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Saturday, March 10, 2018

UFO alien base found under the Pacific ocean

Studying Google maps, ufologists from organizations Secure Team 10 found at the bottom of the Pacific ocean near the coast of California divorce and an unusual circular object with a diameter of several kilometers. This allowed fans of conspiracy theories to suggest that they stumbled upon an underwater base of aliens and the tracks left by their vehicles

Photo: Morguefile / Boman21

Ufologists claim that they studied in the frame it is possible to observe a spherical object of artificial origin with a diameter of approximately 4.6 km, and traces of its zigzag movement on a nearly level surface, inexplicable in terms of natural processes. To the West of this point results in an even larger “highway”, which goes into the rock of unusual shape, posing a potential entrance to the alien base, the self-proclaimed experts claim.

According to ufologists, today the mankind knows about the depths of the ocean so small that the aliens can keep there not a less violent activity than in the depths of space.

A video dedicated to “exposing” aliens, has already collected more than two hundred thousand views. However, after reading given to her arguments, the audience, for the most part, was skeptical. According to many, even if discovered trenches are artificial in origin, this does not necessarily mean that they were not the result of human activities: for example, they could be left quite “earthly” research technique or be formed as a result of sonar on marine vessels.

Professional scientists “sensation” has not yet commented on, and it is likely that they are of such a review and not received. As explained at the end of last year NASA astronaut drew Postel, serious researchers do not like to talk about not having a scientific basis of the reports of UFOs and aliens, because such comments they only incite additional interest in the topic unworthy, not discouraging at the same time people determined to believe that the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations are among us or in the near vicinity of Land.

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