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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Alexander Shilov: “If we do not remember the war heroes, just die

Alexander Shilov — the artist-Peredvizhnik actually. No, his gallery it’s all right. But… the heroes called to the road. Heroes of the war. And it’s not only those who performed feats in the great Patriotic war. No, all defending their Homeland, from private to Marshal, from the then girls, of toilers of the rear, to the ancient old women, obligasi the front. Their portraits painted Shilov. Now it is an exhibition that every month he opens in the hero cities and cities of military glory. We met with the artist in his gallery.

photo: From personal archive

Vladimir Putin in the gallery Shilova.

— On the eve of the 70th anniversary of Victory to us in the gallery for the second time he came by our President Vladimir Putin than I and the entire staff at the gallery are very proud and grateful looked at the exhibition “They fought for the Motherland!”. And we have a military hall of fame, where portraits of people who fought, regardless of profession. This is playwright Victor Rozov, the last war, people’s artist of the USSR V. A. Etush, who miraculously survived, people’s artists of the USSR S. F. Bondarchuk and E. S. Matveev. The famous composer Yan Frenkel, the author of songs “the Cranes” and “Russkoe pole”, which also went through the war and his wife met there at the front. There are even priests who fought, and among them the scout nun Adrian, the participant of Kursk and Stalingrad battles; deacon father Nicholas, gunner, a member of the Resistance against the Nazis, Bishop Basil Rodzianko. There are also portraits of military surgeons, spies, counterintelligence agents, navigators, pilots, there is a portrait of the famous pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union N. In.Popova. The blockade of Leningrad, nurses and just ordinary disfigured war soldiers, there are marshals… I started to write when still studied at the Surikov Institute. In the second year I wrote the portrait of a polar pilot Vodopianov, he was the Star of Hero of the Soviet Union No. 6. Remember how I was excited when I saw it. After all, it knew the whole world! I felt a huge responsibility.

■ ■ ■

— In the childhood we all wanted to become pilots, scouts, movies they watched. And that case brought me to the Director of foreign intelligence, General of the army and a patriot Sergei Nikolaevich Lebedev. I told him that I wanted to paint a portrait of a scout. And with it, wrote a portrait of the great scout G. A. Vartanyan, Hero of the Soviet Union. He was 47 years with his wife in an irregular situation. 47 — you know?! Four years ago he died, and as a sign of respect and gratitude for the exploits of President Vladimir Putin accompanied him on his last journey. Gevork Andreyevich Vartanyan was truly a remarkable man, knew seven languages, hereditary scout. And his wife was a spy. When the Tehran conference in ‘ 43 m addressed issues about the second front, Hitler caught wind about this, sent a detachment to destroy Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Our leadership of the foreign intelligence contacted Vardanyan (he lived abroad as an illegal alien), instructed him to calculate this unit and destroy it. And he’s only 21 years old. And he accomplished this feat! What man was — intelligent, modest, in spite of all their achievements and merit. I am proud that I and he share a destiny!

George Blake I too wrote, it is our scout, he has done a lot to Win. In the exhibition “They fought for the Motherland!” two portraits of counterintelligence one of the most mysterious Soviet secret police SMERSH. About the exploits of Ivan Ivanov and Leonid Ustinov can talk endlessly. Wrote portrait of the Soviet spy, Hero of the Russian Federation Alexey Botana. He was already 99 years old, he’s alive. Major storm is a Botya is. He saved Krakow. Still, the exhibition has been enriched with portraits of the pilot, spy, Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Lessova, Hero of the Soviet Union the General-major Boris Sokolov, honorary employee of state security agencies, intelligence officer Evtodieva Ivan Pavlovich, Hero of the Soviet Union pilot Sergei Kramarenko. I admire these people. They brought an end to the war, and thus reduced the number of victims! For these portraits I received the first prize of the FSB and foreign intelligence, was very proud. Without these great Patriotic security services, foreign intelligence, counterintelligence (of all sorts) that keep our great country Russia, the country can not live.

The Day Of Victory. Machine Gunner P. P. Shorin.

■ ■ ■

— Works dedicated to the war, I wrote more than 60 painting and drawing, and I will continue to write with a sense of gratitude and admiration, with a sense of admiration for their heroic deeds to the Motherland. Now, President Putin has offered me in the year of the 70th anniversary bring this exhibition “They fought for the Motherland!” as a token of appreciation to these great people — in the cities-heroes and cities of military glory. I was in Sevastopol, Minsk, Novgorod, Volgograd, Tver, Kursk, Bryansk, Smolensk, Pskov, Tula, Kovrov, Orel, Belgorod, Voronezh now, this is the 14th town. We with the Director of the gallery, A. I., Grigorieva leave, with the Governor opening the exhibition, and she works a month. After Voronezh will go to Yelets, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk… I pray that on these shows in the first place was the name, of course, war veterans. Although they are already old enough, but the management of the city provides the buses, the cars, and they are brought. They are so touching, childish look at the portraits, with heartfelt gratitude… Despite the fact that these characters. For me it is a Holy people. Because there is no more sacred duty than to protect the Fatherland, that’s why I write these people!

■ ■ ■

— We have held evening meetings with the heroes, with participants of the war. First and foremost, to these we call the future defenders of the Fatherland, the students of the Academy of the FSB and Golitsyn border Institute of the Federal security service of Russia, Suvorov military school, Nakhimov, so they first hand learned what war how to defend the homeland, otherwise we’ll lose him.

There are wonderful concerts. Had a wonderful master-classes of Elena Obraztsova, Yuriy Bashmet was performing, Igor Butman, Victor Tretyakov, Alexander Pahmutova and Nikolay Dobronravov, Vladimir Matorin, Iosif Kobzon, Zurab Sotkilava, Svetlana Bezrodnaya, Valentin Gaft, Michael Kozakov… Cossacks the child has lived almost the whole of the blockade in Leningrad. And what are the verses from V. Gaft about the war! When I listen to his poems of recent years, my heart sinks. I feel like groaning his soul. Such depth he achieved that without tears these verses is impossible to listen to. I am also grateful to Valentin Gaft famous for the poems he dedicated to my work.

■ ■ ■

— And I still remember the portrait of a war veteran machine gunner p. P. Shorin without legs, which you drew in the Soviet era. He lived in the Khrushchev housing on the fifth floor with no Elevator, climbed back on his hands, holding onto a railing… It’s just to tears. And to anger on the state.

— It is a mockery of man. There were such cases, unfortunately, and I always write about it, I say. After I in the 87th year of his portrait, he promised to give an apartment. After all, this portrait was exhibited in the Arena, it was seen by the country’s leadership. I was surprised that it was allowed to hang. Then I had a call from the district authorities, she thanked me and said that will give the same veteran the apartment on the first floor.

— Given? Managed?

Dali, Yes, but he lived long yet, unfortunately. He was 19 when he lost both legs. Not drunk. Married a woman with disabilities, and they had a child, grown son. And 40 years he worked on the “Moskabel”. But for this one we had the apartment to give! But he was such a quiet, humble… the local authorities have done to him ungrateful. This is a real Russian soldier, a hero, that’s so necessary in life to erect monuments and their exploits to educate the younger generation!

— Now Dmitry Medvedev when he was President, promised each veteran a separate apartment. This is accomplished? To veterans, already the youngest, 90 years old!

— I feel sorry for them. They deserve to have monuments to them. After all, since ancient times no more sacred duty than to protect the Fatherland. They all gave their health, maimed, and some lives lost. We need to honor these people. And their feat to raise a generation, otherwise we will lose Russia.

— By the action “Immortal regiment” as a treat?

— Me it was very touching. When people in such numbers going is majestic. When I look at their faces, I have chills going through the body. It’s grandiose, it’s a Wake-up call that these people impossible to forget. This is the great patriotism! People are grateful to our President, he announced that the main national idea of patriotism, without which there can live no country!

— And you have a family who fought?

His father, I didn’t even see, such was life. Lived without it. Mother and two grandmothers brought us up. They are workers of the rear and also helped to forge the victory according to his power, and for the defence of Moscow they have medals. By the way, in my series on the war, have survived the blockade of Leningrad. I wrote the woman who 14 years lived in the factory, night and day sewing uniforms for the soldiers. You know, to be an inviolable criterion of honesty, integrity, dignity, otherwise, we will become cattle. A redneck is not the people. We just die unless we remember these people, they will not be grateful, we will not honor them by learning from their example, to protect our Homeland!

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