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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Telescope Hubble photographed Mars in close proximity

Using the approach of Earth and Mars, the space telescope Hubble took a picture of the red planet with the minimum distance. On the obtained photograph, taken from a distance of about 80 million kilometres of the Red planet can be seen in detail, said the us space Agency NASA.

photo: nasa.gov

In the frame of the telescope were, in particular, polar caps and clouds of the red planet, shield volcano a Large Sirte, Hellas planitia, reaching 1 770 kilometers in diameter, as well as extensive hill called Arab land and some of the other “attractions” of Mars. On one of the presented versions of the photos most interesting points are marked by arrows and signed.

Experts also note that in the picture you can see the points, which landed a probe Viking 1 lander and Mars Pathfinder, also the Rover Opportunity operating on the surface of the red planet so far.

The Hubble telescope regularly makes images of Mars during periods of rapprochement it to the Ground. Also known many obtained with the help of images of deep space. The telescope was launched in 1990.

Soon the approach of Earth and Mars allows you to see the planet in the starry sky to anyone who will carefully look at the South-Western part of the sky. Tomorrow, may 21, convergence will coincide with the full moon and at a minimum distance from Earth to Mars will be on may 30.

It was recently announced that the United States plans in 2028 to send to Mars orbit first manned spacecraft — earlier it was expected that this would happen five years later. Experts hope that the expedition of this kind will bring the pace of studying the red planet to a new level.

By the way, yesterday it became known that Mars had traces of two tsunamis that occurred about 3.5 billion years ago — this proves again that in the past on this planet there was an ocean of liquid water.

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