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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Verkhovna Rada was renamed Dnepropetrovsk in the Dnieper

May 19, in the informal Day shirts (which coincided with the former Soviet holiday of pioneer Day), the largest industrial center of the Ukrainian Dnieper has found a new “dekommunizirovannogo” title. Now Dnepropetrovsk is simply a Dnieper. In Ukrainian transcription — Dnipro.

photo: pixabay.com

In everyday life do residents of the regional center styled favorite town with these one-word name for several decades. However, I agree with that not all the inhabitants of Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk along the beautiful highway just 40 minutes away. Their city, too, because standing on the banks of the biggest Ukrainian river, which originates in the swamp Kseninsky moss, which is near the village of Bocharova Smolensk region of Russia.

Rename Dnepropetrovsk, due to the need of total Ukrainian “de-communization”, lasted long and was accompanied by a series of scandals. Against the return of the city’s former names lots, repealed in 1926, for the sake of Soviet statesmen, Grigory Petrovsky, strongly objected to all the “Patriotic public”. It seemed to her that any mention of the Russian tsarina-the enlightener would voluntarily return to slavery. Option “Sicheslav” also was not ideal; on the one hand, an indication of the proximity of the free spirit of the Zaporozhian Sich, but on the other – a carbon copy of lots.

Kodak (named after the nearby fortress impregnable by the French engineer Boplan) fully satisfied the ego is that… of the film community. Because coincided with the name of the American company photographic equipment.

At a meeting of the parliamentary Committee also discussed the proposal of the Deputy from the faction “Opposition bloc” Oleksandr Vilkul. The draft resolution provided for the renaming of… Dnepropetrovsk in Dnepropetrovsk – not in honor of Grigory Petrovsky (accused Kyiv court of appeal in the organization of genocide of Ukrainians), but in memory of St. Peter. The deputies rejected the idea…

The name of the present Dnipropetrovsk region would be approved separately, as this would require at least 300 votes of people’s deputies. Otherwise it is impossible: we are talking about amending the Constitution of Ukraine.

The new name received today and Dneprodzerzhinsk – “small homeland” of the former General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev. Now this city is Kamenka. For the return of the Dneprodzerzhinsk “old regime” of the name voted 249 deputies.

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