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Friday, July 21, 2017

The Iraqi army began the assault on Fallujah with the elimination of the local leader of the IG

Information Bureau of the military command of the Iraqi army on Monday announced the elimination of the city of Fallujah the head of the local branch of the IG Haji Hamza. The very group that the message is not commented on. If the news of the death of Haji Hamza are confirmed, it will be a gift to the Iraqi authorities announced the beginning of the offensive on Fallujah – a strategically important city, the control of which allowed the militants to threaten Baghdad.

As stated in the statement of the information office of the Iraqi army, in addition to Haji Hamza managed to destroy the field commander of ISIS, Abu Amir al-Ansari, reports RIA “Novosti”. He, as well as more 30 militants liquidated in the district of Alba Sagal near Fallujah.

“The militants are usually not street fighting. They themselves, perhaps for propaganda purposes, explain this desire not to put at risk civilians,”

The news of the neutralization of high-ranking commanders of ISIS have appeared the day after the televised address of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. In it he announced the start of a large offensive of the Iraqi army, the ultimate objective – the capture of Fallujah.

“The militants have no choice but to flee,” optimistic Prime Minister, promising that “moment of the great victory over IG close.

Through social networks, and also by means of leaflets the command of the Iraqi army, issued an address to the civilians of Fallujah. In this they are encouraged to leave the city, which is about to undergo a massive blow to the Iraqi aviation, through a specially provided corridor.

In April Human Rights Watch reported that in Falluja there are about 90 thousand of civilians, reports RT. However, she warned that continued fighting in the vicinity of the city, hindering the supply of food, there is high likelihood of famine.

Who is friends with whom and fighting in Syria and Iraq Based in Baghdad Shafaаq news portal reports that Fallujah will storm about 20 thousand soldiers of the Iraqi army and detachments of the local militia when a part of the Western allies.

The operation itself is estimated the Iraqi military, will take two to three weeks. What forces will resist them, is not clear. Estimates of the number of militants in and around the city vary, but it is unlikely that their number exceeds several thousand.

Nevertheless, experts doubt that the Iraqi army will be able quickly to win. I remember last year’s assault on the city of Ramadi. He was captured by militants in may, the Iraqi military also promised that the operation for its liberation will take more than a month.

However, to get the city back under their control, they only managed at the end of December. However, this time the militants will have to simultaneously lead a serious battle on two fronts. The Americans and their allies in Syria announced the beginning of the operation to seize the capital of the quasi-ISIS city of Raqqa.

Anyway, the stakes in the upcoming battle for Fallujah high. For the current Iraqi authorities the capture of this town – a matter of prestige, a way to inspire supporters and erase the memories of humiliating defeats of late 2013 – early 2014. Then in a matter of days, ISIS managed to capture large areas of the country, fled far surpassing them in numbers of Iraqi troops, and to approach close to Baghdad.

It was in Fallujah in January 2014 started the revolt by religious radicals, which led to the fact that inhabited by Sunni Muslims, Anbar province, where the city, who was for years a stronghold of the Shiite resistance to the government, was entirely under the control of the IG.

Now the militants, according to Iraqi authorities control of more than half of the province. Fallujah remains the second, along with the Mosul, the largest city of Iraq, who still holds the IG.

However, as suggested by a senior researcher of the Center for international security of the IMEMO and the Department of the Middle East Institute of Oriental studies, Vladimir Sotnikov, it is not excluded that soon Iraqi forces will otraportuet the abandonment by the militants of the city, which, naturally, will not mean the actual end of the battle for Fallujah.

“It is necessary to consider the tactics of the IG,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK. – This tactic is more like guerrilla warfare. The militants are normally not street fighting. They themselves, perhaps for propaganda purposes, explain this desire not to put at risk civilians. So in hard conditions they just leave the city – remember Palmyra. But that doesn’t mean they don’t regroup and not strike back. So to enter into Fallujah to Iraqi troops may be possible, especially if you manage to find a common language with the Kurdish militia, the Peshmerga, the leading in the country’s North their war with ISIS. But how long will they be able to hold Fallujah – the big question”.

However, even in the case that the city will still be taken completely, and even if this was followed by the fall of Mosul and Raqqa, not the fact that it will signal the defeat of ISIS, which has already announced the Iraqi Prime Minister.

“I have a feeling that the leaders of the group now are planning to relocate to some other point, first of all in Libya,” says Sotnikov. – There the situation is much more complex and desperate than in Iraq. If the militants decide to keep part of Iraqi and Syrian territory, it would mean that the IG does not think the scale of one or two countries, and regional-global scales. So, this group – the enemy is much more dangerous and complex than sometimes believe”.

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