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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At the Cannes film festival showed the film, shot in Buryatia

The 69th Cannes film festival comes to an end. Sunday will announce the winners. There are still a few high-profile premieres and the enthusiasm of the public there is no limit.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Blake Lively.

At the screening of “Stranger” from the Dardenne brothers to the Palace of festivals drove about 20 police cars. Pandemonium was terrible. This year taken increased security measures, and therefore the police carry their service guns at the ready. The spectacle is, quite frankly, is not pleasant.

To calculate the selection jury headed by Australian Director of “Mad max” George Miller is extremely difficult. This President is in a sense a dark horse. At the festival, according to his confession, he feels like a resort: beautiful setting, the sea, a lot of movies and a pleasant company.

One of the most notable competition films shown these days — Brazilian “Aquarius”, — has all chances for the award. More recently, its Director Kleber Filho, Mendoza was a film critic, came to Cannes and standing in queues to get into the hall. The crew came on star track with signs, where different languages, it was reported that Brazil ceased to be a democratic country and should have stopped the coup. The main role in “Aquarius” played a rare reason and nobleness actress — 65-year-old Brazilian diva Sonia Braga. Its Clara has been through a lot — her husband’s death, cancer, was left with one breast, which the camera will show without embellishment. The heroine lives in the empty house, from which it is trying to evict. In this place erect a skyscraper. We observe the everyday life of a middle-aged heroine, her encounters with family, candid date with a young lover on call. She would call him after get to witness group orgies noisy neighbors. “Aquarius” was ranked in the ratings of critics third place after the German tape “Toni Erdmann” Maren, ed, and American “Paterson” by Jim Jarmusch.

We turned to the experts to draw some preliminary conclusions. Bozhidar Manov, film critic, President of the Bulgarian branch of FIPRESCI, Professor of the National Academy of theatre and film in Sofia, believes that the presence of 5-6 strong pictures in this competition — a Testament to the fact that the festival took place: “I would highlight the Romanian tape “Sierra Nevada” Christie ISPs, “I, Daniel Blake,” Ken Loach, American film “, Leaving” Jeff Nichols and, of course, “Toni Erdmann” — it is the sense of humor, rare for German cinema. Very good picture shot Jim Jarmusch, and played a major role in it Adam Driver — current driver, believe him. Almodovar was below himself. His peak was the painting “Talk to her”. I didn’t really like “American honey” Andrea Arnold, but in the film, the fine acting work from debutante Sasha lane and Shia LaBeouf. George Miller is not good in this movie, he takes completely different movies. I think that the jury may assess “Living” where the affected racial problem, and the main role was played by a black actress from Ethiopia and the Australian actor in the role of the white husband. Let’s not forget that we still have a film by Christian Mungiu, and he is always playing great actors.”

A film critic from great Britain Birgit Beumers, if she had a chance to distribute awards, best Director award would have given the Romanian ISPs Christie’s for the painting “Sierra Nevada”, the cast of the film “Fierce MA” (“still waters”) by French Director Bruno Dumont, and the “Golden palm” — German film “Toni Erdmann”. The program in General, it was assessed as very worthy, but together with other experts to draw final conclusions in no hurry. Still ahead — “She” by Paul Verhoeven, the Romanian tape “family pictures” by Christian Mungiu, winner of “Golden palm” for the film “4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko
Ulyana Sergeenko.

Kirill Razlogov, culturologist, and program Director of the Moscow international film festival, also shared with the “MK” by their estimates:

— The critics have differences on many paintings. While in the favorites — “Toni Erdmann”. In the Russian community called South Korean “Mademoiselle” Park Chan-wook. The French and English critics have different views, and if you add another, and the Eastern European partners, you get full overlapping. As the current Cannes 69th in a row and constantly discussed their erotic component, then this picture is the closest to the essence of the festival. Many of the works approximately at the same level. Some have the trump card — social, others avant-garde. Can you name the outsiders. This “Loving” Jeff Nichols. I didn’t like Jarmusch. His “Paterson” — a simple bauble, but French critics like the movie. The question in the criteria. This is the most abstract painting, nothing touching and talking about poetry. It is most safe for evaluation. In all the other movies have some kind of position. As for female roles, while leading German actress Sandra Hyuller of “Toni Erdmann” and Marion Cotillard at the “Stone disease” Nicole Garcia. But against this it can play the fact that she already has all the awards. Why give more? Of the actors said to Peter Simonescu of “Toni Erdmann”, I wonder which played a role. Special have no chance Almodovar, although his picture I rather liked. Usually the jury selected filmmakers who can’t make movies competition. Actress from the jury will go on about the President of the jury. He is the master of the situation. Miller makes big-budget action films in the competition there are none. So it can choose and Jarmusch — like most polar in relation to itself the Director. Korean picture he is unlikely to choose. It is closer to what he’s making. I wouldn’t say it’s a great chance to win of Kirill Serebrennikov, “the Apprentice,” which is presented in the program “Special opinion”, although this is theatrical work.”

At the film market showed the unusual picture Russian “Touch the wind” — producer project daughter Kirill raslogov Anastasia. The movie started as a game, but then transformed into a documentary. Accordingly, it has two Director — debutante and a graduate of VGIK Olga Veremeyeva, as well as experienced a researcher Elena Demidova “Our film is more about the actress Yulia Aug, than of Buryatia, where we were shooting,” says Anastasia razlogova. — There are spirits shown Buddhist culture and views of Julia about how we should act in this environment. Her character goes from Moscow to Buryatia, to tell his old student lover that he’s the father of her daughter. I do not understand, about himself says the actress, or is it pure fiction. She recalls growing up in Estonia by the sea (it’s true) and spoke with pine, who became for her a kind of mother. Julia Aug is like a wound, takes everything so tangible and close to my heart that it is scary. It resembles the ancient goddess of his article, with all the incongruities of her appearance of the surrounding area. The hat, long dress, high heels, she walks through the village. She for the first time in Buryatia, and through her eyes we see the earth. Foreign viewers have too much to explain that of Buryatia, a Buddhist region of Russia.

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