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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The expert on the referendum in Tajikistan: “the Heirs of Rahmon — dummy”

On 22 may a referendum was held on amendments to the Constitution of Tajikistan. It is about 41 editing, the introduction of which in January 2016 was approved by the Parliament. Most likely, 39 clarifications — only a screen, distracting from two key points. The main question to be answered by the citizens of the Republic: whether they agree to permanently consolidate the family of the incumbent President Emomali Rahmon right to the presidency. The local CEC has already recognized the referendum valid.

photo: flickr.com

After 6 hours of opening of polling stations the Chairman of the Central election Commission of Humoursome Bakhtiar said that in the Republic of Tajikistan have already voted about 3 million people, that is 66,6% of total voting. Not surprisingly, considering the scope of the propaganda campaign launched in the run-up to the vote. As more than a million citizens of the Republic are working outside the country, were opened 36 points for voting in 29 countries. The leaders of the Moscow enterprises, employing Tajiks, has decided to provide its own buses for the convenience of employees who wish to participate in the referendum. By the way, the ballot had only one question: “do you Accept the changes and additions made to the Constitution?”.

After September 2015, President Rahmon has imposed an official ban on the main opposition force, the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan”, it became clear that henceforth the country will have only one course, neither to the right nor to the left, the course Emomali Rahmon. The referendum proof. One of the edits that you want to include in the new edition of the Constitution, gives the current 63-year-old President the opportunity to be re-elected to the post of the President unlimited number of times, and the second reduces the age limit for presidential candidates from 35 to 30 years. From this it follows that if in 2020, when the term of the presidency of Emomali Rahmon, he decides to leave politics, his place will be able to take either his son Rusty Emomali, who will turn 33 years old, or his 38-year-old daughter Rahmon Ozoda Emomali, who currently holds the post of head of the Executive office of the President. Given the number of successors of Rahmon older (the current President 9 children) the status of the head of Tajikistan can gain a foothold for the Rakhmon family forever.

Our experts

Dr. Davlatov Abdullo, Chairman of the “Union of Tajikistanis of Russia”:

— In Tajikistan the control system is, what matters is not the law, and a particular person. The referendum is just a game to external audiences, sponsors and donors. Recently, Federica Mogherini stated that the EU is aware of the terrible situation with human rights in Tajikistan, the problems with the law, to pressure the authorities even on the moderate opposition. At the same time, she said the EU will continue to Fund the government of Tajikistan. And if so, you need to make at least a semblance of respect for democratic principles.

Stanislav PRITCHIN, research fellow, Centre for the study of Central Asia and Caucasus Institute of Oriental studies, RAS:

— With regard to the continuity of generations, this is not the case in the former Soviet Union. The power of Heydar Aliyev passed on to his son. Urgently Ilham Aliyev was appointed first speaker of Parliament, then Prime Minister and then acting President. Unlike their children Rahmon has passed a serious path in life. His heirs were initially grown in refined conditions. Their maturation and development as professionals occurred when the father was already the main man in the country. The possibility of self-experience on solution of problems is reduced.

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