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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“Only “United Russia” made a step towards transparency in elections their candidates”

The Federal Committee of the “United Russia” on carrying out of preliminary voting removed from the procedure, several candidates, including one of the richest state Duma deputies Mikhail Slipenchuk. Observers welcome the tactics of the party leadership, which does not condone violations and the dissemination of compromising. It adds credibility to the final results of the voting that will take place on Sunday.

On Friday at a meeting of the Federal organizing Committee (SRC) to conduct a preliminary vote of the “United Russia”, there have been several important personnel decisions.

As the head of the src, the Secretary of the General Council EP Sergei Neverov, the Committee did not cancel the registration of the participants of the primaries of the Deputy of the state Duma Elena Nikolaeva. However, was a request to be removed from the procedure of the state Duma Deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk.

“Not through the knee problems have been addressed and through constructive dialogue and adherence to the procedures”

Founder of the investment group “Metropol” Slipenchuk was one of the largest landowners among the deputies of the state Duma. According to the Declaration of MP in 2015, he owns a few dozen agricultural plots under cottage construction in Russia, as well as an apartment in France and a house with a plot in the Congo. The name of Slepenchuk appeared in “the Panama papers,” documents about offshore companies I worked with Panamanian law, the company Mossack Fonseca.

“Through no fault of my circumstances made the difficult decision to withdraw from the preliminary voting of the party “United Russia”, – reads the statement of Slipenchuk received by TASS.

As for Nikolayeva, Neverov said: information about this Deputy of the public, and the voter can make choices based on this information”. In relation Nikolaeva spread scandalous news about financial irregularities related to the company “Golden pretzels”. However, she Nikolaev argued that the appearance of negative information about her was a result of the machinations of other parties.

Three more candidates who will participate in the primaries in different regions, have been removed and their registration is terminated. Neverov explained that this was done for various reasons, including in connection with the receipt of information that the actions of the candidate diskreditiert party. On the eve of the FLC has selected four participants. Thus, already more than a hundred people don’t fall into the list for voting in the primaries. The vast majority – more than ninety people – he paid for refusing to participate in mandatory debates.

Among other well-known figures overboard early voting, was the former head of the Chelyabinsk region, the Deputy Mikhail Yurevich and United Russia Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. As reported in the party newspaper “Izvestia”, with Yurevich corruption trail stretches from the time of his governorship. However, Yurevich will try to run for the election from the other party.

“Khinshtein can be a very useful party”

With regard to Hinstein, he was appointed Advisor to Foundation for information policy. In this position Hinstein will last at least until the end of the campaign. The politician in charge of special projects in challenging for the party of regions, which, according to Neverova, incompatible with his election to the state Duma.

Hinstein has previously engaged in similar activities when he went into creative Council for technological support to the EP elections, formed in 2010 under the leadership of Roman Antonov (now Nizhny Novgorod Vice-Governor). The head of the Duma Committee on social policy Olga batalina in conversation with the newspaper “Kommersant” noted that Hinstein “can be very helpful party information to minimize threats in the elections, perfectly knows the peculiarities of social networks”.

Sources in the party leadership confirmed to the newspaper that the results of the work Hinstein election he was unable to offer a job in the Executive branch or in the media industry.

Strict screening

Observers agree that the EP has managed to successfully overcome the challenges and to remove conflicts in most regions. “United Russia” was originally established more stringent requirements for its candidates, including a requirement for absence of reputational risks that provided by the current legislation”, – said the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director of Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexander Pozhalov.

He recalled that the party strictly refers to information about the presence of potential candidates foreign assets, property abroad, problems with the law in the past and other violations.

In addition, a number of candidates decided to withdraw from participating in the primaries alone. “That is not a party of them withdrew, and the party has satisfied their statement of the same Slipenchuk not ready to continue the election campaign, including on the background of the party received information that negatively affects the reputation and candidates, and the party”, – said the analyst.

At the same time, “we are dealing with a number of cases in regions, when the Federal organizing Committee takes candidates with primaries for proven violations during the election campaign”, – said the expert.

He recalled that dozens of candidates withdrew because they did not fulfill the requirements for the participation in the debate. Another reason for the withdrawal was mutual criticism on the part of the candidate to address his opponent in the primaries. All of these measures was announced in advance,” said Fire.

The reasons for withdrawal of candidates may be different. “Everyone agrees that we have election fraud, and the new leadership of the Central election Commission has set a task as to bring to light these violations, to deal with them and prevent. But if there are major violations at the elections, it would be strange to expect that they won’t be in the primaries “United Russia”, – said the analyst.

“And rightly so, that the party is struggling with it. Worse would be if the leadership of “United Russia” simply turned a blind eye on all violations, dissemination of incriminating evidence against each other or failure to comply with procedural rules of the primaries. It adds credibility to the final results of the primaries,” – concluded the expert.

An intelligent person should hear and take advice

Political analyst Konstantin Kalachev stresses that the contentious figures are removed, “according to its own statements, on the basis of mutual understanding and harmony”.

“Without the advice of senior colleagues here, of course, is not complete. But that of the Council. Which intelligent person needs to hear and accept. Not over his knee problems solved, and through constructive dialogue and adherence to the procedures”, – said the analyst, adding that “if procedures are respected, if people agree, conflicts are resolved before, not after, and the differences in the end just is not, therefore, “the example of EP for others to see.

In turn, the political analyst Alexei Chadayev also noted that “starred major contentious figures”. “And all the sides and with mutual understanding,” writes the Chad in Facebook.

He believes that if all the EP treatments will abide by, then, “as in any system, there are no differences.” “The main thing – not to consider themselves gods, who can do anything,” – said Chad.

“Participation of the candidate, leads to reputational costs”

Also from the primaries was dismissed by the Deputy of the Samara provincial Duma Vyacheslav Maleev, who is the head of JSC “autocom”. As explained Neverov, FOK arrived in the press voiced serious information about Maleeva and “participation of the candidate carries reputational costs”. In the press repeatedly published the information that Maleev was allegedly linked to acting in 1990-ies organized criminal group of a local crime boss Mikhail Besfamilny named BES.

Another candidate – Dmitry Kolosov (Saratov region) – self-written statement about the withdrawal of the candidature for the use of the administrative resource. Kolosova was actively supported by the head of Engelssky municipal area Dmitry Lobanov, who was sent to the heads of township and village administrations of the letter with the requirement to support Kolosov in early voting.

“The lessons will not go in vain”

The Deputy Director of the National Institute of development of modern ideology Gleb Kuznetsov believes that the organizers of the elections such cases the use of administrative resources, attempts of bribery of voters and other “lessons of the preliminary vote, the EP will not go in vain”.

“By September, you can prepare to counter these phenomena. Generally speaking, if a person buys votes in the primaries, it’s likely he’ll try to do it before the elections. And we already know that this person is prone to various kinds of violations of the law on election campaigns. Primaries is a good way to test the awareness of candidates,” Kuznetsov said the newspaper VIEW.

“Independents have to convince their constituents”

Member of the faction “United Russia” in the state Duma, co-Chairman of the Moscow headquarters of the popular front in the elections nominated from the onf on the list of United Russia on the Federal list and in single-mandate constituency – approx. OPINION) Vyacheslav Lysakov in an interview with the newspaper OPINION stressed that the primaries are extremely useful. “I’ve always rated it positively, even from the first preliminary vote – primaries, which took place in 2011. It was the first “running” of the primaries,” – said Lysakov.

The procedure was implemented by the “United Russia” on the recommendation of Vladimir Putin, said the source. “He proposed to formalise such a procedure by law, but all parties flatly refused it. This suggests that only the “United Russia” made a step towards transparency in elections their candidates, because the process of the primaries candidates in the debate and with each other, where publicly voicing their position on any socially relevant issues, and voters. The voter can see for whom he votes. Not just the idea, the ideology of the party, as it was before”, – said Lysakov.

Now the procedure of inner-party voting has become more urgent, the source said. “After all, we’re back to the mixed electoral system. Half of the deputies is on the lists and half in single – mandate constituencies. Those who decided to go on the list of “United Russia”, not belonging to other parties, can also qualify for a place in the Duma. Such independent candidates, along with current members, have to convince their constituents that they will be able to adequately represent the interests of residents of a particular district for five years, to be their feedback, meet with them, listen to their aspirations and problems and solve them. Not only to engage in lawmaking, but also to work with voters” – Lysakov has reminded.

The primaries are very important for the voters, said the source. “People can see the candidate in the eye, to know what he lives, what his soul, what his views. I call it the “people’s x-ray. And the opportunity to do so before you vote – not only for the party list, but for a specific person – makes the process transparent, honest and objective”, – said Lysakov.

Final lists will be formed at the Congress

We will remind, on the eve of Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov said that, in the case of fixing the organized transportation of voters on sites to day of the primaries of “United Russia” the results of the vote on this section will be void.

Neverov also said that the revocation list is not closed until may 22 – when will the preliminary vote, it may be eliminated and the other candidates, if we receive reports of administrative pressure, kinks, or other information of this kind concerning the bidders. The final lists of candidates from the party will be formed in June at the Congress.

According to Neverov, “an interest in procedure of preliminary voting is great.” Polls will open Sunday at 8 a.m. and will last until 20 PM, the voting will be secret and rating. Unlike ordinary election “day of silence” on Saturday will not be, but on Sunday it is forbidden and the participants of the procedure “recommended” to be on the land.

Neverov advised regional offices to hold Monday press conference and talk about the vote. Summed up the regional audit Commission and the organizing Committee before may 25. The official data will be published by the regional organizing Committee for the advance voting site pg.er.ru and the final results will be announced later by the Federal organizing Committee till may 27.

Participation in the preliminary vote is required for nomination of the “United Russia” on elections in the state Duma, which will be held on September 18 according to the mixed system.

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