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Friday, March 23, 2018

Georgy Natanson: “I’m 95 years old and I want to make a film about the protector of Tallinn”

23 may marks the 95th anniversary of people’s artist of Russia, film Director Georgy Natanson. Age venerable, but he is still a restless man and wants to make a film about the feat.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

For the life of Georgy Natanson you can learn the history of the Soviet cinema. Exam VGIK he took Sergei Eisenstein. And began his film career Georgiy Grigoryevich assistant Director and second Director Ivan pyreva, Alexander Dovzhenko, worked at Alexander Ptushko in the picture “Sadko”. Directing debut came in 1956, when he released his short film “heavenly creatures”. Screenwriter and actor of this film was the puppeteer Sergei Obraztsov. In the 60s, Nathanson took “big sister, “once again about love” Tatiana Doronin, the ribbon “Ambassador of Soviet Union” with Yuliya Borisova in the role of the world’s first female Ambassador, a prototype of which was Alexandra Kollontai.

He starred Nikolai Cherkasov in the film “All remains to people”, he started and Natalya Tenyakova, and Inna Churikova. On his movies at the cinema queues, and the premiere of the film “once again about love” it was impossible to get. It was supposed to star Vladimir Vysotsky. Wanted specifically for him to make boots with five-centimeter heels that he was under a Tatyana Doronina. But screen tests, Nathanson, and the script author Edward Radzinsky did not like, and instead Vysotsky was invited by Alexander Lazarev. He, according to the Director, better mounted with Doronin. But the role of the Mouse could play a student gnesinka Alla Pugacheva with which Georgy Natanson accidentally met on the street of Gorky. Saw a girl in freckles and invited to audition. But played in the film Elena a Queen.

Another brand story, what Natanson many, Doronin, one of the first bold Actresses involved in a bed scene. She undressed, but Lazarev categorically refused — and was shot in trousers and boots. In the episode of the scenario “once again about love” was considered immoral, were not allowed to film. Georgy Natanson remembered in our conversation, as the authorities were outraged: “What is it? The heroes met at the restaurant and was in bed. What we encourage our Soviet girls?”. But Nathanson have achieved, and Tatiana Doronina in the role of flight attendants became the best actress on interrogation of magazine “Soviet screen”. It’s his Muse. Together they worked on the films “big sister”, “Valentin and Valentina”. And then Nathanson took off about her two films. And it started with the fact that hudsovet “Mosfilm” has not approved Doronin on the role of “Older sister”, considering that the young actress is contraindicated.

He could work with Ralph Fiennes. During the visit of the British actor in Moscow, Nathanson offered him the role of Mikhail Bulgakov in his film. Although money is not found for years. Then there will be artistic-publicistic picture of the writer’s stay in the Crimea and the Caucasus. In his 90 Georgy Natanson took part in the work on the film almanac “Moscow, I love you”, which started by Egor Konchalovsky. And made a five-minute novel with the participation of bikers “Night wolves”.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev
Georgy Natanson and his wife at the opening of the XXVIII Moscow international film festival.

On the eve of the anniversary, we talked with Georgi Natanson on the phone.

Is for me such a joy that you called. I thought you forgot me, left for Chicago or Argentina. I am the subscriber “MK”, every day I read your newspaper.

— Will celebrate anniversary?

— My assistant made a small movie about me, with excerpts from the movies. He was very cute. We anywhere yet it still did not show. May you be praised: very good I get a picture of “I’ll be back… the Journey of Mikhail Bulgakov in Crimea”. Leads her Bob lanoviy. We shot in Chekhov’s house in Yalta. This picture of how Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Mayakovsky worked in the Crimea, came to the Moscow Art theatre. Bitter, Nemirovich-Danchenko, Knipper-Chekhova. ‘ve all been there. I once talked to Maria Pavlovna Chekhova. She told interesting things.

— What are you doing now? You’re never without business do not sit.

— Now I turn to the President asking him to give me money for heroin picture of Lenin in Warsaw, which is a great article published in “MK”. I wanted to make a film about a girl 17 years old, which, being a student of Gnessin school, ran to the front. His father said: “Now need a different music”. She saved 15 officers were killed during the assault of Tallinn. She was buried in the place where you installed was the “Bronze soldier”. But then it’s all ruined.

— Why are you excited about this story?

— This brave girl is such an amazing destiny, and so it ended tragically after her death. It was possible for the Day of Victory to make this film. I wrote a synopsis, can I get this to you. I called in the reception, taking calls Putin, and they told me that you need to outline your requests in one minute. Anyone who refers to the President, do not give. From the beginning, so they say: “you Have one minute”. So I wrote very briefly about the heroism of this girl. Everywhere only the complexity, the struggle for a just cause.

— But you don’t give up! We congratulate you on your upcoming birthday!

— I won’t give up. And I hug you gently and very gently kiss.

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