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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Music “mantras” Shakti Loka

Although this team is only a couple of years ago, debuted on the alternative stage (the group became a favorite of Megabite” “MK” at the festival “Turkeys” in 2014), it’s not just appeared on the musical horizon a bright flash and disappeared, and continued to delight fans that every concert becomes all the more outstanding performances and fresh works. In its creative Luggage already has the debut album “Know?” video for the song “Dreams”, “Tenderness”, “Not breathing”, part to large open-airs “wild Mint”, Red Park and “Taybola” and now new single “zero gravity”.

No matter how critics tried to “squeeze” the creativity of these musicians in different genre framework, they still failed. Skeptics might say that the team has not yet found their sound. But it is this uncertainty and unpredictability, constantly manifested in the music of Shakti Loka experiments distinguish the group from other artists on the stage today. It may appeal to fans of classic rock, lounge, indie, and trip-hop, and electronic music with elaborate vocal lines. In addition, in every song these guys have their own philosophy, a clear conceptual message, which can each time to discover anew, to rethink what I wanted to convey the artists with their works, discover new shades content and sound, pereslushival them.

Before the release of their second full album, Shakti Loka, the participants decided to give to the audience the single of three songs. Perhaps the most striking one is the “Loose planets”, recorded together with Uma Shanti group of People. Current sound connects it with the chants of mantras, Oriental motifs, therefore, it is perceived simultaneously as an intimate musical message, and as a radio hit with the catchy “hook”-a chorus that starts spinning in my head after listening. The second track, which gave the name to the whole single, is reminiscent of a ballad air, in the third – “Aeschylus”, despite some didactic, has its own lightness and an occasion to reflect on the essence and joy of life.

“To record a single we spent a month in the privacy of the “Shakti-the House on the edge of the world,” says vocalist Kira Sergeeva, the Studio was equipped in the ancient place of power, right on the tectonic plates, where over 1000 years ago was the temple of the Sun God. No matter what you point in time and implementation you’re in, we must go forward. Here we go. It just so happens that we are drawn in weightlessness, even though the feeling of the scale outside. And beyond — spectra are always broader. We like to swing the pendulum from thin concepts, sounds, and matters to the reality of life. However, we tried to give some minoroty texts to light, but very torn musical harmony. Probably the album we plan to release in the fall, will be “cut off” in all senses”.

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