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Thursday, March 15, 2018

To send a man to Mars solved in just 12 years

The first manned mission to Mars orbit planned for 2028. This was stated by Vice-President and CEO Lockheed Martin Corporation Wanda Sigur, speaking at a forum in Washington on the prospects for human travel to the Red planet. Previously it was assumed that the closest flight to the Mars orbit spacecraft with people on Board will take place only in 2033.

Orbital flight of astronauts around Mars represents one of the stages of the Martian program of the United States of America, preceded the first landing of man on the red planet. As expected, the orbital station which will send to Mars, in many respects, will resemble the ISS. Its fragments will be sent into space, and to connect already there, near the lunar orbit. According to the American participants of the forum, on Board the space station like the ISS, at a time will work six people, reports the mirror.co.uk.

Experts expressed the hope that just a few months, conducted by experts in the orbit of Mars, will allow them to make more progress in the study of our neighboring planets than four decades of observing it with telescopes, probes and Rovers. One reason for such optimism, the researchers referred to the fact that each signal from Earth to Mars or from Mars to Earth is in the path from 13 to 20 minutes, while on the space station orbiting Mars, experts will be able to send commands and receive information “in real time”.

In March of this year Director of the American space Agency NASA, Charles Bolden, that the United States first manned flight to Mars is considered as an international project involving the cooperation of space agencies of different countries, including Russia. On 12 April, cosmonautics Day, Russian President Vladimir Putin also praised the significance of cooperation with the United States and other countries in the space sector. In turn, Deputy General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” Sergey Saveliev, commenting on the recent opening of the Vostochny space centre, said that the spaceport this may contribute to the development of Russian-American cooperation in space, though he noted that in Russia the real prospects of the first manned flight to Mars is considered more remote than inclined to believe American experts.

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