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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ramazan Abdulatipov: Russian staff in General is very bad

“I don’t care what nationality someone, who from what region, from what race and so on”, – said the newspaper LOOK the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov. He told how has changed the criminal situation in the Republic, what is its position on the local tradition of cronyism and “dirty environment” that existed in Dagestan.

“The Pension Fund building cordoned off by Riot police and armored vehicles. A search was conducted of the interior Ministry and the FSB from Moscow”, – reported on Thursday morning RIA “news” a source in law enforcement bodies of Dagestan. Later, the representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin confirmed that the searches in Makhachkala associated with the case of the head of the Pension Fund of Dagestan Sagid Murtazalieva, who is accused of promoting terrorism, the organization of the assassination of the Deputy head of the centre for combating extremism of the interior Ministry for Dagestan and the Deputy mayor of Kizlyar. In early September, Murtazaliyev was arrested in absentia.

“If the environment was normal, if there were such guidelines, as it is today – I am convinced that from Murtazalieva it would be possible to prepare the normal head, without any suspicion”

As the newspaper view, the first search Murtazalieva – though not at work and at home – took place in late July. Since then, Dagestan has experienced rapid purge – were arrested, wanted or at least left their posts several “authoritative” figures. During this same time, the former mayor of the capital of Dagestan said Amirov, who was arrested a few years ago, was convicted, received a life sentence.

In August at a meeting in the Kremlin with President Vladimir Putin Ramazan Abdulatipov finally said out loud what many have long known – before among managers in Dagestan was dominated by “solid collaboration” with terrorists and bandits. Therefore, to defeat the banditry has failed for decades.

That has changed Dagestan in fact, his head Ramazan Abdulatipov told the newspaper VIEW.

OPINION: Mr Abdulatipov, the head of the Pension Fund of the Republic sagid Murtazaliyev in early September was declared internationally wanted. They say he disappears for a long time in Dubai. Of course, the Fund is not subject you, it’s a Federal authority. But you’re not going to recommend Moscow it finally be fired?

Ramazan Abdulatipov: I called the head of the Russian Pension Fund Anton Drozdov. He offered to discuss a replacement Murtazaliyev. We nominated, she is now considered the Pension Fund.

Sagid Murtazaliyev is one of many examples where the athlete, the Olympic champion, comes into the civil service and is in a dirty environment. If the environment was normal, if there were such guidelines, as it is today – I am convinced that it would be possible to prepare the normal head, without any suspicion. Many guys have we destroyed all in the 90-ies because such an environment.

OPINION: Familiar Dagestanis say that in cities of the Republic when you have become much calmer – women, for example, no longer afraid at night to go out. But some explain this more not your merit, and the fact that “forest” just went to Syria to fight for ISIS…

R. A.: do Not tire of repeating: the FSB, MVD, SK, prosecutors really had a lot of work. But I ask: and before I came they were not here? My main merit is that I was able to mobilize the Republican, municipal authorities and citizens on the rejection of terrorism and extremism, corruption and banditry. When the installation comes from the head of the Republic, it is very important.

Three levels of terrorist threat (click to enlarge)Remember, what was a Republic! Many businessmen gangsters went and handed out the so-called stick… People steal! Demanded a ransom.

The situation has radically changed. But that Republic became secure, comfortable, prosperous, it is necessary to actively worked and all Dagestanis. Only together, we are a Republic!

“That’s Abdulatipov no clan no

OPINION: One of the Dagestani magazine wrote that the clans – not so much a cohesive corporations are corrupt, how some analogues of European political clubs or even parties with a huge RAID on the Dagestani specifics. Would you agree with this definition?

R. A.: When I was still working in Moscow, I was just funny and sad to read about how many of these theses were attributed to Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia. If similar events took place in the cities of Central Russia, then they wouldn’t be used. There is not even the term “community”. Many “experts” are driving new processes in old stereotypes. Here at Abdulatipov no clan, no, absolute you say!

LOOK: there are others?

R. A.: Some still exist. I also notice I’m not blind. However, we’re just leaving from clan Affairs. I don’t care what nationality someone, who from what region, from what race and so on. For me the main thing – clean effective leader. If this happens I will put it to work. Even if it is my opponents applies. I have no clan-based approach in selecting staff.

R. A.: the Quotas I have clearly saved. But this does not mean that I am guided only by the national sign. It’s not the 20-ies of the twentieth century! Now the XXI century. For each quota, there are lots of people, which you can choose according to certain professions. By the way, quotas are not only of nationalities, but for young people, and women.

“You “ate” three presidents”

OPINION: But other managers you trust, and they fall under criminal cases. You, for example, at the end of July came in Kizlyar, praised, awarded the district head Andrei Vinogradov. And on the second night after your departure, he was arrested. Almost simultaneously came under the prosecution investigators and the head of the Tarumovsky district Marina Abramkina. What would you say to those who accuse you of inability to understand people?

R. A.: I Have quite a serious approach to recruitment. And I have no questions to quality control the head of the Kizlyar district. What were his problems with the law and relationships with law enforcement agencies in the 90s, in the beginning of zero years is beyond me. And if they have such facts, they should come to me with a request for the release of chapters on such facts. Such facts I did not provide. And the fact that he was arrested on other articles, this does not apply to his current professional activities. This was before he became the head of the district.

Tarumovsky district? Young woman Russian. With Russian personnel is generally very bad. She was very active in Parliament, he was Chairman of the Committee, one of the leaders of “United Russia”… If she made something, she would answer. But she did a lot.

OPINION: At the meeting in the Kremlin in the summer you told Putin that earlier in Dagestan “total cooperation” with terrorists. Does this mean the recognition that you do need a human revolution, a completely new elite that has nothing to do with the underground?

R. A.: first, we must always consider the situation, the environment in which people had to work. To idealize, to look for a sterile political environment is not necessary, especially in the context of deep transformations that took place after the collapse of a single country. In this regard, many people, even fairly clean people were in varying degrees, stained this environment, trying to adapt to it.

When I arrived in his first speech in Parliament, referring to the asset, said you “ate” three of the presidents, because they tried to adapt to this environment. And I came to change the environment. To say it’s maybe easy, but to do is very difficult.

We changed half of heads of municipal formations of cities and districts. We have legislation enough democratic, and the situation is far from democratic – and each time I have to make a great effort to remove another Director.

Here we have the best by their terms, the richest district with unique capabilities – Derbent. Is the most difficult, highest – Tsuntinsky district. So the situation in Derbent brought up the fact that on a number of indicators it is inferior to the Tsuntinsky. And there for many years, about 14 years old, sitting Kurbanov. And when I was removed from office, a lot of intercessors for him was, including from Moscow.

It is now planned another development dynamics of the regions. Because we are freed from those people who flirted with the “environment”, and actually destroyed it from the point of view of development prospects and so on.

We created the Dagestan personnel center, where actually I’ll partly make up programs out there are being retrained civil servants and persons included in the personnel reserve of administrative shots.

Recently, after a number of arrests, I chaired a meeting of the Council of heads of municipalities, discussed the issues of budget legislation, budgetary discipline. We came to the conclusion that many chapters, almost 90%, will be trained to manage the budget process in the framework of the law. Often the head of the signs that will give him and other officials, do not understand many issues. As said Vladimir Putin, not only in the whole country the shortage of personnel, but also in the regions first of all.

OPINION: On suspicion in fraud detained and the head of Buynaksk region Daniyal Shikhsaidov. If his case ends in a conviction, then, in your opinion, shouldn’t be his father, the Chairman of Parliament of Republic Hizri shihsaidov to leave his post? For moral reasons?

R. A.: first, Khizri Isaevich is a very experienced person. Worked in the leadership of the Republic in the most difficult years, always kept a courageous position. If there is a judicial decision? Looking for some articles. You will see the charges against him. Accused not for the price bought the building for kindergarten. It’s such an abstraction, which must be specified. Here invite three of the evaluation Committee and all three different will appreciate the value of this building. I think, in this case, when it will be dismantled, the prospects of closing is negligible. In any case, Khizri Isaevich – an old friend of mine, and I will be with him until the end.

“When Amirov was condemned, I said not crying”

OPINION: Recently left his post and Saigidpasha Umakhanov, who previously headed Khasavyurt 18 years. However, he is not retired, and moved to the post of the Chairman of the city Council. Along with Sayid Amirov and Sagid Murtazaliyev, he was considered one of the most influential people of the Republic. Many remember that in the early noughties he was a member in common with Murtazaliev, an informal Union, which is called the “Northern Alliance”. After his retirement about five hundred residents of Khasavyurt protested, urging you to facilitate the return of umahanova for mayor. You did not heed this appeal?

R. A.: Issues some specific to the Saigidpasha Umahanov I don’t have! And it was not! The saigidpasha last year was asked to leave because long works. I left it then, said that we have to work on. I emphasize again: it was him. We discussed together found the man for mayor, and appointed the acting.

OPINION: IN late August, the former mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov received a life sentence for murder. Are you concerned that the residents of Dagestan may begin to doubt the justification of the sentence? After all, the trial against him has relied primarily on the testimony of Murtazalieva and Vinogradov. And now these same people themselves were arrested on suspicion of involvement in terror.

R. A.: When Amirov was condemned, I said not crying and not laughing. Everyone is responsible for their actions. I repeat, in Dagestan, was created a messy environment that are not soiled by the time people left, unfortunately, not very many.

Today have to make such efforts to Dagestan to withdraw from this condition to in Dagestan were restored law and order. Very hard Republic comes from this crisis, and thank God that she still comes out of it.

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