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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The accident highlighted vulnerabilities of the Crimean energy system

The largest cities of Crimea through Friday short – about 26 minutes, but a nasty power outage. According to preliminary data, the Peninsula was de-energized a traffic accident. The real causes of the energy crisis is much deeper, but with the actions of Ukrainian nationalists is unlikely they are connected.

Only 26 minutes

Cause de-energization impressive part of Crimea on Friday, according to the latest data, there has been an accident involving a truck, reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of energy.

“It is impossible to exclude and sabotage, especially against the background of what was happening in the framework of the energy blockade of the Crimea

Before this energy was either broken wire near Simferopol. This was said by the first Vice-Premier of the government of the Peninsula Mikhail Sheremet.

“Rush leads the Central highway was in the area of the brick factory of Simferopol, the technical situation was. Electricity is restored. Everything is fine”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.

As said the head of the Russian Ministry of energy Alexander Novak, the shutdown happened between substations Cafe and Simferopol, to the West of the substation Cafe. He added that the incident lasted only 26 minutes, after which the power was fully restored. The Minister added that, despite the relative brevity of “blackout”, from the current situation, you must conclude that anything similar does not occur again.

In a press-service “Krymtel” reported that the Crimean combined heat and power turbine due to a failure in the power system have disconnected the automation. After that, and was disconnected several cities, reports TASS. Earlier, the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey menyaylo reported that disconnected on Friday afternoon was Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta and Feodosiya.

The power outage occurred at 13.15–13.30 Moscow time. In the commercial and administrative institutions, as well as in social objects were put into operation back-up diesel generators. In connection with the shutdown of the ships and part of the black sea fleet also switched to standby power.

“External contour” it’s all right

“The bottom line is that there was some kind of accident and malfunction on one of the sections of transmission lines”, – told the newspaper LOOK Deputy General Director of the national energy Institute Alexander Frolov.

But in fact the cause of all such incidents is extremely worn-out grid of the Crimea, which have not been repaired for years or even decades. With the bridge, launched recently in the Crimea and able to give the Peninsula the necessary 800 megawatts of electricity, the current is not causing the problem, the expert believes.

“We need to separate two things: the sunset of energy through the bridge in the Crimea and its distribution via the internal network of the Peninsula, – says Frolov the Director of the energy development Fund Sergey Pikin. – On the first point – the Crimea actually has non-volatile (Ukraine – approx. OPINION), that is, those volumes of electricity that enter there, enough for life. Accordingly, the problem lies in the deterioration of the electricity distribution networks, because of which any local breakage, any accident at some critical locations can lead to breakdown of entire cities”.

According to him, this is connected with insufficient level of redundancy, that is, lack of wires, duplicating the main cables, and other technical nuances.

Therefore, in the coming years the Peninsula will have to do the alignment is not “external circuit of energy” (Ukraine) and internal. For these purposes, provided a lot of money – about 50 billion roubles for a number of years.

From bulldozer to diversions

Among the possible reasons of breakage of the cable before it became known about the accident, pikine called the work of the builders or the human factor.

“I note that similar cases have occurred not only in the Crimea. For example, in St. Petersburg a few years ago, too disconnected from the electricity entire areas of the city,” he said.

In turn, Alexander Frolov noted that the human factor, which could lead to a blackout of the Crimea, I can appreciate the diversion. Because until the end, one hundred percent, do not know what happened.

We will remind, on the night of November 22 last year, the Peninsula has been completely disconnected as a result of blasting two transmission towers in Ukraine. In the Crimea were entered emergency mode and schedules of emergency outages. The Ukrainian public activists were on duty at the bombed towers and did not allow repairers to commence emergency work, and the government of Ukraine has not been able to return home in light of the Crimean people.

Then Kiev has vowed to turn the power back on, if the documents Peninsula will be considered as Ukrainian. In response, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin initiated a survey of Crimeans. And most of the residents refused to Ukrainian conditions, agreeing to wait until until Russia completely will not provide electricity to the Peninsula itself.

In General, the current energoavarii the specialist says, though unpleasant incident, but not so terrible. “The network is very worn, efforts are being made to upgrade it. And Yes, in the end, the people who operate the network in the Crimea in the new conditions, need corny get used to it, adapt,” he said.

On decoding “bottlenecks” in the grid of the Crimea will take months, if not years. Local blackouts will probably keep happening. Even in order to reconnect the new site, you may want to disconnect the old one. This is normal, and means the residents will have to wait.

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