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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The US is trying to re-get into Vietnam with weapons

Barack Obama announced the lifting of embargo on deliveries of American weapons to Vietnam. The ban was in force for 50 years. The decision is clearly implemented in order to counter the military strengthening of Beijing. But does it mean that the United States will be able to oust the position of Russia on the arms market of Vietnam?

The American authorities have decided to cancel the long-standing ban on arms to Vietnam, said President Barack Obama at a joint press conference with President of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang an in Hanoi, reports RIA “Novosti”. We are talking about the us lethal weapon, which was prohibited to sell in Viet Nam for nearly half a century.

“They will not forget what the Americans did in Vietnam”

Barack Obama arrived on an official visit to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on Sunday. He became the third American President to visit Vietnam since the normalization of bilateral relations two decades ago. In 2000, Vietnam was visited by bill Clinton, and in 2006 to participate in the APEC summit here came George W. Bush.

Vietnamese leaders have also already thrice visited America in the post-war history. In 2007 the US was the President of Vietnam nguyễn Minh triết. In 2013, the United States called for the then President of Vietnam Truong tan sang, and in the summer of 2015 official visit to the United States caused by the highest political leader of the country – the General Secretary of the CPV Central Committee Nguyen Phu trong.

Interrupted by the Vietnam war-Vietnam relations and the United States formally restored only in 1995. During the reporting period, the United States has become one of the largest trade-economic partners of Vietnam. The Vietnam-us trade turnover for this period increased by twenty – fold, from $ 2 billion in 2001 to $ 40 billion by the end of 2015.

In recent years, relations between the two countries was stabilized. However, the memory of the Vietnam war made it impossible to trade weapons with each other.

As told the newspaper LOOK first Vice-President of Academy of geopolitical problems Konstantin Sivkov, the decision of one or another country to buy abroad the weapons affected by several different factors.

“I can give the example of the United States, which has never imposed an embargo on arms sales to India. But the American arms in this country is virtually none. The thing is that when the state establishes its armed forces and understands that we will not be able to provide them with equipment and weapons, the question arises, who of the foreign suppliers to choose from. And here begins a struggle between two opposite tendencies”, – said the expert.

The first trend focused on the fact that diversifying delivery, and to put it simply, to buy weapons from many different suppliers in different countries. In this case, “if I buck one,” the combat potential of the army a few will suffer, but not critical, because there will be delivery from other sellers.

On the other hand, to have the weapons from suppliers in different countries, need a more complex, more costly, more advanced system of management of the armed forces. If the same Vietnamese learned to fly on Russian planes, may be problematic to transplant them to American and Vice versa. Then you need money to retrain pilots to prepare the technical basis for new equipment, etc.

“As for Vietnam, it is not a rich country, – said Sivkov. – Unlikely today or tomorrow they will be able to afford the creation of a diversified armed forces in terms of procurement of weapons, rather they will continue to deal with a more homogeneous and clear supply chain”.

Another aspect – the US after the Vietnam war was considered and reviewed by the leadership of Vietnam (in fact, these are the same people who fought against the Americans – approx. OPINION) as enemies. “They will not forget what the Americans did in Vietnam. In addition they have before the eyes of recent examples of how some countries have decided to resume relations with the United States, badly finished. It is Libya, Yugoslavia” – lists the expert.

All this leads to the fact that Vietnam “will take note of the lifting of the embargo”, and certainly there will be some spot purchases from the Americans, at least in order to “to find weapons and military equipment of the potential enemy”, but the mass deliveries will not be exact.

Thus, Russian suppliers in the Vietnamese market yet afraid of Americans nothing. “Even more so we can win,” says Sivkov. – Maybe, we thus get even some features of American weapons… At a reasonable policy on our part”.

In turn, the chief editor of the magazine “arms Export” Andrey Frolov told the newspaper VIEW that in connection with Obama’s decision “a little that will change”. “I think here we are talking just about some legal justification that such transfers are possible in principle,” he said. – But I don’t think Vietnam will run tomorrow to buy American”.

And commenting on concerns about the upcoming competition in Russia and the United States for the Vietnamese market weapons, Frolov noted that heavy competition is there already, and without the participation of the Americans. It is primarily the supply of arms from Israel and European countries.

With interest comments on the decision of Obama and the foreign press. As writes Washington Post, it reflects growing concerns about military influence of China and illustrates the warming of relations between former enemies: Vietnam and the USA.

The publication notes that two years ago, the US eased the ban to help Vietnam strengthen security in the South China sea. Beijing attempts to tighten control over the major sea routes in the region angered Vietnam, the Philippines and other neighbors of China, adds “Inotv”. And although Obama at a press conference in Hanoi noted that “the decision to lift the ban is not associated with China”, the sincerity of his words in doubt.

In China, to Vietnam, tour of Barack Obama reacted cautiously in General. The Xinhua news Agency even accused the U.S. of “interference in the regional situation”. But on the official level of such complaints is not audible. The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying, commenting on the lifting of the US arms embargo against Vietnam, said that China looks positively on the development of friendly American-Vietnamese relations, RIA “Novosti”. According to the representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China, “the arms embargo is a product of the cold war, and it’s not even supposed to exist.”

We will add that in the past year due to the desire of the American authorities to restore relations with Vietnam, some analysts have suggested that this South Asian country becomes a field of competition between Russia and the United States. Washington also tried to play its role in the recent confrontation between Vietnam and China over disputed Islands.

At the same time, Russia has lately called Vietnam one of its major partners in Asia.

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