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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Russian question really threatens the unity of the European Union

Quickly parekbasis from the initiator out of the EU a proponent of “European unity”, the Prime Minister of the UK announced an unexpected argument in favor of continued membership of the EU in London – “Russian threat”. Remember her in this context and in Eastern Europe. But in fact, the unity of the EU as harmful to attempts to “isolate” Moscow.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, having received from colleagues in the EU the assurance that “special way” of his country for the European Union is something unacceptable has become almost the main enemy “Brekzita” (of the EU) in London and is actively involved in the PR campaign on this issue. In published in the newspaper the Telegraph article, he called the planned for the summer of a referendum on leaving the EU from London “the adventure of the century”. This is despite the fact that Cameron and the referendum is initiated.

“Czech Prime Minister said that in the event of a British exit from the EU in Europe will expand the wave of nationalism and separatism”

“On June 23, at stake will be nothing less than the future of our country. It’s a risk for our economy, because these changes can put pressure on the pound, on our discount rate and growth rates. Is the risk in the cooperation on issues of crime and safety topics. And it’s a risk to our reputation of a strong country in the heart of the world’s most important organizations,” writes the British Prime Minister.

Very interesting for us is another argument of Cameron: “How can we be confident that we will continue to be strong in a world where the East is Putin, and to the South of the IG. To stay strong, need to stay together with its neighbors, partners and friends”.

Of course, that Russia and ISIS put on a par, there is nothing new – the trend launched Barack Obama to include the same number again press the Ebola virus. So why would this argument not to repeat the Prime Minister of the country, which the premiers have repeatedly called “Washington’s poodle”?

But it is a confusion of meanings, which allows Cameron. The European Union is primarily economic Union. The second is political. Military background, it was not for this is NATO. It turns out that either the British Prime Minister is confusing the concepts, or the desire to intimidate voters willing to sacrifice the truth.

Indeed, the situation looks very uncertain. If a referendum was held in the near future, British politicians would have had the orderly move in the direction of exit from the EU. According to the online survey ORB International, 52% of the population support the farewell to the EU, and for membership in the EU are 48%. And the trend is not in favor of unity – a month ago the number of votes for the preservation of the EU prevailed. Moreover, for the sovereignty actively support older voters are the most disciplined electorate in the world.

Wave of information attacks by Western media on Rosvodokanal that the respondents talked about such issues as the economy and migration. “Russian threat” seriously no one considered.

The balance of power ahead of the referendum is very similar to the polls on secession of Scotland from Britain. In the last days of the campaign the fight was abandoned heavy artillery in the form of the Queen, Ministers and leading representatives of business, and the Scots still voted against independence supporters of independence gained only 44% of the vote with a turnout of 84.5 per cent.

Now, by the way, supporters of Scottish independence also perked up. “All the Scottish MPs in favour of the UK remaining in the EU. But if the country will be forced to withdraw from the EU, I am sure the people of Scotland will require a new referendum on independence, in order to secure a place in the European Union”, – said the leader of the Scottish national party in the house of Commons of great Britain Angus Robertson.

His words can become a serious argument to vote for the EU for those people in England who are not ready to say goodbye to Scotland for chemoga withdrawal from the EU.

As in the case of empires, “European unity” in the first place begins to “crack” along the margins. And if about “Gresit” (exit of Greece from the EU) against the background of Britain in recent times do not even remember, Eastern European countries regularly give rise to such conversations.

So, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Bohuslav Sobotka last week said that in the event of a British exit from the EU in Europe will expand the wave of nationalism and separatism. “In this case, the debate about withdrawal from the EU can be expected in a couple of years and we (in Czech)”, – he suggested, noting that “any proposals for the exit of the Czech Republic from the EU” considers “completely senseless, harmful and dangerous”.

Sobotka said the Czech President Milos Zeman, whose balanced position in Europe is traditionally called “Pro”. “I am against leaving the EU, but also the enemy that the citizens had no opportunity to vote on this issue. The Prime Minister said that to keep from being on the issue of voting. I think that it is undemocratic,” said the Czech President in an interview with the Prague network edition ParlamentniListy.cz.

Zeman also not agree that if Britain will leave the EU, then the Czech Republic after some time will be in the Russian sphere of influence. “Since we was a state member of NATO, can not both be in the Russian sphere of influence. That the Prime Minister apparently did not understand”, – said the President of the Czech Republic.

Judging by the fact that about the “Russian threat” in the event of withdrawal from the EU now speaks not only Czech, but also the British Premier, we may be dealing with some kind of pan-European concept, developed by the spin doctors by order of Brussels. Think that’s not true. But scary.

Of course, all statements in the style of “the Russians are coming” are without the slightest reason. But some grain of truth in the assertion that the current problems of the unity of the EU is connected with Russia, of course. However, the fault is not “Russian propaganda” and not risk upsetting the “polite people” in the Baltic countries. To blame anti-Russian sanctions and mirror response.

Here is a compilation of news for the last three days:

“The Deputy of the Department of Essonnes from the party of Nicolas Sarkozy, the Republicans and potential presidential candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet called one of the main problems for farmers Russian embargo, which brought down prices”. Wrong that French peasants should pay for the decisions of politicians,” she says.

“The Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban said that automatic renewal of sanctions against Moscow is not planned”.

“The loss of revenue in individual sectors of agriculture in Bulgaria during the Russian embargo from August 2014 to January 2016 was about $ 167 million, said the Minister of agriculture Desislava Taneyev”.

This list could go on, but it is obvious that as long as the EU was a positive Association of the countries concerned to increase their GDP through cooperation with neighbors, he was an attractive project. After the EU (no matter, whether on its own initiative or at the request of the United States) has become an international policeman and participation in this project began to yield losses, the interest of participating countries in maintaining the status quo has seriously declined. As he wrote on a similar occasion Joseph Brodsky, “the chicken from the soup to gnaw alone is sweet.”

European countries joined the EU for cumulative development, and not to the cost of economic recession and serious losses to put pressure on Russia, the more that know the history of people perfectly understand: the pressure is completely pointless.

It is difficult to say whether Britain will vote in June for withdrawal from the EU or, as in the case with the Scottish referendum, with a slight advantage will win the supporters of unity. But one thing is clear – if the policy of Brussels will not change radically, the number of attempts “ecsite” across Europe will only increase.


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