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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who grabbed the last piece of Russia

The acute economic crisis does not prevent top managers of domestic corporations to attribute all the large reward, despite falling revenues. By the end of 2015, earnings of the Directorate of 15 leading Russian companies increased compared to the 2014 year by 10% and amounted to 63.8 billion rubles. This is despite the fact that the net profit of their enterprises, from which depend the long-awaited bonuses, and has not returned to pre-crisis level in 2013. To save money, and so they decided to earn on their workers. Real wages in Russia fell last year, according to Rosstat, by 9.5%.

photo: Alex geldings

Before the crisis, in 2013 the largest Russian companies and banks have earned, according to various data, the net profit of 3.2 trillion rubles. A year later, when our country was hit by a financial crisis, this amount fell to 2.4 trillion rubles. However, at the end of 2014, the leadership of these companies afford increased payments and remunerations by 13%.

Of course, as told “MK” a source in one of the leading Russian state holding companies, the bonuses paid once or twice a year, are calculated not only on the basis of net profit. This and the growth of quotations of the shares on the stock exchange, it and financial profitability of each individual Department, and this loyalty and good relationship between the downstream head upstream. By the way, the last is most important. It largely determines the amount of the bonus. This position is in demand not only in private organizations, but especially in public companies.

Last year, the macroeconomic situation continued to fly into the abyss. For example, GDP declined by 3.8%, while inflation jumped to 12.9%. Real wages shrank by 9.5%, as a result, the income of the population decreased by 4%.

Moreover, in these circumstances, net profit of 15 leading Russian companies in 2015, albeit increased by 600 billion rubles compared to 2014, and exceeded 3 trillion, but has not reached pre-crisis level of 3.2 trillion.

How do you explain that? The most revenue generating companies of Russia are the raw holdings. Why, when the price of oil and gas were falling all over the planet, income of raw magnates in our country grew? Moreover, they grew by 10% and amounted to 63.8 billion rubles.

And we are talking about a fairly small group of people who are able to remain rich and increase their capital even in the most critical situation. But not at the expense of talent or skill, and with the mediation of high-ranking officials or their own managers, who basically do the dirty work.

The last is a compilation of sparkling, but phony reports, all schedules plans for several years ahead, which, of course, are not going to work. In Soviet times, this practice is called succinct and accusing the word “registry”. However, it triggered so far.

As Mayakovsky wrote, “aunt Felicia’s face in the police”. In other words, makes the one who has connections. And in the state circles, and corporate.

This example confirms the fact that after state managers their costs tend not to decrease, but rather increase regional officials.

So, employees of administration of Krasnoyarsk the local Prosecutor’s office accused of spending of 5.8 million rubles from the budget for overseas travel. Over the years they have made 16 trips, including to Spain, Japan, China, Korea and Slovakia. The purpose of most travel was to participate in the festivities.

The question arises: Russia is Europe or Asia? Who governs us: corrupt and honest officials?

The second statement may cause laughter. Everyone will say: show me an honest official. But also with those who are mired in corruption, it is not so simple. Asia is different. For example, in Hong Kong and Singapore corruption is long gone. Including strict punishments, including the death penalty. In Europe, the corrupt officials are much more liberal. At least in prison for a long time no one planted.

Then who better to be: European or Asian? Maybe East of us and closer. As the famous British writer, traveler and philosopher Rudyard Kipling: “the Russians are wonderful people. With them great to drink, great friends. But when they spoke, that they are Europeans, it becomes immediately clear that they are Asians”.

So what are we looking for in Europe? The deepening gap between rich and poor? Such a risk exists. On the last film competition in Cannes “the Golden palm” got the picture “I, Daniel Blake” Briton Ken Loach. This tape is called the hymn of the poor. In the story of 59-year-old carpenter looking for work after a heart attack and appeals to the state. He struggles with the bureaucracy, which is not concerned about the fate of the little man. According to Ken Loach, which he repeats, he does not want to live in a society where the poor become poorer and the rich richer.

Here is the Europe in which we are. By the way, who’s driving?

Of course, the sacramental expression “the rich get fatter, the poor get poorer” heard it all (The rich get richer and the poor get poorer). It’s a popular saying attributed to the seventh US President Andrew Jackson, who held his position from 1829 to 1837. Then he struggled to bloated bankers.

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