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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the gallery of modern art hosted the exhibition “All you need is loft

Cozy loft Total Art Club, located near Tula, – the place where there are no random people. There are exhibitions, a concert, exhibitions of contemporary authors and master-classes. The exhibition “ALL YOU NEED IS LOFT” in the framework of the art project “Isostere” – a collaboration between two masters: a well-known poet Vladimir Vishnevsky and artist Andrey Rybakov.

Photo courtesy of the author

Education and research Foundation Wisniewski known and loved by all. Long gone people, they have become part of contemporary Russian culture – a concise, scathing and merciless in its accuracy. “Frayed image, though premature…”, “was rejected, but – what!”, “But pleasure must be expensive…”, “Let’s respect at the foot of the Limb…”, “what about You, let’s talk about nice…!” – these and many other succinct thoughts were written Vishnevsky. This time the author presents us with a visualization of your poetic miniatures – bright fabric, which own hand brings its “isostere”: pen, marker, brush. The neologism “isostasy” – the author’s invention, describing a new genre of word forms, visually-poetic painting: more than poetry and painting in its purest form, something “above”. The authors are with the game, generating multiple meanings and competently driving a viewer’s perception.

Vladimir Vishnevsky immersed in the role of critic – kindly agrees to conduct a personal tour for of the correspondent “MK”, suits associative improvisation on the theme of each leaf.

Collages is the story, says the author, showing his works. – For example, collage, which obliquely written almost a Japanese poem: “How fearfully and wonderfully we spent time/ summer on the banks of the river/ I’m afraid it was happiness/ I’m so in love with you/ you needed me/ how’m sorry you’re not my type”. Andrew, the artist and my co-author, had me hand-write the poem and then made collages. Mind you, we always signed the picture in the bottom corner. Here, for example, the collage – what a woman may tell the man: “Well do something, at least the money!”.

On a simple canvas, in the cut, as if from a piggy Bank, modestly peeping half a hundred dollar bill.

– Or terrible – “my love lies across the place, won’t out of politeness to call it dismemberment. And about this collage I forgot, turns out I have this: “How scarce everything you turned me down!”, – smiling poet. – Autobiographical, names changed.

Photo courtesy of the author

Every collage – range of emotions, unwritten script. And here “the First non-state chain of passion”, which became the basis of women’s seductive body, and topical collage “We GE – “self-portrait” a cycle of four canvases…

Vladimir, tell me, how long have you been working on the project “Isostere”?

– The idea was born to artist Andrei Rybakov five years ago. It was many exhibitions – in the Literary Museum (where I, incidentally, was me anniversary exhibition “Wisniewski Garden”), in the Academy of arts was and in the Central house of the Actor… But this painting is…, – Vishnevsky points to the canvas in bright blue colours – …visited the Darwin Museum, here is my most elaborate rhyme: “I Love birds – I’m obsessed with them!…”

In “Isosteric” a lot of futuristic, echoes of the Silver age, rebellious disposition. From Alexei Kruchenykh, David Burliuk, Kazimir Malevich and Velimir Khlebnikov. And also on instagram V our already outstanding contemporary of Andrei Voznesensky. The artist builds the composition of Fishermen, helping to reveal the verbal message of the poet-collaborator. The internal dialogue of painting and poetry enables the development of a new harmony – the modern synthesis of ascetic and philosophic. Visual improvisation are born as if out of nowhere, giving rise to multiple semantic worlds.

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