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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Society demands from the EP pre-clean elections

According to VTSIOM, the willingness to come to the organized the “United Russia” pre-vote claim is already 32% of respondents. Sociologists record high awareness about the primaries at the same time with the request of citizens for a fair vote. Attempts organized the transportation on the day of the primaries will lead to the cancellation of the results.

The citizens ‘ awareness of the primaries of “United Russiaincreased to 47%, according to estimates of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

As previously reported the newspaper VIEW, in mid-April the “United Russia” has completed the registration for participation in the primary election, which is scheduled for may 22. In the primaries across the country will go about 3 thousand people, among whom the two hundred deputies of the state Duma. In EP expect from such a high competition, the uncertainty of the results under certainty of procedure, the provisional voting”.

“He who allows himself an unfair fight in the primaries, he is not in the trend of the President

We will add that in a single day of pre-voting in the situation room will operate a group of lawyers, and in areas will operate a mobile legal team, on Wednesday said the first Deputy head of the CEC “United Russia” Konstantin Mazurowski. “Great attention will be paid to those districts in which it is expected a high turnout,” said Mazurowski, whose words are given on the website of “United Russia”.

“The voters understand who is who: who is the Corporation who themselves or their relatives wants to oblige, and who really wants to solve public interests”, – said on Wednesday the head of the Duma faction “United Russia”, Deputy Duma speaker Vladimir Vasiliev. Therefore, said Vasiliev, the primaries should be open, comprehensible and transparent to the people who today are leaders of public opinion, gained votes of voters”.

Based on 20%

According to VTSIOM, at the moment declared the readiness to vote is growing, judging from the responses of the respondents. Now about the readiness of the claim is already 32%. However, according to experts, to get the real number of those who will probably come to land, this figure should be divided by three.

5% of respondents know that they will go to primaries, they are also aware of where their site is located. This, according to experts, a “core” of voters in the primaries at the moment. Accordingly, according to preliminary estimates of experts, the stations will come at least 5, but probably 10-12%. Everything will depend on the level of competition between the parties in specific districts.

“At the moment on sites procured from the ballot based on a turnout of 20%. If suddenly the high turnout to some of the voters, not enough ballot papers, the citizen will be able to Express their position, but his vote will not be counted in the final tally. Please come out to the polls early,” – said the newspaper VIEW the source in the “United Russia”.

“I want new passionate and energetic individuals”

VTSIOM Director General Valery Fyodorov said the high public awareness of the primaries of the EP and positive attitudes towards them.

“Many are planning to attend the primaries. But I want to warn you that even classic in any election campaign there is an issue to mobilize supporters, to bring them the handle to the plot. The same problem will happen here, so I think the number of those who spoke about the desire to come to the primaries, actually will be several times less. But still it would be a very significant figure, and thus it is possible to say that the primaries are not just for show, and will be a significant event in the political life of the country,” Fyodorov told the newspaper VIEW.

The sociologist stressed the point that primaries contribute to the legitimacy of the entire election campaign for elections to the state Duma. Recall that the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation, which originally were supposed to go in December, will be held on 18 September 2016 under a mixed system. Half (225 deputies will be elected in single-mandate constituencies, half by party lists.

As Fedorov noted, there is fairly broad public request for the renewal of the political class.

“A lot of become familiar. the ruling Party and other parties too overgrown already inveterate officials from politics. Want to, of course, passionate and energetic new individuals you trust. Our study shows that such a request is,” – said the sociologist, adding that primaries is a good opportunity for new people to come into politics.

According to him, there is still a connection request policy with the life. Now the word “Deputy” the connotation is usually negative. “The same thing happens in most of the countries of old democracy. Where a request for a so-called anti-politics, some completely new forces, not participating in the traditional political process. This is a request for cleansing the political system, to turn its face to the voter. And primaries as an open procedure will work too. And this is especially important for the “United Russia”, which as the party in power bears the entire burden of responsibility for the mistakes of the authorities, and the like”, – said Valery Fedorov.

Accounting anomalies

The Federal organizing Committee on the organization of primaries “United Russia checks the information on possible bribery, pressure on voters and the use of administrative resources. It is reported that detailed data on “problematic” districts will be made public on Friday.

Earlier Wednesday, Secretary of the General Council of the party Sergei Neverov, speaking at a meeting of the organizing Committee, said: in the case of fixing the organized transportation of voters on sites to day of the primaries the results of the vote on this section will be void.

Neverov drew the attention of the regional Executive committees of the party on the inadmissibility of bussing of voters for early voting, the use of administrative resources, the prohibition of remote ballot boxes and vote buying.

According to Neverov, special attention in the “United Russia” intend to pay for abnormally high and abnormally large turnout the results of any of the candidates, as this may indicate violations. It is also planned to separately control the primaries in the closed administrative territorial formations (CATF).

“Someone will have to part”

“We are studying the treatment on the subject of authenticity, because there are fears that these facts are the place to be and can cause serious reputational blow to our candidates, to our participants,” Neverov was quoted “Interfax”.

Information is very serious, said the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia”. “In some cases we are talking about compliance with legislation, including anti-corruption, there are a number of candidates who (to existing members) not done applicable anti-corruption legislation associated with offshore companies”, – underlined Neverov.

As reported in “United Russia”, “complaints and information on violations during the preparations for the primaries or the upcoming the day of the vote received in some areas”: “we are Talking about some of the districts in the Kaliningrad, Moscow, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk regions, the Udmurt Republic, Bashkortostan and some other regions. The nature of the various violations that have already previously said, the Secretary of the General Council Sergei Neverov. Now we are working on reviewing all the complaints. In regions already sent “a signal” that the discredited members can be withdrawn from the primaries”.

Note that, according to Sergey Neverov, has information on some participants “about the links with crime”, “about lobbying of interests of various companies, including foreign ones”, and about the debt to the banks, which have become the subject of proceedings in the courts.

Neverov stressed that “all information undergoes additional inspection” and mired participants may be withdrawn from the preliminary vote, since the priority of the party in delivering an honest and open preliminary vote, the results of which will not cause doubt among citizens.

“It’s possible that someone from participants of preliminary voting we must part,” said Neverov.

As sums up the source of the newspaper VIEW, close to the presidential administration, the cases of use of administrative resources “even at the district level” can be an occasion to ask questions to the officials in charge of domestic policy at the level of regions. “The President reiterated that the “United Russia” should set an example of fair, open and competitive struggle. Therefore, one who allows himself an unfair fight in the primaries, he is not in the trend of the President”, – said the source.

Participation in the debate necessarily

We will add, on the eve of Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Sergei Neverov said that facing those who have not fulfilled mandatory condition of preliminary voting – participation in the debate.

“According to the law, candidates needs to personally take part in the debate during the election campaign. United Russia first tested this provision in the procedure for provisional voting. We believe this experience positive, as it allowed us to see a lot of new people who know how to convincingly defend his point of view”, – said Neverov.

As for those who did not comply with the provisions on provisional voting, in accordance with the rules for their registration will be cancelled, said the Secretary of the General Council.

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