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Sunday, March 11, 2018

The death of the “Far East” lies on the conscience not only of the captain

Officials who have to check fishing vessels for safety before leaving on a voyage, knew in advance about the problems of the lost trawler “far East”. Nevertheless, the documents permitting the operation of the vessel, were issued by them. If the structure responsible for the control of security, worked as it should, the tragedy might not occur.

Check the General Prosecutor’s office revealed that the accident with trawler “far East” in the sea of Okhotsk due to violations of the law in the activities of the Agency subordinate fgbi “Sakhalin basin Directorate for fishery and conservation of aquatic biological resources” (Sakhalinrybvod). It is responsible for monitoring the fleet, certification and monitoring of compliance of ships with safety requirements.

“The test results indicate serious shortcomings in the activities of the Agency”

“It is established that the shipowner, LLC “Magellan” was not developed by the safety management system of the vessel. However, the Sakhalinrybvod gave the society a temporary certificate of security management with the requirement to eliminate the deficiencies within one month”, – said on the website of the Supervisory authority. As a result, fish in the sea allowed the ship was not complying with safety requirements.

For this reason, in respect of the head of Department of safety of navigation Sakhalinrybvod initiated a criminal case under part 3 of article 293 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (the negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons).

In addition, the Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Malinovsky has made to address the Deputy Minister of agriculture – chief of Federal fisheries Agency representation.

It turned out that on the eve of the collapse of the “Far East”, 28 March this year, the trawler was inspected by the North-East territorial administration Rosrybolovstva. Thus, despite the absence of the vessel the required amount of rescue funds, as well as other disorders, their suppression has not been achieved, cases on administrative offences are not excited, the relevant regulation is not issued.

In this regard, the Kamchatka transport Prosecutor sent a test material to investigative bodies. The issue of criminal prosecution of the responsible official of the territorial administration Rosrybolovstva.

But the rating only of the accident, “the Far East” the prosecutors didn’t stop there. The Supervisory authority has revealed serious violations of Russian legislation on the safety of navigation of fishing vessels in General.

“The test results indicate serious shortcomings in the activities of the Agency in carrying out Agency and its territorial bodies of functions on the state supervision of merchant shipping,” – said the Prosecutor’s office. And the current situation is “negative impact on the safety of navigation”.

“So, Amur, Okhotsk, Primorye, Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administrations Rosrybolovstva verification of compliance with the requirements of the legislation in the sphere of safety of navigation of fishing vessels in General are not planned and not conducted”, – stated in the materials testing.

Thus, we can say that the inspectors knew about the lack of rescue tools at the “far East” and other violations, but closed his eyes and still released the ship into the sea.

“The fact that there has not been developed security system, and they are not attracted for this reason, is amazing, – said the newspaper LOOK Vice-President of trade Union of seamen Igor Kovalchuk. – The port authorities should check that out. There are many parameters that are used to validate the ship calling at the port. It is clear that there is no power check each ship. But at least once a year it should catch the eye”.

He noted that the Prosecutor’s office did not respond to the requests of the Union to deal with common practice to take on Board illegal foreign labor, which is not designed rescue equipment. Prosecutors motivated by the fact that the ships are in international waters, to which their jurisdiction do not apply.

“I think the main issue is the absolute lack of control over the use of foreign labour, – said Kovalchuk. Because all this time you got away with it. As far as I know, the guards were on this ship and seen these people. But for some reason they considered whether their passengers, whether still someone,” he stated.

We will add that earlier the Investigative Committee came to the same conclusion as the prosecutors.

“As for the number of rescue tools. The ship was 110 vests. When the trawler left the port of Vladivostok, on Board was 68 people. But we already have the information that when he was in the open sea, with one of the Korean courts, he was transplanted at least 64 people, mostly citizens of Myanmar,” said the official representative of Department Vladimir Markin.

Accordingly, it vests at all is not enough. Citizens of Myanmar represented unskilled labor. According to investigators, the Russian shipowners it delivers one of the Korean firms.

“They worked for very low wages and, of course, were not registered anywhere. But another very important detail is that anyone from fishermen of, I’m not talking about foreign citizens, there has never been a safety”, – said Markin also.

“It turns out that, when there is an extreme situation, people who don’t know how to act in such cases, and even in the absence of a sufficient number of rescue equipment, were left to themselves. Those who could survived, but who could not, were doomed,” he said.

According to representative SK, “the death of these people is in a causal relationship with the actions of the shipowner and the captain of the ship”. “They made a gross violation of the rules of operation of a vessel. That’s why we brought to criminal responsibility of heads of the company “Magellan”, – said Markin.

“But I have not mentioned another important reason contributing to this and other similar crimes. This, of course, the actions or inaction of certain officials. And in this particular case, investigators have information that the officials of at least one of the authorities which are responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules of operation of the “far East”, failed to take appropriate action to eliminate the detected violations, and outlawed craft operation to eliminate. It was in their jurisdiction and it was their full right,” said he.

We will remind, the big trawler “far East” sank in the sea of Okhotsk in 300 km from Magadan at night on April 2. On Board, according to preliminary data, there were 78 of Russians and 54 foreigners, only 132 people. At the same time officially on Board had to be only 62 people – at the number of people and were designed rescue equipment. The rest were probably illegals. The crash killed 62 people.

While FMS Sakhalin initiated administrative proceedings against foreigners from the sunken trawler for work without permission.

After the incident, the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov proposed to tighten the rules of the industry. However, recognized that not all so simple: “on the one hand, it is necessary to reduce the oversight of the enterprise, the fishermen say that they have tortured checks, but unfortunately, that policy is responsible for everything when the owner, leads to tragic cases, have to conduct a serious analysis and to tighten the rules of fisheries”, – he noted.

According to Shestakov, the cause of the crash of the trawler was a violation of the rules of operation and safety of the vessel.

At the same time, according to the presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the far East, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, which occurred in the Okhotsk sea tragedy was the result of greed, mismanagement and negligence.

“Violated all possible laws, rules and regulations. For this, dozens of people paid with their lives”, – he noted.

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