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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moscow is ready to hold primaries

The organizing Committee of the Moscow primaries “United Russia” announced about the readiness of the polling day. 19 may was held the press-conference of the Moscow regional organizing Committee on the results of the campaign early voting period.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

To compete for participation in the elections to the state Duma from the party “United Russia” in Moscow wanted 330 people, of which 291 people registered. “The reasons that the participants have gone the distance, different. Four excluded from the list for actions discrediting the party. 10 people were shot according to his own statement. 11 people submitted a certificate of no criminal record. For non-participation in the debate before the vote, not reached 14 people,” — said the Chairman of the Moscow regional organizing Committee on carrying out of early voting, Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” Nikolai Gonchar.

“The party is satisfied with those candidates, which support the residents. Those who vote, we need. Alternatively, when the leadership of the party gives someone preference will not be accepted. We need those people who need to citizens”, — he stressed. Among the candidates, of course, there are political professionals. To participate in the provisional party vote decided 11 State Duma deputies, and 6 members of the Moscow city Duma and 28 municipal deputies, one member of the Federation Council. But professional politicians are the absolute minority. For most people, the preliminary vote is the first serious political experience. 122 persons of the registered participants, non-partisan, 30 — supporters of the party, and 139 people are “United Russia”. The majority of participants (92%) have higher education. Professional composition of possible candidates in deputies of the State Duma very broad: teachers, doctors, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs. Four people — students of higher educational institutions.

The debates in the primaries went on the most relevant topics — from social policy and housing to combat corruption and preserve traditional values. But one of the most important outcomes was that were implemented three city-wide initiatives received the possible candidates for elections to the state Duma from the residents themselves. That is, even prior election has not been, and words have turned into action. And what matters! Says the head of the faction “United Russia” in Moscow city Council Andrey Metelsky: “To date, Moscow has entered into force the decision on the privileges on payment of major repairs to living alone homeowners. For those older than 70 years at 50%, and for those who are 80 years — 100%. We put them in special categories. We also held a disability forum, which had heard all of their aspirations, many of which will be included in the program of the party. The forum today adopted a decision to restore a system of benefits for persons with disabilities for payment of housing and communal services, to remove limitation of standards of consumption. It is also serious work. The rules have changed Federal law. Their return to Moscow — this is an extremely serious financial costs: about $ 4 billion! And now is when the extra money is not in the budget”.

300 thousand parents of Moscow schoolchildren took part in the discussion of another of the proposals of the participants of preliminary voting. And it resulted in a new program of active recreation for children within the city, “Moscow change”, which involves the creation of a free city camps at the bases of the most equipped schools in the capital, the sports and Wellness centers. “Despite the doubts of a part of the educational community, this program has recognized the very need. The mayor put an end to this matter and decided to approve it”, — said the participant of the preliminary voting, member of the working group on the issue of the children’s summer vacation Tatiana Krivenko.

Andrey Metelsky believes that “we, of course, important and I wonder who will take a leading place in the vote on may 22. But the most important result we have today. It is very important that a preliminary vote in Moscow became not only the party event. It helped to bring real benefits to the people, our citizens. Yeah, it was tough. These decisions are directly related to the city budget, and had to act convincingly and professionally. Without the work of the faction “United Russia” in MGD such decisions would not have been realized. But it’s done. Made by the participants. So, they have already proved their right to be in the team of a leading political party of the country. We always felt the support of Muscovites. We hear of Muscovites, and Muscovites can hear us. We are one team!”. A may 22, Muscovites will have the opportunity in 700 sites to provide support and to choose the competitive players of this unified team.” The Chairman of the organizing Committee of the Moscow regional primaries Nikolai Gonchar: “We ask the inhabitants of Moscow to take part in the primaries. We want to have as many voters. But we categorically do not want no pressure, no bussing of people. For us, the key position is the unconditional legitimacy of what will happen on may 22.

Open primaries “United Russia” will be held across the country in a single day — may 22. According to its results will form a list of candidates from the party in the elections to the State Duma in September of this year. To find your polling station, you need on the website of the primaries http://pg.er.ru/ click on the tab “search area”, enter your County, district and address. The polls (only in Moscow there will be opened 700) will operate from 8 am to 8 PM. To vote for your favorites able adult citizens who have a Moscow residence permit and the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Absentee ballots are not provided. Unlike elections to the state Duma to vote, residents will be able once and for all applicants.

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