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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The U.S. expects a revolution that can only be postponed

For decades, the Soviet press predicted the United States is imminent revolution “progressive forces”, and now, when the Soviet Union itself there is no longer a quarter of a century, these projections are close to true. Yes, the revolutionary group still structured, but the change request system and the exile establishment in America greater than ever before.

Some time ago in Washington DC, a momentous event occurred that is outside of the United States somehow failed to arouse much interest. Namely, a number of protest rallies with the average in the spirit of slogans “Down with the oligarchs, long live fair elections!”. According to the protesters, American democracy is in acute crisis, all run by large corporations, but the rule “one person – one vote” has long become a fiction. Its ultimate goal, the activists put no less than a revolution which will return power to the people. Thus the name for their protests that this revolution needs to push, the organizers chose painfully familiar – “Democratic spring”.

“Supporters of Sanders tried to capture the power hall, where the conference was held, the leadership of the democratic party demanded that the candidate decisively to renounce the “rioters”, but Sanders sent the guide to hell”

The first meeting of this series took place in Philadelphia, the first capital of independent States (240 years ago there sat the continental Congress, adopted July 4, 1776 the Declaration of independence). The latest in Washington at the building a modern Congress. The rallies were held without any agreement, they are actively dispersed by the police. In the capital were detained 450 people across the country – more than 1,400.

Among the signatories of the proclamation of the revolutionary “Spring” activist, a fighter for freedom of information, Lawrence Lessing, a famous philosopher, “left” political activist Noam Chomsky, actor mark Ruffalo (the Hulk from “the Avengers”), star of TV series Gabby Hoffman, the rapper Talib Kweli, and many other activists, journalists, actors and musicians. Itself “Democratic spring” – an umbrella brand for a broad coalition of different political and public organizations.

The organizers actively emphasize their vnematelnost and trying to involve under the banners of “all progressive forces”, but it is clear that they are evil. The same Lessing even announced a year ago about his desire to participate in the presidential primaries of the Democrats, but withdrew his candidacy in the beginning. In addition, among the leaders of the movement listed Annabel Park, documentary filmmaker and former employee of the election the Obama campaign. In General, activists and movements that are included in “Spring”, can be roughly divided into three unequal groups.

First, it is a variety of American socialists. In Philadelphia, which, we recall, it all started, the first violin playing the movement of 15 Now Philly, the basic requirement which sounds right in the name – immediately set the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour (yet the bottom bracket of wages in “the City of brotherly love” exactly twice less than 7 and a half dollars). This, in principle, it is possible to include various “progressive Democrats” – those same “leftists” who have managed to integrate into the structure of the democratic party.

The second major group is the various “green”. Such names as Climate First!, Friends of the Earth, speak for themselves, and the global international organization Avaaz, who made his name on the online petition in defense of nature, well known even in Russia.

The third part of the coalition – various feminist organizations and groups that advocate ethnic, religious, sexual and other minorities. And here, again, we should clarify that in the various elections and the socialists, and green, and minorities tend to vote for Democrats. In American two-party model, all “small” political forces one way or another, trying to “cling” to one of the two largest parties. Alone they simply can not survive.

The policy applying for the post of President of the United States (infographic)In their activities of “Spring” in many copies of the Republican “tea party Movement” (aka “the teapots”), trying to at least repeat their former success (and better – to surpass the limits of peaceful revolution). And those and others actively refer to the glorious acts of their ancestors of the days of the American revolution: “the kettles” – on the “Boston tea party”, “Spring” – at the second continental Congress (the de facto government in the war for independence from great Britain).

To understand where the legs grow “Democratic spring”, you need to go back to 2008 when the mortgage crisis erupted, had nearly buried the entire international financial system. The first blow took over even outgoing President George W. Bush, who began to rescue troubled banks at the expense of taxpayers. This practice was not to the liking of the asset grass-roots Republicans – conservative white people from the middle class, regularly paying for their mortgage and quite expensive health insurance. After the election victory of Barack Obama’s practice of purchase of “toxic assets” government was only dilated. In parallel, Obama has undertaken a series of reforms, in particular, health care reform, which further angered the Republican electorate. The country hosted a series of “tea protests” aimed against Obama (which for them is a socialist and the devil in the flesh), and against the leadership of the Republican party (servants of the devil).

Over time, the protest was structured, he appeared young and bright leaders, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, to claim victory of the Republican primaries, but in the end the loser Donald Trump. The struggle between the party leadership and “dummies” has been going on for seven years and led to actual loss of establishment control of the party.

In the leadership of the Democratic party on the situation “competitors” watched with obvious excitement, the more that core constituency of the Democrats saving the bigwigs on wall Street was even more irritating. But if the mess cannot be prevented, it is necessary to lead (the phrase is attributed to Suvorov): in 2010, a former employee of the Obama campaign Annabel Park has created intra-party group “coffee party”, which was to win over the protest vote. Unlike the “dummies”, not recognizing the party authorities, a “coffee pots” did not hide his love for Obama. They were to be the young avant-garde young President who will break the resistance of the “bourgeois” and conduct the necessary reforms for the country.

Not to say that this simple plan to release a couple of failed completely. In the end, at the moment, Hillary Clinton feels much better than the Bush clan, loser, and the party was able to maintain a semblance of unity. However, a far greater prominence acquired a very different movement, called simply and tastefully: “Occupy wall Street” (Occupy Wall Street). Unlike the “dummies”, which by that moment already the second year were undistinguished, but competent war of attrition with the party leadership, the “invaders” wanted everything and immediately. However, never have been able to create some sort of sustainable structure, capable of “playing with the future in sight. Yes, in the spontaneous protests with the frankly revolutionary requirements participated a lot of people, they supported a huge number of organizations of the action “Occupy something” went around the world – from Moscow to Berlin, and the slogan “we are the 99%” is still popular. But the recognized leaders of the movement did not appear, and over time, the protest came to naught. The Clintons, Kennedy and Obama personally sighed quietly.

However, a relatively successful revolt within the Republican party inspired the former “occupiers” to try again – I had a kind of export of revolution from party to party. In fact, the “Democratic spring” is a new version of the good old “Occupy wall Street”. “Spring” support the same organizations, e.g., American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations is one of the country’s largest trade unions. Moreover, this time on their side stands created to release a pair of “coffee party” and other “progressive” and “leftist” Democrats, and most importantly, both movements have let informal, but a respected Federal leader Bernie Sanders.

In the framework of the “Democratic spring” no one calls his name openly (again – the project is technically non-partisan), but individually people and organizations outside the coalition support it. For example, Hollywood actor mark Ruffalo, the first signatories of the petition “Spring” for a peaceful revolution, actively campaigning for Sanders and his fans is ironic to notice that an enraged Hulk can destroy not only the Democratic party but also the entire planet. In turn, Mrs. Park announced two reasons to vote for Sanders, but not for Clinton. First, only Sanders can stop trump (which, as you know, “almost fascist” and allegedly wants to expel from America all foreigners, including her – a native of Seoul who moved to the USA in childhood). Secondly, by itself, Clinton is the servant of wall Street, and if all-taki will win, it will bury all the wonderful reforms Obama (five years ago Hillary proximity to major business Park somehow did not bother).

While the activists of the “Spring” I try to stay within the right margin, hoping not to destroy the system and to take control of her. However, the nerves pass as they have, and establishment. Last weekend, during the party conference in Nevada, a majority of delegates supporting the Sanders, the socialist supporters without any reasons cancelled the mandates. This despite the fact that this conference has allocated a total of 12 mandates out of 2400 on the final Congress of Democrats, that is, the weight of their votes were few, and it is unclear why the Nevada party leadership has gone to such a dirty trick. In response, the supporters of Sanders tried to capture the power of the hall where the conference was held. Then the leadership of the democratic party demanded that the candidate decisively to renounce the “rioters”, but Sanders sent the guide to hell. It seems that now both sides of intra-party conflict check on each other for strength and see how far I will go opponents.

In parallel, activists of the “Democratic spring” warmly discuss the experience peaceful and not a revolution in social networks – from the Czechoslovak to the Ukrainian. Here and there sounds again the thesis that the movement is not by chance originated in Philadelphia, approved the Declaration of independence and where in July held a party conference of Democrats, where the Clinton victory seems preordained. As written in this document: “When a long series of abuses and violence that invariably subordinates the same objective, evidence clever plan to force people to put up with unlimited despotism, the overthrow of the government and the creation of new guarantees of security for the future becomes the right and duty of the people”. Activists of the “Democratic spring”, of course, really like these lines of Thomas Jefferson.

In such circumstances, our press, if she still remained the party and Soviet, certainly would indicate that America is pregnant with revolution. And with this metaphor it is difficult to argue. No need to explain why the revolutionaries may well be considered Sanders and a native of “the tea party Movement Ted Cruz. It is also clear that a revolutionary in spirit, and tactics – is Donald trump, who can not stand the Republican party leadership (speaker of the house of representatives and the majority leader of the party of Paul Ryan still holds the defense and refuses to support trump as the nominee from “elephants”), part of which is now openly leaning towards supporting Clinton is the only candidate from the system, managed to enlist the support of the voter. A revolutionary situation, assumes the conclusion of the most incredible unions, which is clearly not like a Park, and the lion’s share of activists “Spring”. So, according to a survey conducted by CBS 44% of supporters of Sanders in the finals of the presidential race are preparing to vote for him like the antagonist – trump and only 23% for Clinton.

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