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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

“United Russia” summed up the results of nomination of candidates at primaries

United Russia” has finished accepting applications for participation in preliminary voting, which is scheduled for may 22. In the primaries across the country will go about three thousand people, among whom the two hundred deputies of the state Duma. In EP expect from such a high competition, the uncertainty of the results under certainty of procedure, the provisional voting”.

Three days will finish the registration for participation in the primaries (the primaries) of the “United Russia” (ER). Accepting applications lasted from 15 February to 10 April. During this time, registered almost three thousand people, most of which are nonpartisan, even more than 300 applications are pending. On Tuesday on a press-conferences were reported by the Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov.

“Early voting allows people who wish to work in the interests of society, including in higher legislative body of the country”

High competition

Neverov recalled the words of the founder of the party of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who last week at the media forum BIP expressed the hope that the mechanism of preliminary voting will reveal the real problems of citizens and those who are able to solve them. “This preliminary vote is introduced to us as a tool for solving several problems, a few questions. First, it makes life a public organization of the party more transparent and brings it closer to people”, – Putin said.

For the first time United Russia has held primaries at the regional level in 2006. In 2011, the primaries for the first time used for formation of lists of candidates to the state Duma. Then, reminded Neverov, Putin stressed that “we need to create an environment of competition in the ranks of the party”.

As for the upcoming primary on may 22, Neverov is convinced that this is a difficult decision but the only right, “if the party wants to get voter support”.

Just to participate in the primaries of the application filed 3260 people. 1437 of them – non-partisan. 2907 registered people, of whom 1208 man – non-partisan. 1393 participant registered in single-mandate constituencies, and 1514 – in lists. According to him, if you look at the competition in the regions where the subject is equal to the constituency, the contest is between five (Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Tyva) to 15 people (as in Sevastopol). As competition in single-mandate constituencies, the minimum – contest in Tver region (4,5) and Tatarstan Republic (4,8), in the Ryazan region – 10 persons into place, and in the Vladimir region – 16.

Among the districts in the top ten with the maximum number of participants in Bryansk – the 20 people in the Moscow region Shchelkovo district – 21, in Ufa – 34 people claim to victory. “The minimum number of candidates in such districts, as in Slavic Krasnodar region, Tuapse and in the Northern district of Dagestan – three people. If you look at what the competition based on party lists, the leader is Moscow, where registered 126 people, Bashkiria – 64, immediately and Saratov oblast – 40”, – said Neverov, adding that the minimum performance in the Kursk region (5) and Tomsk (7).

“The winner will be only one”

To participate in the primaries showed up 193 operating Deputy of the state Duma. Currently registered 182 people. In particular, they participate in primaries in Buryatia Bryansk and Ivanovo areas. “Stavropol region – three deputies of the state Duma showed up to participate in the preliminary vote: is Michael Markelov, Olga Kazakova and Yuri Vasiliev, and there will be enough serious competition – the winner will be only one”, – said Neverov.

In his words, “a very serious competition in the Volgograd region, where there is a Deputy of the state Duma Oleg Savchenko, which involved Tatiana Cibizova the Deputy of the Volgograd regional Duma not one convocation”.

He explained that because of such high competition “we can talk about the uncertainty of the results under certainty of procedure, the provisional voting”. “That’s exactly what he was talking about Vladimir Putin: provisional voting allows people interested and willing to work in the public interest, including in the highest legislative body of the country,” Neverov said, adding that the issue of forming regional groups will be decided at the Congress, there will be from 35 to 40 (according to the current legislation, the regions cannot be represented by less than 35 groups, the upper limit, the law does not set).

With the end of the stage of registration of participants of the primaries started campaigning. From the beginning of April across the country a debate, the candidates meet with residents of the regions. “Suggestions, questions that are heard during the debate from the audience, we analyze, and doubtless many of them will enter the program with which the party will go to the polls. In addition, on 15 April will be held the forum of the primary branches of the party, devoted to agriculture,” concluded Neverov.

“We all put to voters”

In turn, the General Director of media holding “Expert” Valery Fadeev, who participate in primaries in the Komi Republic, hopes to bring benefits to the region as the “outer man”. “There’s a very difficult situation, have relatively recently been brought serious charges against the former Governor, it is a very strong blow to the elite of the region, the credibility of the government is undermined”, – said Fadeev.

And the head of fraction ER in the state Duma Vladimir Vasilyev said that in his district in Tver in the preliminary vote involved a lot of interesting for voters and candidates. “Early voting creates a brand new tool” – says Vasilyev.

He believes that the EP, providing an opportunity for active people to participate in the preliminary vote, is not afraid that they will lose legal capacity for lawmaking. “We all put to voters. It is a tremendous responsibility. And therefore, our candidates and our lists of what people say who are not members of the party, they are attractive, they are interesting. Interesting, about what my colleagues were saying at the table: they were talking about the fact that you want to change real lives for the better, I want to use the potential that is in everyone who nominated,” said Vasiliev.

Another participant preliminary vote of the “United Russia”, the test-cosmonaut Elena Serova admitted that the primaries went on, seeing the real result of the work of the EP. He believes that political activities will give her more opportunities. “I believe that we need to do everything in order to bring benefit to his country,” said Serov.

In turn, the chief editor of the newspaper “Culture” Elena Yampolskaya also says that only the EP can achieve results. Yampolskaya said that, as a member of the Supreme Council of the EP, remains non-partisan. “In our times, non-partisanship does not prevent making any kind of political career and to do their work. I can say that, if possible, will be engaged in their work, that is culture, but in a broad sense,” she explained.

A member of the Public chamber Lyubov Dukhanina sees in the primaries chance “to quickly and effectively influence the solution of problems”. “Why don’t I try not to get in his life a tool of influence, as the Deputy of the State Duma. Yes, it’s a serious tool of influence on the adoption of the law”, – explained Dukhanina.

Agreed with her pediatric surgeon Dmitry Morozov, who believes in the impossibility to conduct at a high level important decisions, “if you do not do a public service”. As an expert in health, he promised to promote the establishment of scientific clusters in medicine that will allow you to save resources”.

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