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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The defense Ministry launched a children’s pool

In the Yaroslavl Centre of military-Patriotic education DOSAAF of Russia named after V. V. Tereshkova solemnly held its first adoption in yunarmeytsy — in the ranks of the revived “Warmii enrolled was 104 students-volunteers from educational institutions of Yaroslavl region aged from 11 to 17 years. “MK” visited the dedication of young patriots.

photo: Eugene Balabas

All-Russian military-Patriotic movement “Uname” at the Ministry of defence started its work. “Army” young, but all grown-up — already created form with belonging to different genera troops, symbolism and oath, a work plan for all regions and scheduled summer national meeting. According to the state Secretary — Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov — “ROCK to Win” April 5, “Uname” will actively cooperate with military units, and to use the infrastructure and the DOSAAF Central army sports club, which is the best suited for the purposes of the Junior military units. Young boys and girls under the guidance of experienced mentors will be engaged in military sports games, to study the military history of Russia, the foundations of tactics and strategy.

“Warmia” called the new youth movement of Russia, although it is not so. Yunarmeytsy exist as a Patriotic youth movement for quite a while, but now they were given new impetus in the framework of recently established by the President of the Russian students movement — you can call it reincarnation or restart. And here on may 22 in the village of Karachikha Yaroslavl region held the first solemn initiation into yunarmeytsy — this village is famous for being on karacehennem the airport made his first parachute jump, our famous Valentina Tereshkova, and now on the basis of the airfield and base DOSAAF Russia, a Junior military sports training complex.

Burning with inner fire, despite the rainy weather, the eyes of boys and girls trembling voices spoke the words of the oath yunarmeytsev, promising to be protector of the weak, to honor the memory of hero of Russia, to follow the traditions of valor, courage and mutual support.

— I came from the city of Tutaev of the Yaroslavl region, school №4, — told “MK” the eighth-grader Maxim Abakanov, dressed in a brand new, spick and span, Junior military form with a field bag is a tablet and pouches for small equipment. — Our school has a Society of young Marines — that’s where we do physical training, working on non-standard situations, stacked parachutes, ready to jump. In “Warmia” decided to join because this is a new level, it’s great, it is prestigious!

— You become participants of military-Patriotic movement of pupils “Uname”. We unite those who love Russia, and are willing to actively help them become better and stronger, opened the solemn ruler, the Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia the General-Colonel Alexander Kolmakov.

To encourage guys, in the inauguration ceremony was attended by Hero of the Soviet Union cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the Olympic champion on biathlon Svetlana Ishmuratova, and even ISS astronauts, the space being on the watch, brought greetings from orbit:

— Joining the “Warmia” you showed a good example to their peers! You are true patriots of their Fatherland, and that you rightfully destined to be the defenders of our homeland, its interests, cultural and spiritual traditions! — turned to the guys, the Russian cosmonauts of the ISS crew, Yuri Malenchenko, Oleg skripochka and Alexey Ovchinin.

— Then, on the basis of DOSAAF, so much has changed and grown with the 50-ies, — worrying, said Valentina Tereshkova. And despite the fact that by 2020, these centers must be at least 18 organised across the country, I hope that my native Yaroslavl flying club will remain the main and best Junior military club!

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