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Monday, February 19, 2018

On the red planet discovered traces of ancient tsunami

A group of researchers representing several countries in Europe and also the USA and China, found that about three and a half billion years ago on Mars rose two powerful tsunami. At the same time, experts are convinced, by studying the plot of the red planet, which, in all probability, was the coast. Traces megatsunami gave scientists another proof of the existence of oceans on ancient Mars.

photo: pixabay.com

According to researchers, tsunamis were triggered by the fall of two large meteorites. Liquid water is spilled beyond the shores of an ancient Martian ocean, and wave height in both cases exceed 120 meters. Over time, water, vyplesnut first the tsunami, returned again to the oceans, and one that was throw out the second and later — froze. In both cases, “the banks” were left long traces of the waves, which managed to find the scientist.

The work of specialists published in the journal Scientific Reports.

It is worth noting that three and a half billion years ago, Mars, like Earth, has experienced a great many falls of large comets and asteroids, however, if on Earth the natural processes that masked these events (although some of their testimony and sometimes found), on a lifeless Mars, the effects of these processes are more obvious. By the way, according to some theories, that meteorite bombardment was the direct cause of the ocean on Mars — space objects brought water, and energy from their fall warmed it to a liquid state. In the future, however, the water evaporated because of the rarefied atmosphere of the planet.

Recently during a forum in Washington on the prospects of human journeys to the Red planet, it was announced that the first manned flight to Mars could take place after 12 years. Experts believe that such expeditions will significantly accelerate the pace of gathering information about Mars.

By the way, in the near future, Mars will approach the Earth on record for ten years distance, and can be seen in the southwest sky as a small bright yellow light. Day, when Mars will be closest, falls on the full moon.

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