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Saturday, March 17, 2018

What is most memorable anniversary “Night of museums”

The cold rain did not spoil the 10th Night of museums: for several years, Muscovites have already got used that the main art event of the capital accounts of the bad weather. This time the Night was big: added participants: theatres, libraries, houses of culture, was arranged free transport on the garden ring. The problems were also that people don’t have enough sweaters, umbrellas, hot drinks and money. “MK” was visited several sites and shares his impressions.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The Museum Of Moscow

Highlight: here began the interactive installation “Sailed” artist Marina Zvyagintsev. She painted the tub, put her oar and mounted this one looks like a boat art object on top of the truck, who shuttled between the museums. Project idea: during the crisis, all trying to stay afloat, and if there is no tailwind — sit on the paddle itself.

Pros: willing climbed into the boat to sit and row. Youth instagram is blowing up with fun photos and happy reviews about the performance.

Cons: the police are forbidden to carry people in the tub. The action depended on weather conditions: in rain it was dangerous to climb the truck on the slippery stairs.

The Tretyakov gallery

Highlight: gallery held its Night — Kandinsky. Gave premiere: choreographic performance “Dyad” workshop of Dmitry Brusnikina, created specially for the exhibition of two famous paintings by the artist. The audience from the balcony watched the actors, whose movements were projected on a screen, forming an ornament in the style of Kandinsky.

Pros: huge number of plastic benches with power outlets for charging gadgets. The children were delighted with the collective creation of a collage using the technique of the artist — painting on glass.

Cons: a queue of almost 500 meters (from the gallery to the gate of the Park), just like Serov. On average, people stood for an hour and a half.


Highlight: workshops for children on drawing with crayons and pastels. Market of street food under the open sky (especially admired a black woman selling black burgers).

Pros: all-day hipsters danced to a tropical house, Calypso and Brazilian Balearic fashionable Moscow and St. Petersburg DJs. In the Museum is allowed with your food: young people with boxes of pizza was chosen by a ladder near the zone of master classes.

Cons: on exhibition in the “Garage” and did not free entry and even a discount on tickets to what was expected by many visitors. Some regretted to pay 400 rubles for the entrance ticket, and one young family with three children money is simply not enough.

“The center for the arts. Moscow

Highlight: specially to the action hung the great paintings of Mikhail Nesterov, who until then could only be seen on reproductions or to directories: all works from private collections of Russian oligarchs. Gift for art — the painting “Oedipus the King”: the story before rare, that almost never occurs not only in Russian art, but also in the world. Second surprise — the only Moscow hologram high quality: a fragment of the ballet “Swan lake” included every half hour.

Pros: put Ottomans and benches. 23.00 to many of the guests managed to visit several sites of action and tired, so I gladly admired the art of sitting.

Cons: it was stuffy.

Gallery Of Ilya Glazunov

Highlight: I did tests. The visitors (0+) with the help of costume designers, decorators, stylists and photographers try on the image depicted on the paintings Glazunov. Held a quiz on knowledge of the legends of world cinema and master classes in performing songs from movies.

Pros: very friendly staff: from the coordinator, who on the phone told me about all the features of the program, and to the guard at the entrance, letting in students even at 23.45, 15 minutes before the official closing of the gallery. (For comparison — in Moscow zoo on the phone did not answer a single question about the place and time of events in the framework of the campaign, roughly muttered: “You what’s the difference? Registration is closed”. Even the reception we had — and what’s the point if help still have not been able, sending at the tour Desk, which to call in for an hour and did not work.)

Cons: as was stated age “0+”, many came with babies in strollers. To climb with them on a high ladder to the loft, where he was part of the activities moms was hard. Need a lift or a porter.

Many sites allowed to fill in the questionnaires where it was possible to note advantages and disadvantages of the action. I hope that this work had not for show and will listen to wishes.

The Museum of modern art “Garage”
In Moscow has passed the action “Night of museums” (35 photos)

Watch the video on “Rain culture is not an obstacle: in Moscow has passed “Night of museums”

This year in Moscow has passed the tenth anniversary of the “Night of museums”. Correspondents “MK” visited the most interesting events of this great cultural festival. Details in the video.

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