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Thursday, March 22, 2018

“United Russia” held a preliminary vote in the high turnout

United Russia” held the first nationwide preliminary ballot for candidates for elections to the state Duma. Violations almost never recorded. And where they were, the party has promised a tough debriefing. The results of the preliminary vote must be announced until may 27. However, now United Russia noted the high interest of the voters: a new large-scale procedure is not only tempered by experienced political fighters, but also opened a number of fresh faces.

First estimates

The “United Russia” managed to conduct a large-scale, open and honest primaries. About it tells today the vast majority of politicians, political analysts, observers.

“We believe it was correct that he had consulted with the people when choosing their candidates

The same estimate gave the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov. “A preliminary vote shows that the people’s interest in this procedure is very high. We believe it was correct that he had consulted with the people when choosing their candidates,” writes the website of the party.

All, according to him, on a preliminary vote came more than 9 million Russians, or rather 9 million 178 thousand 89 people. Nearly 30% of the players that came to vote in the 2011 General elections in the state Duma.

“The turnout exceeded our expectations”, – said Neverov at a briefing after polling stations closed in Russia’s westernmost region of Russia – the Kaliningrad region, reports “Interfax”.

“There are no facilities for the invitation (to a vote) was not, it was the free will of our citizens,” he added.

Only the “United Russia” consists of 2 million people. “If we talk about the fact that all members of the party fulfilled their political duty and came to support a particular candidate, that means more than 7 million people have come from those who are not members of the party,” he said.

According to Neverov, the polling stations were observed and the representatives of other political parties, and even non-systemic opposition, in particular, in Moscow”.

The Prime Minister and the Chairman of the party “United Russia” Dmitry Medvedev earlier said that “even 10 years ago, all this talk about early voting, which is now beautifully called “primaries”, seemed exotic, which is borrowed somewhere abroad.” “Now we are on our own experience, that this is quite a working history, which allows to determine the preference of the people, our potential voters,” quotes his words TASS.

The Chairman of the party called to undergo the preliminary voting “battle-hardened political soldiers,” because they “passed through the crucible of the campaign meetings, debates”.

Practice pre-selection of candidates, in General, is not new to the “United Russia”. It was first tested at the regional level in 2006. In 2009, the rule requiring the preliminary vote was enshrined in the Charter party. In 2011, the people’s preliminary vote on the basis onf used for the formation of lists of candidates to the state Duma. But still, it was not such an open primary – participation was restricted to party members – and not as extensive.

In the current election was 2862 applicants, including members of the “United Russia” are only 1631, the rest independents. In fact, anyone could present your program to potential voters. In addition, every candidate was obliged to take part in the debate. And participation in the primary election is now required to nominate to the deputies of the state Duma from the EP.

“Competitive primaries in about 60% of the districts in which the primaries of “United Russia” is held in quite high competitive situation. 40% – pre-referendum vote, originally identified leaders, including Federal political “heavyweights” of the party, they are in the primaries confirm its position, confirm its leadership,” – said TASS, the head of the Board of Directors of ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky.

Thus, according to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, made in April, these elections should become a “good tool to search for new promising and interesting people.”

New faces

Among the leaders of early voting, according to Neverova, of course, there is a famous person. So, on the Kamchatka Peninsula leader is Deputy Irina Yarovaya. In the Chita single-mandate constituency, according to preliminary data, the primacy belongs to Nicholas Govorin, who is the acting Deputy of the state Duma and is active in the onf. Also among the leaders – the current deputies of the state Duma Raisa Karmazina, Joseph Kobzon, Alexander Karelin, Tatiana Alekseeva, Sergey Ten, George Charles, Nikolay Gerasimenko, as well as the popular front activist Nikolai Nikolaev.

However, among the winners of the primaries will be novice politicians, who successfully enlisted the support of voters. “We see that today in the lead in lists of the new faces that were not previously involved in politics. It is unlikely that they would be able to show themselves, if there was no extension on the ground”, – said Neverov.

The main political event of the spring

Political analyst Alexei Martynov told the newspaper VIEW that “the primaries took place and were very ambitious.” “It’s important that they aroused great interest among our citizens to the procedures of direct democracy at the stage of preparation for large Federal elections. I think that today started a new Chapter for the domestic political system. I am convinced that in the future, and all the other parties will adopt this practice. It is clear that this new procedure proved to be very popular with voters. “United Russia” introduced the fashion of it,” he said.

“Some of these primaries study, those who did not win, will gain skills and experience, will be in the personnel magazine of the party, can stay in the future as candidates in the municipal representative bodies, the regional legislative Assembly. And those who wins, they will have a starting competitive advantage, because they started already”, – cites the opinion of the head “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev TASS.

The head of the United Russia faction in the state Duma Vladimir Vasiliev expressed the view that the winners will justify the trust of voters and 18 September on the major elections in the state Duma.

The world’s first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova also believe that a preliminary vote will select worthy members.

The primaries of “United Russia” became the main political event of the spring, said Life, the political scientist Anton Khashchenko. This, according to him, said even the reaction of the opposition – many opposition members are very actively discussing the vote.

High turnout

In the end, as has been said, the turnout in the primary election amounted to about 9.2 million people.

On the website of “United Russia” provides data that the highest turnout was in Mordovia – of 14.13%, the lowest in the Arkhangelsk region: it did not exceed 3%.

As noted by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov at the final briefing, the party was expecting that the turnout in Moscow and in the far East will be low, but as it turned out, the voters showed a “very high” interest in this procedure in the far East (7.5%) and in Moscow, where, according to the latest data, the turnout exceeded 4%.

Neverov noted that the turnout in Moscow is not inferior to the vote in the Moscow city Duma (also 4%).

A high turnout in the country was celebrated in the morning. Interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, the voters argued that in some places the plots were even formed a queue. People also told us that they were prompted to devote his day off to vote.

An engineer from St. Petersburg Nikolay Seleznev admitted that he was curious, “what is this form of voting such as abroad”. In addition, he believes that only primaries can give a chance to prove myself as a young and not very experienced politicians.

The mother of three children from Krasnogorsk Natalia Dovydenas admitted that her decision to vote is affected, again, the novelty and proximity of the site to the house.

And the turnout grew from hour to hour. According to 10.00, in the country voted by 1.5 million people. Then called the figure of 3.5 million as of 13.30 voters were already 5 million By 1700, that number had reached 6.6 million people, at 19.00 it was 8.5 million, etc. Voted every eighth inhabitant of Karachay-Cherkessia, every seventh inhabitant of Mordovia, noted on the website of “United Russia”.

The turnout exceeded expectations, which speaks about the interest of people to the new format and the fact that the biggest party of Russia moving in the right direction. The “United Russia” was the choice to make the decision taken by the party bureaucracy that is fraught with bias and corruption, or ordinary people. Bet was made on the second. And thanks to ordinary voters, hundreds of people were able to Express themselves in politics.

Work with violations

The number of violations, according to observers, was insignificant. But those that were detected, no response will not remain assured in the “United Russia”. Among the latter, party members called the situation in Primorye, where Arsen single-mandate constituency has recorded a number of complaints.

“They allow the voter to understand who we (politicians) are, to study our biography, it’s like “people of x-rays” like this”

The head of the CEC “United Russia” Maxim Rudnev assured that the Federal organizing Committee is monitoring all of these messages that are flocking to Moscow not only from observers, but also from ordinary citizens via the hotline and by tracking social media posts.

As told the newspaper VIEW, representative of the Federal youth campaign headquarters, with a 3 thousand observers in 72 regions of the country, Dmitry Potapov, overall, voting went well and honestly. And violations do lead Primorye, where, among other things, some provocateurs put on the dial local telephone “hot line” to vote. The same was reported and the regional branch of “United Russia”.

In turn, the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov promised that if these facts are confirmed, the results of internal elections there may be canceled. The head of the Duma Committee on labor Olga batalina also did not rule out the cancellation of results in some areas in case of detection of serious violations.


One of the candidates in the Northern capital was the General Director of TV channel “St.-Petersburg” Sergey Boyarsky. “The mood, of course, exciting. Expect support from the citizens… the Competition was very serious. Here, operational policies, and newcomers. Compared to the usual election procedure, of course, very different. In prior elections could not take part in almost everyone, the restrictions here are minimal. So the ballots are now reminiscent of the huge “sheet” with a large number of names, where a tick can be put in front not one candidate but many. I also vote for multiple people,” he told the newspaper VIEW.

According to Boyarsky, in a preliminary vote involved a large number of active citizens, observers, etc. Everything is open, transparent, taking into account the views of ordinary people, who thus may further influence the decision-making.

The candidate who is nominated in the Voronezh region, the Deputy Director of VGTRK Evgeny Revenko use the newspaper LOOK decided first of all to say a big thanks to the organizers of the primaries, which take place in the region at a very high level, and, of course, their constituents. Most importantly, he said that came for the people who care.

And they gave the voice for another new practice is of great importance. Indeed, would have appeared in politics are new faces, as the mother of many children in Penza, or the Creator of the school “Naslednik” Love Dukhanina in Moscow, or pediatric surgeon Dmitry Morozov and other worthy candidates.

The Deputy of the state Duma, the representative of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov, who had already considerable experience of political struggle, also put forward today in the primaries. In conversation with the newspaper VIEW, he noted the special role of debates in this process. “Many, I know, are afraid of debate, especially meetings in the yards. And I think they’re the most effective, and I have all passed smoothly, quietly, ” he said. – In General, early voting allows the voter to understand who we (politicians) are, to study our biography, it’s like “people of x-rays” like this”.

Details about how the party was preparing to vote and how to solve problems, the newspaper VIEW wrote in a large analytical text before the event.

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