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Thursday, September 21, 2017

In the primary EP in the competitive fight has entered a different generation

Party “favorites” have become accustomed to campaigns when their candidates just agreed somewhere above that said the scientists in the debate on the preliminary vote of the “United Russia”. But in the primaries the young “dashing” candidates who are not approved of from above. However, they caught up with the popularity of the “heavyweights”.

Almost half of Russians already know about scheduled for the may 22 primary election “United Russia” on selection of candidates for elections to the state Duma, said Thursday the newspaper VIEW, referring to the polls.

“You know two regions, where the leading candidates in the primaries relations with the governors are the worst. Just worse than ever. Especially the people who go under the brand name of the popular front”

The question of why this new procedure has attracted the attention of the society, was discussed by the sociologists and political scientists on the debate that took place in the building TASS. Speaking on the first the head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov said that “primaries “United Russia” became a resonant event in the political spring” because “47% in one degree or another informed of his conduct”. The interest practically does not depend on party preferences of the respondents, according to the calculations the polls, as in all party groups more than 40% of respondents said that in varying degrees, were interested in this event.

The request for new faces, but “not freaks”

“We do all the research you can see: there is a request for new faces, and, of course, not freaks. There is an update query, but not for destruction, not for the revolution. Now this is just people afraid, – said the head of VTSIOM Valery Fedorov. – New faces need to break the design nobody wants. Therefore, anyone – a housewife, a farmer, an MP, who once left, and now wants to return. This is normal, this corresponds to a public demand.

Interest in the primaries, the General Director of the analytical center “Moscow region” Alexey Chadaev explained at the debate that in the province sparked bitter rivalry between the old and younger generations of politicians.

“The course of the primaries caused confusion among many members of the old elite, who are accustomed to the “agreed candidate running with the support of administrative resources, and campaign can not continue to lead. In some areas it was evident, as many candidates who thought that they already all good, because where they agreed on and supported, suddenly found that their dashing young competitors do not have to wait for them somewhere out there will support it, went to the people,” said Chad.

Young “dashing” competitors, according to experts, has earned popularity due to the active personal communication with voters. “I know of candidates that seven or eight meetings a day are held. And suddenly it was discovered that the electoral and the ratings have old favorites is not as high. And some and they “drowned” – in second or third place. How so? – rhetorically asked Chad. – There was some confusion”.

Some participants released their own app for smartphones to communicate with voters, he said. “Some candidates their mobile application released for smartphones, through which to communicate with voters, that is not a website or a social network account becomes a platform, a smartphone app, and this happens, mind you, in the primaries,” said Chad. According to him, candidates actively use instant messengers, chats in the “Telegram” and permanent channels in the “Periscope” to broadcast their meetings.

Sociologists have found United Russia “horseshoe”

In turn, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund, ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky added that the active use of IT-technologies is associated with a high rating of support of “United Russia” among young people. “However, the challenge for any political force is to mobilize the youth and to encourage her to come out to vote,” he said.

“In this sense, modern technologies, methods of network propaganda is what allows you to mobilize this electoral group, that is, United Russia is testing those things that will be useful to her in September, because if you have increased the declared support for the party among young people, one of the key objectives of the “United Russia” on September 18 – is to bring these people to the polls,” concluded Badovsky.

“Paradoxically, the “United Russia” support is arranged approximately so – it is highest in the age groups 18-30 and 45+ – echoed Chad. – And worst of all she is in the category of 30-45 years. That is such an upside-down parabola. It turns out, the candidates have to wage two campaigns. One – overtraditional: publication in the local Newspapers, meetings with veterans, all designed for seniors. And another, very different and methodologically and at the level of the agenda – on the Network, with all these apps. It catches the eye”.

“Information “Sheets” is simply not true”

In addition, the experts expressed doubt about the veracity of the publication of the newspaper “Vedomosti”, who on Thursday wrote that with the primaries the alleged “shoot everyone who is not from the governors.” As the source of the news newspaper referred to “the former Federal official familiar with the situation in several regions”.

In such complex systems, as a preliminary vote, there is no universal criterion, except the voting rules, said Dmitry Badovsky. “All very different. Someone shoot, and someone he is removed. May be, and rightly so, leaves a space for the future. In this sense, those who removed himself may acted wisely than those who shoot”, – said the analyst, responding to a reporter’s question of the newspaper VIEW.

“In recent months we have seen a lot of stories from the regions to the genre of scandal. I think the publication of “Vedomosti” – also from the genre of “intrigue, scandal, investigation.” Someone something someone said, called “source” and confidentially in his ear “said”. In fact it is all to a large extent – the elements of political technologies, is that the candidates themselves imposed on the press as part of its agenda, its strategy”, – said the analyst.

“According to reports in the press it is evident that some amount of conflict is constantly smoldering, but in most cases it’s actually the story about how candidates conduct their campaign. Attract attention, create intrigue in the media, including the intrigue around the fact that “hurt me” – so for now I will go to vote. These are all elements of technology” – said Badovsky.

“I know two regions, where the leading candidates in the primary election relationship with the governors was worse. Especially the people who go under the brand name of the popular front, often it happens, very difficult relationship with the regional authorities. However, as you know, one of those with a vote will not be removed. So the information of “sheets” is simply not true,” added Chad.

To reveal the “skeletons in the closet”

Nevertheless, the party “conducts self-cleaning”, getting rid of candidates who can compromise, suggested by the panelists. Federal organizing Committee (SRC) to conduct a preliminary vote of the “United Russia” on Thursday approved the decision of the deputies of the state Duma Alexander Hinstein and Mikhail Yurevich voluntarily leave the primaries.

“During the preliminary vote, some candidates reveal the “skeletons in the closet”, and the party starts to take them off with the primaries in connection with these incriminating circumstances, or they are removed, understanding that this negative information still pull them down,” – said on this occasion Dmitry Badovsky. According to him, “this allows United Russia to clear your pool of candidate, to exclude or minimize reputational and image risks during the main campaign.”

Badovsky echoed and CEO of the Center for political analysis Pavel Danilin. “It’s all counted before the primaries. It was clear that someone was something, someone will be bad to conduct itself in relation to other candidates… this is the wrong behaviour…” he said. “It was the same at Hinstein with Yurevich – they had their problems,” added the analyst. “There’s no heavy burden, compromising the “United Russia”, – concluded the expert.

While in the building TASS continued debate, the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov does not rule out that on Friday, the FLC will discuss the question of withdrawing from the primaries of the two other deputies of the state Duma Elena Nikolaeva and Mikhail Slipenchuk.

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