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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sergei Levchenko: in our history there is practically no white and fluffy

“I’ve worked so hard on this election campaign, what about it I didn’t have not that minute – second to think” – said the newspaper VIEW, the unexpected Victor of the elections in Irkutsk Sergey Levchenko, commenting on the proposal to nominate himself as a presidential candidate from the Communist party. He also commented on his promise to put in the field a monument to Stalin.

Elections in the Irkutsk region was a surprise. For the first time in 10 years, the Russian Governor was elected in the second round, and won by dissident: a protege of the Communist party Sergei Levchenko with a margin of 15 points over the incumbent head of the region (legally acting), the promoted worker Sergey Eroschenko.

“I am not forced to change their beliefs”

About his unexpected success of the newly elected Governor, known as a consistent Communist, stood at the origins of the Communist party, said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

OPINION: Sergey Georgievich, what, in your opinion, were the main mistakes of Sergei Eroschenko? What he took away from voters?

Sergei Levchenko: I Think my opponent was supposed to go to debate. In the end, this election of the Governor, whom he worked three and a half years. And people have to protect their position, their results, to talk about the prospects. And he didn’t come. Therefore, all candidates in the first round, and I in the second, could only ask him rhetorical questions: “But why?”, “What’s happened?”

OPINION: they Say that the failure Eroschenko not typical, because it was criticized even the local activists of “United Russia” – the former speaker of legislative Assembly of region Lyudmila Berlin, the former mayor of Irkutsk Viktor Kondrashov, a state Duma Deputy Anton Romanov. And your leader Gennady Zyuganov has promised to create in the “coalition government”. You will invite in the team of United Russia?

S. L.: of Course! We here “on earth” live. To a greater extent important qualities are: honesty and professionalism. I’m not going to force out of the “United Russia” and to change their beliefs. That’s just silly. In the same way as I am not forced to change their beliefs, I stick to them for a long time. I think in the Annex to the decision of specific problems of the region this is not too critical.

So I’m ready to invite activist of any party, if there is someone professional and honest.

OPINION: Some scientists are so impressed by your success that they have already invited the Communist party to prepare you as a presidential candidate for the elections of 2018. You do not mind?

S. L.: I’ve worked so hard on this election campaign, what about it I didn’t have not that minute – second to think. And not just now. I can not comment on this question. I need a job which I will start, would be useful for people. To those who trusted me, knew that I was not mistaken. Today it is wholly objective, and not sit and dream, as if somewhere higher to climb.

OPINION: during the campaign you proposed in Irkutsk monument to Stalin – as the Supreme allied commander during the war. Now, after the victory you said that the decision must be taken by the Irkutsk citizens. You are going to spend in the region of a plebiscite or opinion poll?

S. L.: It’s different ways to do that. In the framework of local campaigns at the municipal level. I don’t think, say, somewhere will be the initiative on any monument. We have in the history of many complex shapes and almost no white and fluffy. Any candidate sites. If the question is to put some kind of monument in a certain area, then why include in the decision of this question the whole of Irkutsk oblast?

OPINION: Judging by the first data, for Eroschenko voted the local “backwoods” rural Northern areas. Why do you have to region the peasants vote for the policy – the native of business, and citizens – for you, for a Communist?

S. L.: the Idea that the rural vote for the Communists, and in cities – no, this is an example of the 90-ies. If you now analyse how the vote in the regions for the Communist party and “United Russia”, you will see that the situation is exactly the opposite. An exception – Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In our Northern areas the same. For example, the city of Bratsk voted for me, the city of Ust-Ilim – too over, I got a third more. The town of Bodaibo, one of the most Northern of our – there I have twice the advantage.

VIEW: You after the election had already complain that Irkutsk “fell between two departments” – the Ministry of economic development and Ministry. “And there we are not waiting, and here we do not accept. In the Ministry of the Irkutsk region is not as a class, although, in theory, we were supposed to go in there,” said you. Why, in fact, this Ministry has to take care of you? Since Irkutsk region, the Siberian Federal district.

S. L.: you Have to look carefully, as it is called. Is the Ministry for development of Russian Far East is the only far Eastern district? Otherwise, then it would be “the Ministry of development of the far Eastern district.”

In any case, it is more efficient for the region would be scenario of economic development. It’s a shorter path to Federal money that could be allocated. I already have contacts with the Ministry of economy. But I will appeal to everyone whose written job duties “to help the regions.” And it’s almost all ministries.

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