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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Around the Tretyakov gallery will float in the bathtub

The First Metropolitan gallery birthday: may 22, the Tretyakov gallery – 160! Exactly 160 years ago it was opened by Pavel and Sergei Tretyakov. Age does not prevent her to keep up with the times, to create advanced, sharp and original projects. We decided to congratulate the art Playground outside the box: find the most exciting facts for her story. 16 of the most incredible events!

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

1) a few days after the celebration of their silver wedding anniversary with Faith Mammoth Pavel Tretyakov went to the gallery to admire his heart with expensive paintings and saw two spots. Became together with his assistants to inspect the other paintings and found a spot on a few. Was: young artists copying the works and searching for the right tone, tried directly on the canvases – it is not.

2) Sometimes Pavel Tretyakov was willing to pay traveling artists, just to obtain their desired picture. So he did Osip Braz, who was sent in 1898 to nice to paint the portrait of Anton Chekhov. To the writer the portrait did not like. In one of his letters he wrote: “the Expression is, exactly, I got overwhelmed by the horseradish”.

3) it is believed that one of the most mysterious works of the gallery – “What is truth?” Nikolai GE. The canvas depicts a weak, gaunt, but unbroken Christ addressed to Pontius Pilate. The painting was not liked by the Emperor Alexander III. “Well, what is Christ? This is a sick Maclay,” commented king.

4) Alexei Savrasov tried to repeat his masterpiece “Rooks have arrived”. It ended up that the artist painted it the wall restaurants for a vodka and lunch.

5) When Pavel Tretyakov in halls of the many paintings hung in seven rows, the last two visitors of low growth is simply not seen, even if jumped.

6) On the famous “Morning in a pine forest” were two of the author Shishkin and Savitsky. All the beloved bears drew Konstantin Savitsky. Differences due to which his signature has not been preserved, arose because of the reward. Sawicki counted on half of the amount from the fee, and Pavel Tretyakov agreed to pay him a quarter, saying that one knows the author. Then Constantine showed him his own signature next to the autograph Shishkin. What Tretyakov shouted, “Turpentine!”. And with a cloth soaked in turpentine, erased the signature of Savitsky paintings with the eyes of the astonished author. Tretyakov did not like the artist for self-interest. The collector felt that the master selling work in the national gallery, needs to consider the highest award and honor.

7) In 1913, the year one insane painter stabbed with a knife a picture of Repin “Ivan Grozny and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581”. Ilya Efimovich he agreed to restore it and rewrote the head of a king in violet tones (in his artistic views for 20 years has changed). Restauratori removed these hotfixes by using modern means, bringing the canvas to an exact match with the original version. When Repin saw a restored picture, I did not notice any difference.

8) 40 years ago “portrait of an unknown man in a cocked hat” by Fyodor Rokotov impressed the critics and moved on his expertise. It turned out that the portrait depicts not a man and a woman: under the top layer of paint revealed a brooch and neck. Experts know the art story: one day a close friend Rokotova commissioned artist portrait of his wife. But soon she died and he married a second time. Then a friend asked me to finish so Rokotov portrait of the deceased, so that he could admire it without offending the feelings of the second spouse. Painter went to the sex change of the character and made him the “unknown”.

9) In 2002, has become well-known story of the painting “the Unequal marriage by Vasily Pukirev. Gallery staff found a pencil drawing by Vasily Sukhov. The portrait depicts a lady with beautiful eyes, and below the signature: “Praskov’ya Matveevna varentsova, which 44 years ago, the artist V. V. Pukirev wrote his famous painting “the Unequal marriage”. Mrs. varentsova lives in Moscow, Materinskoy in the poorhouse.” It turns out the girl who married an old rich man, was left a beggar.

10) the Entrance to the gallery on the Crimean Shaft was originally from the embankment. Today the paintings are entered from the main entrance, and visitors are admitted with back (black in the past).

11) In 2010, “MK”, together with artist Marina Zvyagintsev on the eve of Valentine’s Day asked, what is prepared Muscovites for the sake of art? Under the reproduction of the famous “Kiss” masters of the XIX century Fyodor Moller they wrote: “Bring a picture!”. With this picture rushed to the entrance of the gallery (after all, a masterpiece is stored there), where visitors were offered to play a passionate scene with molerovskogo paintings. Even the frost did not prevent the participants to embody a love of art-fantasies to life.

12) the Businessman Vasily Boiko-Veliky was asked to remove from the exhibition in the gallery of a masterpiece of Repin’s “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581”. It responded to the famous Mitki and in response painted a picture with a positive story. In addition, they were brought to Moscow and made a real spectacle. The terrible role played Herman Vinogradov (mentioned in the story of “clugage thief”).

13) In 2015-m to year it became clear that “Black square” by Malevich, it’s upside down.

14) At the end of that year, gallery staff have conducted studies of the legendary paintings of Malevich and learned that underneath it lurk as much as two color paint layer and (what’s the biggest surprise), but also the text. Fully, it reads: “Battle of Negroes in a dark cave deep in the night”.

15) After the crazy queues at the exhibition Serov “MK” with the artist group “Blue noses” Alexander Shaburov opened in the editorial branch of the gallery. Armed with beauty, the team have reproduced seven paintings from the Tretyakov gallery. All of them photographed and printed in the newspaper, staging a national test on the knowledge subjects textbook.

16) And finally on 21 may 2016, the year the artist Marina Zvyagintseva will arrange a swim at the gallery on the Crimean Shaft. It will install on top of the truck painted bathroom with paddles resembling boat. Sitting in it is one of the organizers of the performance, and to paddle anyone. Water pour do not have: ‘ll do the promised “Night of museums” of rain. Project idea: during the crisis, all trying to stay afloat, and if there is no tailwind – sit on the paddle itself.

Photo: Marina Zvyagintseva

And that’s enough! Tretyakov – forever young, for an impressive anniversary haven’t aged a day. On the contrary, feels confidently and easy, inspiring. Its visitors both old and young, who are attracted by the countless fashionable and at the same time, intellectual projects. So the Tretyakov gallery – a vivid example of how the 160 feel and behave at 16!

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