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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Béjart danced at the ballet “Oscar” and was very much alive

The prize Benois de la Danse, often still referred to as the ballet “Oscar”, is one of the most prestigious in the ballet world awards. It is held under the patronage of UNESCO and the European cultural Parliament, although the level of laureates every year is different. Compared to previously conducted ceremonies-present, 24 people, held by tradition on the Historic stage of the Bolshoi theatre, is distinguished by an abundance of nominees, who came hoping to get a coveted statuette. However, still come not all…

Star Western European choreography Swede Alexander Ekman’s again and ride on Benoit. Photo: Yuriy Pokrovskiy

Of the six dancers nominated for the ballet “Oscar”, the ceremony did not get only one — American Amar Ramasar from the new York city ballet, two of the dancers — once again the soloist new York city ballet Sara Mearns and a spokeswoman for the Royal Swedish ballet Gina TSE. Less than all of the choreographers arrived — exactly half of the reported; however, the number of nominated and this nomination was very high — as much as eight people against the usual three or four. This time the ceremony has appeared even injured back Alexander Ekman, which was nominated for a nomination as best choreographer for his work “a Midsummer night’s Dream” for the Royal Swedish ballet. Leave an unforgettable experience to your room with a sarcastic “what I was thinking at the Bolshoi theater” at last year’s “Benoit”, the choreographer this time could not speak, and the jury once again it was passed over, preferring it to the bright and, as always, original work (it can be assessed over large video sequences on the second day of the festival), dull choreography by Johan Inger.

An excerpt from his ballet “Carmen”, created for the National company of dance of Spain, this time against the habit all just were able to witness live. Partly compensated for the decision of the jury of the award “Benois” for best choreography Yuri Posokhov in a Hero of our time”. This choreographer to the stars from the sky is not enough; creating its own ballet company, strongly relied on the Director’s instructions by Kirill Serebrennikov. So the reward in this case was the entire team, but it’s not provided by the rules of the contest. And separately to highlight, for example, the composer Ilya Demutsky (corresponding nomination at “Benoit” there) for some reason did not want.

Charity gala concert, which was held after the ceremony, went on rising, though started neither good nor bad: pretty boring the first branch opened with “the Divertissement of the king” young St. Petersburg choreographer Maxim Petrov. Interestingly conceived, but received inadequate idea of the incarnation on the stage of the work turned out to be excessively torqued. In addition, the choreographer, decided to recall the era of Louis XIV and the play “the Royal game”, managed all this in this age to confuse and distort (e.g., bouffant skirts worn by the dancers in the beginning of the representation, this kind of acquired settled in ballet as a performing costume, a little later).

It was strange to see at the Bolshoi and the pas de Deux from “Giselle” performed by soloists of the Rome Opera Rebecca Bianchi and Claudio Cochino. Artists no award, but such a low level of performance of the classics did not have to watch for a long time. It is depressing and hard because of the form of the soloist Royal Swedish ballet Slawski Emily, who danced with his partner Dmitry Zagrebin complex “Classical pas de Deux” Balanchine’s Tchaikovsky. Technically, the ballerina did, and perhaps would be attractive on a ballet stage during Marina Semenova… However, now that the bodies in ballet, what is already “no wear”.

In a fragment from the ballet “the Emperor Liu” Unifin Jana performed by soloists of the Beijing dance Academy with the shape just everything was in order, but still the impression only the costumes (flowing sea wave elegant silk robes), and for them, “Benoit” got their Wives Creator of Dunsany.

But the first part was ended a real “punch in the stomach” is here certainly will remember for a lifetime: the rape scene from the ballet of John Neumeier’s “a Streetcar named Desire” has been faithfully reproduced all of the physiological details, and the skill of the artists, it embodied, was almost otherworldly. So to nominate for the performance of this ballet in all fairness we had not only a magnificent Blanche Dubois ballerina Alicia Amatriain, in the end, “Benoit” and received, but they also are fantastically embodied the image of Stanley Kowalski and Jason Riley.

Generally with men this year, “Benoit” especially lucky. Received a statuette as the best dancer of this year the Prime Minister of the Mariinsky theatre Kimin Kim, nominated for the role of Solor in ballet “La Bayadere”, which he danced as a guest soloist at the Paris Opera (version Nureyev), all performed at the gala another successful party, the Golden slave in the ballet “Scheherazade” (for her, he was also nominated). Perhaps the Duo, which showed a dancer with a dancer Hope Batousai, not enough partnership, voluptuous bliss and eroticism inherent in this masterpiece of the Silver age, but as for the dance itself Kimin Kim, such a spectacular execution had not seen. Then comparisons can only be with the Creator of this party Vaclav Nijinsky — such a force, animal magnetism and plastic cat preparing to pounce black Panther (with such epithets critics have described the dance of the “God of dance”) was present on stage.

But ballet Oscar was the Prime Minister of the Mariinsky theatre Korean Kimin Kim. Photo: Mikhail Logvinov

In principle, it is the decision of the jury no more no surprises… it is well Known, Kimin Kim is a miracle of modern ballet and one of the most outstanding dancers of the present generation. But what is worthy competition for him will be the soloist of the Opera Parizkoj Hugo Marchand, was not expecting anyone. Dance for artist (still not “? toiles”) in the duet from the ballet “Esmeralda” was overshadowed even very convincing dance its beautiful lines of the female partner Hannah O’neil, recognized the jury as the best dancer this year: he soared aloft, conquering the space of the unusual and difficult scenes of the Bolshoi theatre (in this dancer told me after his speech), has demonstrated the technical things and his whole appearance showed that this is not the limit of its capabilities.

The Paris Opera soloists Hannah O’neill and Hugo Marchand in the ballet Esmeralda. Photo: Mikhail Logvinov

Last, as always, on the second day of the festival charity gala-concert “stars of Benois de La Danse — laureates of different years” was first made as a theme and gathered the fragments of the most striking ballets, produced the world on the works of Shakespeare. He was called “Shakespeare through the eyes of choreographers,” and translated into visual language there were such creations of the genius of English literature, as “Storm” choreographer Mauricio Wainrot performed by soloists of the Contemporary ballet of Teatro San Martin Salt Ruric and Ruben Rodriguez, “Macbeth” by Vladimir Vasiliev, in which a good fit Denis Rodkin and Yulia Stepanova, or “Ottelo” Lara Ljubovic, where very well performed by soloists of the Georgian Joffrey Ballet dancer Victoria Giani and Frenchman Fabrice Calmel, by the way, included in the Guinness Book of world records as the tallest dancer in the world. Not even our young soloists were almost a head shorter than he. In addition, the scene showed another version of this ballet — true plastic and an erotic masterpiece of John Neumeier, different versions of “hamlet”, ballet “As you like it” and “the taming of the shrew,” which is now at the Bolshoi theater choreographed by fashion choreographer of Monaco Jean-Christophe Maillot.

Opened Shakespeare night, of course, the duet from the ballet by Leonid Lavrovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet”, paving the way for all other interpretations of this work in the XX and XXI century. This beautifully performed duet soloists of the Mikhailovsky theatre Anastasia Soboleva and Victor Lebedev have prepared it in emergency mode for three days. Maps organizers confused the Prime Minister of Great Artem Ovcharenko, who promised at first to participate in the concert, but then suddenly went to St. Petersburg to dance this ballet with Diana Vishneva (“Benoit” he was supposed to show a fragment from the same ballet, but the choreography Mayo).

But in “Romeo and Juliet” was presented at the theme night as many as four choreographers, and also Lavrovsky here showed an avant-garde interpretation by Angelin Preljocaj (the most significant that the choreographer has created in his work) and mats ek (with my most recent work of a famous choreographer named somewhat differently — “Juliet and Romeo”, thus showing that this is not the same story, to which we are accustomed). But the most unusual and paradoxical, as always, was the version of béjart. This choreographer is able to surprise us after his death, because the scene was not the world-famous “Romeo and Julia” to the music of Berlioz, which is the greatest choreographer of the XX century, furnished the slogan, the rumble of bombing and the chatter of machine guns “Love — don’t fight!”, but much earlier and unknown to a wider public the work of 50 years of the jazz melodies of Duke Ellington.

The music of this composer was presented at the closing gala, with choreography by béjart and Shakespearean tragedy “hamlet”. Here again, everything turned inside out. A tragedy turned into a Comedy, and if we talk about the best performer on this evening, they will again be recognized as the Bejart — captured on film the effervescent choreographer was dancing in the bar, tilting a glass to glass, skull juggling and watching his mefistofelevskuyu look into the hall from the screen. In dance, he has surpassed even the star of his own troupe, the host, by the way, participation in the festival “Benoit” for the first time — the charismatic Julien Favreau and Catherine Shelkino. Strange, béjart himself has always considered himself a dancer a loser because, in fact, became a choreographer.

Another hero of the festival was another choreographic genius of the twentieth century — John Neumeier: he had finally arrived at “Benoit” for his “Oscar” awarded to him in 2013 “for life in art”. Performed by the stars of his troupe from Hamburg — Anna Lauder, Carsten Jung, Sylvia, Azzoni, Alexander Ryabko (this artist was also awarded with a prize “Benua “for its high artistry in partnership”), shown at the festival of excerpts from his ballets (“the Third Symphony” Mahler, “a Streetcar named Desire”, by Tennessee Williams, or ballets cycle of Shakespeare’s “As you like it”, “hamlet”, “Othello”) were filled with the choreographic idea, the true philosophical depth and were among the most vivid impressions.

“I would have a long talk about their relationship with Russia. Talking about Vaclav Nijinsky, Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Yuri Grigorovich, is announced from the stage of the great choreographer. But such multi-kilometer queue at shestnadtsatiletnij frost to get to the exhibition of portraits by Serov, I have not seen anywhere else in the world! And so I am particularly pleased to receive this prize here in this country where people are so deeply and sincerely feel the art!”.

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