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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Menshov suggest making a sequel to “Moscow does not believe in tears”

Film Director Vladimir Menshov does not often give interviews, but in Sevastopol, at the XII International festival of documentaries and TV programs “Won together”, where the best documentary filmmakers of the world continue to show their work, screenwriter and actor was available and for journalists and for the audience. In the result of informal meetings with the artist and did an interview.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— Why did you agree to become President of the International festival of documentary films?

— Documentary film is now more interesting art. In recent times, there are many wonderful student works festival. To be honest, I even bribed the word “Sevastopol”.

— Are not you afraid that, as head of the festival, which takes place in Crimea, will become restricted to travel abroad?

— Along the lines of Ukraine, I have long travel abroad, they came in a “black list”. But honestly, I do this in Ukraine will not go. Europe is open for me.

For you movie — a profession or life?

— Life. I paintings measure their periods of life. I don’t understand people who each year take off on the film. For me each film is like war. Every day I am in doubt: ready, not ready, need something else to think of, after all have gathered and are waiting for commands from you. It is a great nervous shock.

— Who would like to become in the childhood?

Second classroom — a pilot, then a tanker. And consciously dream of a movie became a teenager. I was a movie buff, never missed a single released movie, the fly with memorized cues and songs from films. It seemed to me that in the movie gods work. But the desire to become an actor at first it seemed an unattainable dream. Then I realized that not gods pots. Gathered a team of like-minded people who wanted to enter the acting Department. In the result, I went alone… Parents gave me money for a ticket. I came, I saw long queues, competition for a place was 200 people. Then I realized that this is the place where I would be interested to learn. But I have done only with the fourth attempt…

— What role in your filmography was a turning?

— My first role, she is the favorite, defined much of my life. I enrolled in the acting Department in the School-Studio of MKHAT, but I’ve never been invited to audition. I decided to leave the cinema in directing. And then fellow student Alexander Pavlovsky suggested to remove thesis film the story of Valentin Kataev “Knives”. I wrote the script. For the female lead found the girl right on the street. It was Larisa Udovichenko, who was studying in 10th class. For the main male role actor to find for a long time failed, then Pavlovsky became interested glances in my direction. I have long disagreed. But before the shooting he had little time left. And samples were taken. What was for me a crucible. I did not like scary on the screen. I imagined myself beautiful, and saw very different… But the film was a success. I began to invite in other pictures. I played the Chairman of the collective farm Seeds Bobrova in the movie “the Man in his place”. 65 shooting days. Then was invited for a few other major roles.

— Whether to do a sequel to the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”?

— I have not once offered to do it. They said, for example, let children gather at the grave of goshi, each of them will have their own unusual fate. I think that it is justified commercially, but not creatively appropriate. “Moscow does not believe in tears” — finished thing in itself.

— What are you filming now?

— Nothing. There are intentions, but about his plans I would prefer not to. I now shoot a lot. For example, the festival will host my movie “the Green carriage” Director Oleg Asadulin. On the approach of the series. Also takes a lot of energy teaching activities, I have three workshops.

— What do you think about his role as curator of the hockey of the CPSU Central Committee Eduard Borisovich Balashov in the film “Legend №17”?

— There I played a very negative character. And even received the prize of the Russian folk movie awards “Georges” for the best negative role in the movie. But people don’t hate me, no one spits, no tears in the fray, — laughs Vladimir Valentinovich.

— Every year on may 9 we celebrate Victory Day, why not mention Stalin’s name?

— The first attempt to smear the name, and then silence, I believe a great injustice. However, neither one nor the other attempt has failed…

— Earlier films about the great Patriotic war were shot by Directors who themselves participated in the battles and suffered a lot. Most of these paintings entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema, have become the standard. Maybe modern Directors should not take up this subject? Maybe now we can close the topic of war?

— This is a destructive approach. To adjust the picture so it is impossible. Everyone has their own vision of that time. If a new talented novel, why not make a film?

— Recently removed a lot of remakes of beloved movies, including “Irony of fate”, “the dawns here are quiet…”. Now, the screens out “the Crew” directed by Nikolai Lebedev. In your opinion, was it worth it to undertake it?

— I carry an old “Crew”, but we must remember that rose is already a different generation, gave way to the viewer. Who goes to cinemas? Mostly young people up to 25 years. For them now and create a movie. We age, at times grumble… But you have to take care of myself. We must remember that there is a world different from our worlds. I approve of life, it flows and changes.

— How do you feel about the victory of the Ukrainian singer Jamala at “Eurovision”-2016?

— I suspect that here the political game more than a creative component.

— How do you relax?

— The best rest for me with a book on the couch.

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