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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“Auction” has released the first in five years, the album

This is not a metaphor and not a figure of speech: a new job fans could appreciate a week before the release. For this they need to download a special app on the Internet and point your smartphone or tablet in the sun. The cover artists also wanted to make “interactive” – a collage of photos of fans in the background of the sun, but in the end, portrayed through its light outside, the stroller, a bench and a car.

The previous album “Yula” was released in 2011 and turned out some very unearthly, not airy, but rather heavy, saturated with different sound elements, pun, and other creative techniques, which, however, made it especially attractive for fans neoavanguardia aesthetics. After this recording the group’s activities there was another long pause, while the team toured extensively and did not throw loyal fans, making the concert new, not similar to the previous extravaganza.

Oleg Garkusha in an interview with “MK” admitted that even songs they play every show different — the same can do three minutes, and ten. For such “inconstancy” and expression of listeners always loved the “Auktyon”, becoming complicit in an almost magical musical and theatrical performances and, no matter, whether it passes in the hall-thousand or in a small, intimate club, Recalling the rather crazy “kvartirnik”. In parallel (unless there are new records) team leader Leonid Fedorov continued to please fans of the “delicious” music of your speaker program with bass player Vladimir Volkov, and in 2014 released film “Still” Dmitry Lavrinenko, in which the viewer is immersed not only in the history of the group, but also into the backstage, home to its participants, in the Studio, where the musicians created their works. In General the aesthetic of food was enough. However, everyone was waiting for the release of the album and not in vain — latest work “the sun” some even called the best in the discography of the team, although there are grounds for debate.

The album was recorded in record time — the bulk of the material was recorded in five days, and the remaining three days, the band members stepped up on his musical “skeleton”, “meat” notions, effects, and conceptual solutions. Eight days of twelve-hour work — and in the end have been created eight new songs, all to words of Dmitry Ozerskiy. One even was made up of texts of several of his works. The song “World is melting”, “sun”, “day And night” turned out to be deployed epic-musical paintings, not mantras, not songs, parables. In each work, the emphasis seems to be on a lyrical component, simultaneously evoking memories of poetry Oberiutov and “Alice in Wonderland”, as if it shifted in tone. In the music score weaved a neat, almost Baroque sounds of strings, noble brass, rock’n’roll guitar riffs, quirky, but carefully embedded in a piece of music percussion.

If you do and musicology to describe the elements present here in songs you can find rock, Blues, jazz and experimental instrumental passages. However, oddly enough, stylistically the album is much more structured than the previous one. And if “whirligig” is a sweet sound chaos that jump in and don’t know where it will carry you into the next track, the album “In the sun” seems much more restrained and calibrated, it is possible to hear a very different “Auktyon”. Maybe because this time the recording did not take part unpredictable Oleg Garkusha, whose light “of madness” to someone may not be enough in this entry.

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