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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Cannes: how to call the Hollywood star in a hotel room

The 69th Cannes film festival, taking place these days on the French Riviera, gathered, as usual, all the world’s celebrities — from Stephen Spielberg to Timur Rodriguez. Every day they like to work, go to their premieres and foreign films. However, you can see them even from afar at the Palace of festivals because of the countless fences and crowds of people is not easy. Reporter “MK” on the site studied, where you can meet Mads Mikkelsen, where well caught jodie foster, where possible and on the George Clooney threaten.

photo: Elena Milczanowski

Almost every night the star of the television series “Hannibal” (jury member) Mads Mikkelsen as a warm-up before the next party and willingly communicated with their fans on any topic.

From early morning to night in Cannes, the hustle and bustle, and not “Sweet life” of Federico Fellini, won the Grand Prix of the 13th festival in 1960. Hundreds of people are at the Palace, where movies are shown, like a crowd awaiting the start of filming of another Hollywood movie. In fact, the people behind the invitations to these premieres is not in the queue behind them, and just hoping to get them for free. Here, as in a good movie, believe in happy ending. And it sometimes it happens: someone from time to time leaves the Palace and gives a complete stranger absolutely free ticket, which can be easily sold at the price of the tuxedos of Steven Spielberg, who came to Cannes with a story about a kind giant. Several times I’ve seen just give the coveted invitation (Yes, and I my as well has got, and not to see the red carpet, as criticized Depardieu festival — “Golden palm”). In Cannes these days is an amazing atmosphere of love.

But the true Kinopalace are hunting for their idols in other places. For example, in hotels. Go to any of the three hotels, where Russell stars, easy. You only need a little bit of confidence and voila — a star on the hook.

In the nearest of them to the Palace, Le Majestic Barriere, live all sorts of Indian, Chinese, Iranian stars, which you hardly know. But it was here, on 7th floor, West wing, every day there are closed meetings with a Hollywood celebrity of class A as likes to define jodie foster, for example — to her. Here for meetings came Juliette Binoche, Susan Sarandon, Salma Hayek and many others. So this hotel is guarded stronger than the others. A few dozen meters from the main entrance fenced off a narrow path, at which are two guards. They allowed inside only guests and those who have an appointment here. What to do? Don’t give up, as caught in a hostage hero George Clooney in the competitive film foster “Financial monster”. At some point you notice that the guard on this special, with elevated security measures, the entrance “will not touch” people with suitcases. Carefully examine the contents of their scanner and running themselves don’t even ask about anything, like the man with the suitcase — obviously goes to the settlement. Looking to the stars — take it with you for the suitcase. I your drag was too lazy, so I just… fell in to a man with a suitcase. While it was checked, the security guard asked him if I? With him, of course, I confirmed, without hesitation (because he suggested the right to pass reply), and was as follows. And even that I went around and around at about 10 minutes, then fell for someone and ran inside, not waiting when will check my “other” did not bother him. Here it is all the safety of Cannes.

Further, the rate — Mariott hotel, also five-star, but he placed the stars of the second echelon. Although they pounce. Worth a beautiful walk past the entrance, where even the doorman is not necessary, as someone was photographed with her. And, like seagulls on bread, it began to pounce and other lovers of self. “And who is this?” — asking people after a perfect RAID, reviewing your photos, as if savoring the prey. “So beautiful, in my opinion, Cindy Crawford,” suggested someone. “Wow, Cindy,” he hastened to believe the rest. “No, it’s, well, her name is Victoria, the Swedish model,” the disappointed all the old photographer. The girl was really a Swedish model Victoria Silvstedt. These days in Cannes — fotkat with all indiscriminately, without even knowing who it is. Victoria and then sincerely believes that the famous and loved.

These same spoiled child hid in the farthest from the Palace hotel — InterContinental Carlton built more than a century ago. Here live those who are very famous, very rich (but saves on a private Villa on this side of the river) and came to Cannes just for a couple of days. For example, woody Allen and Justin Timberlake, as well as members of the jury, that is, those who need to go to the shows colleagues. At the entrance you have no one about anything not ask, and in the comfortable lobby to wait for hours — the staff on you do not pay the slightest attention. It is possible and on the floors of boredom to take a walk. I would’ve been and see that all the rooms… signed! Here on the second floor apartment of David Lynch, here — Isabelle Huppert, off to the side, Isabelle Adjani, and more… Roman Polanski! Oh, what is it? Did he, too, came? “No, behind these doors — just offices for the film explained to me. — Maybe all these celebrities lived here, maybe right in these rooms.” However, under these doors were some people and something hard was waiting.

— We are a charitable organization that distributes Lunches to the homeless, waiting for celebrities who live here, — explained the people.

— Good for them — touched me. Good happens not only in the movies. — A celebrity with it? Want to involve them?

— No, we give them a gift to give, — they have shown on numerous boxes.

— With a free lunch? To embrace?

No, of course — surprised people like this guess. — There are handmade chocolates, jewellery, cosmetics. We photographed them with a gift with our logo in the hands, and it advertises our organization.

People were given to understand that this floor space is already divided among all the different companies that are in their interest wait for the stars, and I went back to the hall. And there I was waiting for the scene just like in the movies.

One girl, apparently, fan, hot hugged the other, apparently, an actress, and something told her hotly. When they finished and the actress went to the Elevator, the girl burst into tears. “We came over from Spain especially for her, we adore her, she’s from our most favorite series,” the sobbing, explained fan. So she said about Katherine balfe, whom I’d even met, did not recognize: she is also from the “Financial monster”. And the girls deliberately waiting for her five hours.

How much so you can wait your pet, obviously if they know that he’s probably somewhere in my room? What if just call and ask him? So I did. I asked the Concierge… to connect me with this Katarina. Her name I wrote down on a piece of paper. Monsieur immediately joined us, and Balfe was shocked for the second time this evening, but was told that dresses up for the party and will soon go down.

I was wondering — that way anyone can gain? About another I knew that he lives here (seen running in the lobby), star of the TV series “Hannibal” Mads Mikkelsen, part-time member of the jury. But suddenly the staff finds out that he’s a star, and not get that phone call? After all, times know it even, I mean, like a star. For conspiracy I wrote his name first and then name. “Mads Mikkelsen, and what name, what name?” — she asks the Concierge, and we immediately connected. “Oh, thank you very much for such kind words, I’m glad that like in Russia,” said Mads, who is such a call was also the first time in my life. — I two hours to walk down the hall, to get changed for the party.”

However, as it turned out, the stars themselves are not averse to “surrender” themselves to the fans, posting endless photos, especially from Cannes.

Supermodel Doutzen Cruz and is scheduled to meet fans at 2 p.m. at the hotel Martinez, but she needs to promote in all possible ways the makeup, not that she brought with her and which brought her as a sponsor. Here, Mick Jagger celebrated at the Eden Roc, but there’s also “succinylate Victoria Silvstedt, we’re not fooled: Jagger actually stayed there, and Victoria only came to the party. And here is Paris Hilton puts on her invitation, where it is clearly visible and the date and place… Well, uninteresting. The whole life of these stars, and so on display, as if just for the photo somewhere and go. I, meanwhile, waited for the festivities, which these stars in the movie saw.

The chief of the gendarmerie Eze Ivan Carlier, near nice, arranges a private party in honor of the festival, which from all-star only invited the correspondent “MK”. Having fun these days is not only Cannes and the entire Cote d’azur. We are celebrating the premiere of some movie that none of us watched, real French champagne and pizza. Soon the policeman quite at odds, and we are moving right into his garden: there he puts me on all his gear, chained in handcuffs and gives the kit of the present form with all the stripes and badges: “Only in France do not wear, and then get arrested by his own police, it’s illegal,” he warns. Judging by the patch on his uniform, he “elevated” me to the status of Junior Sergeant, and he was a senior Sergeant. Showed how to properly hold a gun, and then was taken to the detention unit, which the French have tiny, cold, and terribly uncomfortable (so much for the vaunted of evroturi). Even flushing the toilet — one on camera and two on the outside. “We do flush when arrested behave well — this is done so the flood was not satisfied, but it’s a secret,” shared Ivan.

Meanwhile, I furtively checked, Paris Hilton hard posting photos and videos from the party: to see, to do there’s nothing else. Yes, and they have it on closer examination turned out to be false. There she was lying drunk on the table, the type of cool, but in the background there are voices that this is all a staged shot for a magazine. And we all were really. In the morning, as it should be after a good party, we get sober on the boat patrolling the port. The policeman accelerates so fast that we jump up and hit with force on the sea surface, and I for the first time all festival is keenly felt happiness. Like in the movie “Gendarme a walk” with the famous “policeman” of France, Louis de Funes, who never showed at the Cannes film festival. I don’t have to. The best movies of his life we choose and create ourselves.

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