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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Garry Bardin is back in Cannes

In the program “Director’s fortnight” 69-th Cannes film festival showed the animated film “Listening to Beethoven”, which Harry Bardin took the means their viewers.

Photos from the family archive

Before the show, in which he participated with his short films by very young filmmakers from South Korea, France, Brazil and other countries, Garri Bardin told the audience: “28 years ago some of you were not yet born, and I’ve gotten here, “Palme d’or”. There are two opinions after the screening of any short film. The first – “it is a Pity that it was over.” Second – “it’s Good that he’s short.” We hope the first”.

In 1988, Bardeen received at the Cannes film festival award for short film “Freaks” from the hands of the world diva Claudia Cardinale. “This festival is the main reference point after the Lumiere brothers. And what I have here is confirmation of my profession, ” says Harry Yakovlevich. – My film about freedom, about what to me is missing today, in my country. “Listening to Beethoven” differs from other paintings that I’ve done. I’m not a penny was taken from the Ministry of culture. For the Minister of culture my show in Cannes – a holiday with tears in his eyes. People who love my paintings, and collected all the budget “Listening to Beethoven”. I worked all my life for my audience, and now he repays me with his love. A year and a half the picture was created. It is man-made. There are no computer graphics”.

Brazilian filmmakers in Cannes was supported by President Rousseff (11 photos)

On the screen through the grey plates all the time sprout green shoots. But then there are the terrible rumbling mechanisms and destroy this overgrown. And she appears again. And so repeatedly, until the earth will become a flourishing garden, which destroy not to power the heavy machinery. Harry Bardin told how after the Moscow show, which attracted an intelligent audience, one spectator said, “I understand you. I’m also in the country struggle with weeds”. Not the best review to write. And the film can be considered political, and environmental. And do not argue against this point of view.

Observer “MK” asked Harry Bardin few questions for a half hour until the world premiere of the film “Listening to Beethoven”.

– How your film got at the Cannes film festival?

– I handed a CD to the Cannes selector to Joël Chapron. The film is not impressed. Then I showed the picture to my distributor, and he sent the film here in Cannes. My son, seeing him, said, “Daddy, thank you for hope.” The head of the “Director’s fortnight” almost repeated the words of my Paul. “Thank you for the Symphony of hope” – here his words. I must admit to you that I have artificially created optimism. I continue to believe the best, to avoid.

– You said to get out of here you helped the head of “Roskino” Ekaterina Mtsituridze. What does it mean?

– Learning that I was invited to “Director’s fortnight”, Kate asked: “Who’s paying for this trip?” I said, “I pay”. After that Katya has surrounded me with his care. Supported us and the Association of animated films. Together they took the cost of my flights and accommodation at the festival, for which I am very grateful.

Ekaterina Mtsituridze, the MC explained” that the Ministry of culture of her organization receives during the year on all projects 28 million rubles. And events in Cannes only pulled 32 million. For comparison led single digit: China invests only on the event to promote their films in Cannes € 3 million. “We take enthusiasm and love of cinema” – so she concluded her story.

Svetlana KHOKHRYAKOVA, Cannes

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