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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Montenegro joined NATO, and simultaneously to Albania

May 19, in a staff-apartments of the NATO in Brussels of foreign Ministers of member countries of NATO signed the Protocol on accession of Montenegro. The ratification of the agreement is yet to come. However, now in the Kremlin, according to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, prepare responses on behalf of the state, but experts argue, than the NATO membership of the former Republic of Yugoslavia is fraught for ordinary Russians. Will we continue to travel to Montenegro on vacation, and will not take Russian if the property is purchased in Montenegro? Now buy it came from Albania.

photo: pixabay.com

The head of the Center on studying of modern Balkan crisis of Institute of Slavic and Balkan studies Elena Guskova:

— Confirming a decision on the accession of Montenegro to NATO, Milo Djukanovic, is actually in charge of this country for the past decade, has once again demonstrated its orientation to the structure, oriented to certain forces in the West. He is very obedient to these forces: it is enough to mention his vote in support of EU sanctions against Russia, although Montenegro is not a member of the European Union! As for the accession of Montenegro to NATO, it is important to understand: we are talking primarily about the political decision of NATO, not on the military. This process needs to show the world that Russia is now turning away even her closest allies!

However, look at how that decision was taken. For joining the North Atlantic bloc voting, only the Parliament of Montenegro. More precisely, just over 50 of its members, or slightly more than half of the total number of parliamentarians. In fact, the fate of the country is decided not by its people but only 50 people. And make no mistake: if it was decided by the people, no connection was not against, according to the latest polls, voted 54.7% of Montenegrins. Because of that, Djukanovic and said that no referendum on this issue will not occur.

What will turn this decision for the Russians? For those who have a in Montenegro there is a property to beware of the requisition not worth it – it will not. But if NATO wants to be in the country, not a single Russian, they will start there intensively to build their base. And, once that happens, many will want to sell your property. This trend, incidentally, is already present. Moreover, former Russian buying real estate is very active and for good money, mostly Albanians. So that taking such a decision, the leadership of the country should better to calculate the consequences of actions.

As for the visa-free regime, the Montenegrin authorities have already announced its renewal. But, knowing about their lack of independence, it cannot be excluded that subsequently, renewal will refuse. However, before the official accession of Montenegro to NATO is another year, and, therefore, this summer there is still possible to go.

Research fellow, Institute of Slavic and Balkan studies of the RAS Alexander Pivovarenko:

A well – known contribution made to the economy of Montenegro, Russians have bought property in this country. Moreover, it is not only settled there about wealthy people from Russia, but also the representatives of socially responsible business, ready to open there, for example, kindergartens and other social facilities. Montenegrins more recently, he wrote that their presence became an important social factor for the development of their country.

However, in 2014, when began a General deterioration of Russia’s relations with the West, the Montenegrin press carried the other, and alarmist materials, which said that the country has become too much Russian, that is even some danger. At the same time with the filing of the German foreign Ministry appeared speculation about the alleged Russia’s desire to use the Balkan countries to destabilize the General situation. In addition to NATO membership, Montenegro and pushing the nearest neighbors — for example, Croatia, had already joined NATO. These factors led to the decision of the leadership of Montenegro on the accession to the North Atlantic bloc, although the resistance of the Montenegrin society this idea highly enough: according to the latest polls, are against to 50% of the population and even more.

Of course, in the new conditions it is theoretically possible for all — and the abolition of a visa-free regime for Russians, and even some problems with their property in Montenegro. However, by and large Montenegro, of course, interested tourists, including Russian, there came, because different situation will bring down the economy of the country. Thus, if at the state level and there was some sort of campaign negative direction, the tourism sector will remain interested in the Russian guests, unless there is the possibility of their substitution.

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