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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The people of Turkey welcomed that the Russian su-24 was shot down

The majority of Turkish citizens – 58.2 per cent – believe it is correct that the Turkish side was shot down in November last year, the Russian su-24. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by Istanbul’s Kadir has University. Other respondents believe Ankara’s actions in that incident wrong. With more than half endorsing the destruction of the aircraft (that is, more than a quarter of the total population of Turkey) are sure that it describes Turkey as a “big country”. The second argument is the thesis about the need to protect Turkish air space. Whether the survey results are evidence of the hostile attitude of Turkish citizens to Russia and in what ways it is necessary to overcome the established in November of 2015, the crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara? This “MK” spoke with Turkish political scientist, Professor of University of Economics and technology TOBB in Ankara, Togrul ISMAIL.

photo: AP

Anti-Russian rally in Istanbul in November 2015

– Kadir has — serious University, but, unfortunately, I do not have full information about how the survey was conducted, how many people participated (of course, the survey was conducted not among all citizens of the country, the results are extrapolated in proportion to the entire population – “MK”) – said our interlocutor. But, as I stated earlier, both the population and the Turkish leadership considers that the country had acted within the law, protecting their airspace. Therefore, in this question the opinion in the Turkish society is quite clear.

This survey is for me at least, makes little difference, in the sense that, in my opinion, such problems should be solved at the international level: experts, the joint Commission. Only in this case we will be able to understand who is right and who is not. Meanwhile, Ankara and Moscow have their own points of view, each country has their own truth. But blaming each other we will not find the truth, the crisis will last forever. And you want the leaders of the countries – although Putin and Erdogan are very similar among themselves, all agreed. Again, at least on the establishment of a joint Commission.

– Evidence of approval of the destruction of the aircraft on hostility to Russia, or for residents of Turkey important, first of all, the fact that the protection of borders?

– In any case we are not talking about hostility to Russia, to the Russian in Turkey there is no negative relationship. Of course, there is a separate hostile groups, people… But in General public opinion is different: this can be seen by the actions of the Turkish government, because Ankara has not taken any “sanctions” on Moscow. Russian citizens can still freely, without a visa to come to Turkey to relax, where you want, without registering, to get a job in accordance with the rules for foreigners to buy property, get an education… Those sanctions , which were imposed after the incident with the downed aircraft, unilateral, taken by Russia. I understand the actions of the Russian leadership, but political issues need to be resolved so that not suffered by ordinary citizens.

The aggravation of relations with Turkey. Chronicle of events

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