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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Gems” new — old love

The project “New Samotsvety celebrates its 10th anniversary. About the successes and plans of the group “MK” told the permanent head of the team Inna Malikova.

photo: From personal archive

— Anniversary “New Gems” — about sum up the preliminary results or starting point for new achievements?

— For me both. On the one hand, of course, reviewing the results of the great work that has been done over these ten years, on the other, this is the beginning of a new interesting creative phase. Over the years we have made a great cover of the program from songs of the 70-80-ies. For songs of that era that we liked, we have made unique arrangements. Some songs were not easy, but the result was worth it: many of our songs can be heard on radio along with today’s songs.

And after the celebration of the 10th anniversary we plan to work in two new directions: first, the creation of brand new songs, created by us or modern authors specially for “New Gems”. While we have two such compositions is already known, “do you Remember “Modern Talking” and “the Heart is not stone,” which we just shot a video. We will continue to search for and record new songs. And the second part is the creation of another cover of the program, but covering is not the era, VIA and disco and modern songs. In what form we want to present them, is still a big mystery. In June will start working on this brand new program, rather unusual for “New Gems”.

— From the future programme to your shows already something sounds?

— Yet, because we only from June start the rehearsal. Jubilee program mainly consists of disco songs. In our Arsenal more than a hundred, and the sounds of about twenty concerts, including “the Heart is not a stone”. New songs are hard to find. Maybe because our team was so popular that we found the right old songs a modern sound. Of course, there are people who recognize the songs of that era only authentic sounding, at the same time, the younger generation wants to listen to them in our treatments. And I, as well as soloists of our ensemble, they have been brought up on this music, but perceive not very vintage-sounding.

And the new songs a lot, but we do not believe that it is in the quantity. We recorded several of these songs, but they still are “on the shelf”. The main thing — quality: let it be a one song a year, but super. We will choose the best.

— In the clip “the Heart is not a stone” you acted as stylist. Why not invite someone from the outside?

— I have accumulated a lot of interesting clothes, and I wanted to use them. With stylists sometimes there are some disputes, but here I was able to make our images as they saw them myself.

— You criticized ever because you took a well-known brand and sing famous songs? Certainly in the eyes or behind the eyes someone grumbled that “it would make everyone”…

— Of course, I was faced with this opinion, but react to it philosophically. If people can explain, what not all so is simple, as it seems, I explain. But if he is in my opinion persists, well, what can you do. How many people, so many opinions. They think I’m singing “daddy’s song”, and the fact that they had to make sure that they sounded urgent, is not taken into account. No matter how slight it may seem, the work we have done enormous and daily. Turn on “Radio Retro” and TV channel “Nostalgia”, and then our versions of these same songs — only the deaf will not hear the difference.

— Were there any old songs that have not succumbed to the modern arrangements?

— There were such cases. For example, “There, behind the clouds” “Gems”. There’s such a sweet waltz-time basis, and we didn’t even try to do anything — a great song, but let her stay in his time. But most of the songs we have turned out great, without false modesty, I say. “The world is difficult” has become a completely different, new and modern song. Our Remix for “My address — Soviet Union” did this Soviet hit radically different.

— Ten years of “New Gems” no one is left.

— Yes, the team is just replenished. First, getting like-minded people, this is a very important factor. Well, from the head, probably, much depends. He should be able to find compromises, to be able to negotiate… I Think I get it.

— And show some spine to deprive premiums?

— Well, in the team there were difficult moments, like everyone, I guess. Actually the one time Sasha Postolenko even left, but only for six months. There was a small conflict, there has been a misunderstanding between us. It’s been a long time, more than five years ago. Now it is clear that we then simply incorrectly understood each other, and when understood, Sasha returned to everyone’s delight.

— If someone of your outstanding soloists any suggestions from musicals, TV projects? How do you resolve such situations?

— We to such situations ready. I think all these projects can be combined with group work, well, and if not, then the man will have to choose. I work not only with “New Gems” — commercials, do charity work, I have lots of worries and ideas. On the team light a wedge has not converged even for me, and the guys especially. Yana Daineko over the years managed to marry and give birth to adorable daughter, Misha Veselov there are parallel projects, Sasha as in musicals and worked and worked. Just trying to prioritize. The “New Gems” are actually a lot of work, and, for example, before the crisis, the ensemble has held for almost all of its participants. Concerts are now a little smaller, so to combine with other projects became easier.

— You played in the theater, led TV. Now are there any plans for similar projects?

— Now my master project — the decade of the “New Gems” and preparations for the new programme. Other projects will probably start closer to September, when we will understand, as will further develop the team. In the summer a little rest and start to build a new line. I hasten to say that in a new direction I as the artist to participate will not. In the solo songs will take part, and the new cover program, the guys will do without me. I will act only as a producer and Director. Everything is based on a fairly powerful vocal performance, and I am not a singer. I have perfect pitch, I just sing, but a vocalist I do not consider myself. Therefore, the new program I will only produce.

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