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Friday, February 23, 2018

On the days of Mars for the first time in 10 years gets closer to Earth

Astrophysicists report that already this past week in the southwest of the sky just a short distance from the horizon you will see a small bright yellow light, like a star. Actually it will be Mars, which will approach Earth at a distance of about 77 million kilometers, that is, in the cosmic sense, will be just down the road from us. The last time the Red planet was so close over a decade ago in November 2005.

photo: pixabay.com

At a minimum distance from our planet, is less than 76 kilometers, the Mars will be 30 may, but further 77 million kilometers away it will again only after June 12. On may 21, falls the opposition of Mars — a phenomenon in which the body is approximately on the extension of the line “Sun — Earth” and visible from Earth about the Sun in the opposite direction. Also in the period from 20 to 21 may in the constellation Scorpius can be seen “triangle”, which will be Mars, Saturn and the star Antares. To complete the picture there will be also falling on may 21, the full moon, reports skyandtelescope.com.

Experts note that over the history of observations of Mars was closer to Earth than it will be on may 30. In August 2003, the planet came together by 55.7 million kilometers, and this distance, according to many researchers, is record small for several millennia. In all probability, nearly the same distance Earth and Mars will again be in July 2018.

According to astrophysics, closer to Mars and it will be interesting to owners of “Amateur” telescopes, through which Mars almost always is seen only as a small point, and only at the time of convergence of the Red planet can be seen with their help, closer.

Earlier today it became known that the U.S. plans to send the first manned spacecraft to orbit Mars is already in 2028 — even before it was planned so far. It is expected that this expedition will allow you to explore the planet on the order faster than if you watch it from Earth with telescopes, automatic stations and Rovers.

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