on the site, which is idle after the Olympic games. However,on Organizatory make the amendment if the proposed will be something different options. New Director ready for dialogue. At the helm of the festival will stand Balagova wife Luba and Mohi Kandor.

That’s what Luba Balagova told about himself “MK”:

– I was born in Kabardino-Balkaria. At the age of 16 went to Moscow and entered the Moscow state University, studied at the faculty of journalism and then in graduate school. The last 20 years living in the UK. I — the poet and the artist who make movies.

– Films about the art? For television?

And about art, too. To television I’m not tied, to make a documentary movie.

– Why did you decide to pursue within the framework of its festival a charity event in support of families whose members were killed in the defense of the homeland?

– It is very important to me and personal circumstances, as directly touched my family. My brother Robert Balakov almost died working in the police in Kabardino-Balkaria, he got hurt. He lost his arm in a conflict situation. I will now talk about it, and I get goose bumps. Robert is a commander of the Order of Courage. He will lead the charity event.

As told by Lyuba, the idea of the festival arose spontaneously and is not associated with the personal ambitions of the organizers. They inspired the idea to fill the cultural vacuum created between Russia and the UK. “We have a desire to do everything possible to help the artists overcome the coolness, which was formed between our countries. And movie have in common. We are not politicians. We — artists. Movie — the main metaphor of life, is poetry. Our task is to unite Russians and the British, and Europe in General. But we do not intend to confine to narrow areas. We are interested to understand how we fit into the European life. Our children are born in other countries. Perhaps that is what makes us create the film festivals. No barriers exist. If a Japanese film, wins in Sochi, then he can participate in the Week of Russian cinema in London,” says Luba.

Mohi Kandor – writer, but that he will become President of the Sochi festival and will select the movies. He speaks in English. The Russian language he does not know. “The artistic circles of Russia exist in semi-isolation from the world of art. On posters in European cinemas rarely seen Russian films and even more rarely read reviews on them in the world press. We intend to invite to the festival of marketing experts, distributors. We bring buyers and provide them with Russian cinema. This is our main task. Pay the costs of their stay in Sochi, we invite and Russian filmmakers. And all this in order to unite them. After the Olympic games in Sochi is a global brand. There is a lovely base for the festival. Luba — international Director, the famous poet and writer. She is well known in the North Caucasus. It is well known in business circles, knows the President of your country,” says Mohi.

According to the Luba Balagova, negotiations with the special representative of the President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi. He made the decision to support a new festival in the year of the movie. There is interest on the part of the Senator from Kabardino-Balkaria, which already supports his fellow-students of the Studio of Alexander Sokurov. A year ago at the Cannes film festival showed short films, and now they are shooting feature length films with the participation of the Senator-patron.

Help the new festival promised to provide the Russian Embassy in the UK, the Russian foreign Ministry. Moral support and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. As Luba would say, “it is important that people in the North Caucasus respected”. Many foreigners, she said, you know how difficult it is to get a visa to Russia. Therefore, they are primarily interested in, will decide whether the question. And here is the answer: “once you have accreditation for the festival, all the problems will disappear. Everything will be decided at the Embassy level”.

The festival program includes a participation feature, documentary, animated and short films released in the past year. As says Mohi, limitations in the genres no. “Right of first night” also will not be. So that picture has already been shown at other festivals, you can count on participation in the Sochi film festival.

The main partner of the newly created festival is a large Western company, which has 11 festivals around the world. Winners of Sochi will not only figurine “iris”, but a trip to Berlin, Beijing and other cities around the world.

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