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Monday, March 12, 2018

Ukraine has decided to “privatize” the Baptist of Russia

“War of the history textbooks” between Russia and Ukraine has moved to a higher level. The events dedicated to the Millennium of the death of the Baptizer of Rus Prince Vladimir, preparing both countries, but in the current Kiev Prince declared no less the founder of Ukraine – medieval European States. The relevant decree Poroshenko has signed off.

Petro Poroshenko continues to address urgent and immediate actions aimed at speedy transformation of Ukraine into a prosperous European state. For example, on 25 February, he signed a decree “On honoring the memory of the Prince Kiev Vladimir the Great – founder of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine”.

“If a lie repeated too often, you will believe it. This attributed to Goebbels principle has worked and continues to work”

“With the aim of preserving and approval of the traditions of Ukrainian statehood a reminder of the role of historical heritage of Russia-Ukraine in their formation, the recognition of the importance of the adoption of Christianity for the development of Ukrainian society as an integral part of European civilization, the memory of Vladimir the Great, an outstanding state and political figure, Prince of Kiev, founder of the medieval European state of Russia-Ukraine, and in connection with the millennial anniversary of his repose, which will be celebrated in 2015, I decree the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to develop, with the participation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, public organizations and to approve the action plan for honouring the memory of the Prince Kiev Vladimir Veliky”, – stated in the decree.

Among the proposed activities is “carrying out scientific conferences, symposiums, round tables, seminars and other scientific and educational activities aimed at the study of the state of activity of the Prince Kiev Vladimir the Great, effect of his policy on political and economic development of Europe, particularly the countries of the Baltic-black sea region, events of the Ukrainian history of the relevant period”. Also for the event should connect the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Committee on TV and radio.

About funny

The Ukrainians, as you know, a very specific look at their own history, and from the point of view of not only the citizen of Russia. Throughout the civilized world of the theory, leading the history of the state from the mythical prehistoric ancestors, and not from a particular historical figures are considered to be pseudo-scientists, and the scientific community is appropriate.

In the former Soviet republics at the dawn of independence such theories were extremely popular: never had their own state or lost it centuries ago, peoples was actively writing a story. If the Caucasian peoples the main task, which set out policies to historians, was proof that their ethnic group native here, and all the rest – have come recently do not understand how, then the task set before the Ukrainian Humanities, was harder and more complex. Ukrainian history had not only to invent, but to tear away from the Russian. With inventing was not a problem – the chronicle was extended in the centuries to several millennia at once, declaring the archaeological Trypillian culture direct precursor of present-day Ukraine. This is approximately the same as if the Germans traced their history to the Neanderthals based on the fact that the first skull of this not the ancestor, not the relative of Homo sapiens was found on the territory of present-day Germany.

Tearing from Russia was somewhat more complicated, but also without much doubt – Kievan Rus announced exclusively Ukrainian government that fell under the blows of Batu in the 13th century. After that the Ukrainian state was periodically revived in the form of Zaporozhian Sich, in the form of the Hetmanate. And Muscovy – it is inhabited by Finno-Ugric space, which brazenly appropriated the story of neighbors, and then altogether occupied freedom-loving Ukrainians after a series of Russo-Ukrainian war (average of the Ukrainian history textbook, of whom there are four). Referring again to the German example, would look similar to East Germany, she declared the West Germans by the French on the grounds that Berlin was not the capital of Germany.

The decree of Peter Poroshenko, seemingly, at first glance, wildly, is in the Procrustean bed of modern Ukrainian historiography, which has no room for wild northeastern forests, with their strange claims to exclusive the history of Kievan Rus – Ukraine.

On a serious

On the Ukrainian side of the story could have been the laughter – laugh as not very smart people over the Ukrainian and other Slavic languages, but the problem is that the rewriting of history is an important stage of information war, which the architects of the post-Soviet world have paid a lot of attention.

The history of the Czech Republic – a history of continuous confrontation with the German world. A hundred years ago, Prague was predominately German-speaking town on the German wrote the Prague-born Franz Kafka, in a mixture of Czech and German speak many heroes of “the good soldier Schweik”. Germany and Austria for centuries suppressed the Czech identity, fortunately, without much success.

But in the mass consciousness actively promoted the idea that major historical event in the life of the Czech nation was the uprising of 1968.

The same thing happens in Hungary rebellion of 1956, Poland – Katyn, and the Ukraine – the Holodomor. Of all the long history of neighborly relations complex is selected “historical grudge” against Russia on the basis of which molded the national consciousness.” All the bloody problems with the Germans and other neighbours is not something to be forgotten, but are declared obsolete and forgiveness.

At first glance, the fact that Ukraine is trying to “privatize” Prince Vladimir, does not threaten the Russian historical identity, since neither the Hague court will not forbid us to teach history in accordance with documents, not fantasies of Ukrainian historians. But actually trying to take away from Russia its the Baptist is the same as the attempts to deprive the Soviet Union honor of the liberation of Auschwitz, or circulating lies about the “aggression of the USSR against Germany.” If a lie repeated too often, you will believe it. This attributed to Goebbels principle has worked and continues to work.

In fact, Ukraine is working on the project “Russia cast off from the ship of European civilization”. By the way, the same tried to engage and Poland, and as a result, several hundred years have remained without their own state.

Of course, to make Europeans believe that Ukraine is an ancient European state, Russia is a wild beast of the wild forest, is the task of the maximum. The minimum objective – to tear a new generation of the total Russia’s history, and, judging by the failure of irredentist movements in Kharkov and Odessa, as well as the compote from the “blood of Russian babies” in the schools of Nikolaev, the project is being implemented quite successfully. Those who were trained in schools of an independent Ukraine, and really do not understand what has Prince Vladimir and other Kievan princes to Russia. Kiev – he’s here, and Moscow – there she is so far away…

The educational program has matured

To the teaching of history in Russia there are a lot of claims, but still most of the current students are aware of the fact that Vladimir was a Russian Prince, who baptized not only Kyiv, but other cities of Russia, including the Novgorod, the owner of which has no issues. Slightly fewer remember that the first Prince of Daniel Moscow – Alexander Nevsky’s son, who, being the holder of the title Prince of Kiev, was moved from Vladimir destroyed by the Tatars in the city on the Dnieper river.

Even fewer know that the Kiev Metropolitan Maxim moved his chair in 1299 to Vladimir, and not to Lviv or Simferopol. And his successor Peter in 1325-m – in Moscow.

Doubt that the princes of Moscow, who are direct heirs of Kievan and Muscovite state – the only viable caught the branch of a fallen tree Kievan Rus, is not and can not be. But this information is necessary to communicate not only to Russian students.

In Russia, the working group on preparation of events dedicated to the memory of the Holy Prince Vladimir, was created by decree of President Vladimir Putin in July 2013. Planned numerous events, including a concert in red square and stage a procession from the Crimea to Smolensk.

If the Ukrainian version of honoring the memory of St. Vladimir – the separatist, Russian – uniting. According to Patriarch Kirill, from the baptismal font of Prince Vladimir released a single nation formed of disparate and warring tribes, therefore, to overestimate the significance of this event impossible.

Among the members of the working group, many high-status individuals – the Patriarch, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, and the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and the Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion, and the group is headed by the Plenipotentiary representative of the President in the Central Federal district Alexander Beglov.

That in Russia the event will be held on the highest level, no doubt. The problem is that Russian people do not unite, he is one. But how to convey this message to the Ukrainians in light of the current political situation is not very clear. Perhaps this issue needs to be addressed Rossotrudnichestvo or other government agencies and NGOs responsible for promotion of Russian culture abroad.

Russia needs to defend his vision of the history as well as his vision of politics and its vision. Because a nation that forgets its past has no future. It is an axiom.

If we turn to the example of Ukraine, the people who invented himself an imaginary past, some time can survive. But usually not for long.

After all, by and large, historical figures are not necessarily to divide and assign. In South America Simon Bolivar is revered in Colombia and Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, and the country in General Bolivia is named after him. That’s what would be worth thinking about Ukraine.

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