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Thursday, March 22, 2018

New US Ambassador to Ukraine tries to take Kiev under control

The new US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Pyatt is to be a woman – Mary Jovanovic. Representative Washington got a tough legacy, that is admitted by the Americans themselves. Her predecessor was not able to curb the behavior of Kiev and there the dominant oligarchic clans. Jovanovic will have to do what Pyatt has failed, to take Ukraine under full control of the United States.

Washington decided to replace Ambassador to Ukraine, put forward on this post of a diplomat, Marie L. Yovanovitch. The current head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Kiev Jeffrey Payette Barack Obama intends to send a job U.S. Ambassador to Greece, said the press service of the Ministry.

“Americans, apparently, underestimated the political specificity of Ukraine. The interests of oligarchic clans there’s too much”

Jovanovic, having a professional rank of Minister-counselor, has worked in Ukraine in 2001-2004 as Deputy Ambassador. Over the last two years she headed the school of foreign languages at the Institute of foreign service of the U.S. Department of state. Prior to that, she worked at the national defense University, and previously held senior positions in the regional office of the Department of state for Europe and Eurasia. From 2008 to 2011 Jovanovic headed the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, and from 2005 to 2008 – in Kyrgyzstan. Just stay in the diplomatic service of the United States, since 1986, she has worked in Canada, Russia, Somalia, and the UK.

It is noted that Obama announced his intention to appoint ambassadors also in Iraq, Laos, Burundi and the Philippines. All these candidates must be approved by the U.S. Senate.

That changed the US Ambassador in Kiev, media reported in early may. Already then it became known that Payette will head the U.S. diplomatic mission in Athens. The reviewers noted that the Payette is a very tough and experienced diplomat, while the leadership of the US state Department considers insufficiently active current United States Ambassador to Greece David Pearce.

In Ukraine, Pyatt has worked since August 2013. At the end of April 2016 Payette said that Ukraine has already passed the hard times of the conflict in the Donbas and started to build a real European democracy, “which is the goal of Ukraine for the past 25 years.”

Unreasonable expectations

The new Ambassador “some success of its activities for the benefit of the American state is not particularly distinguished. But it’s good that she speaks Russian, will be able to listen to different positions. However, would she be willing to do it, it’s hard to say”, – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Director of the Kiev Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

He recalled that in 2002, when Jovanovic worked in the American Embassy of Ukraine, she played the role of a man who voiced complaints USA about sale by Ukraine to Iraq radar stations “Kolchuga”. “She was the one who fulfilled this role, she was accused Ukraine. It turned out that no “chain Mail” was not sold, but she is well remembered in Ukraine”, – said the source. He said that he had great difficulty to find all the “Armor” and show that no unaccounted not. The Americans, however, in the end, “never apologized”, – said Pogrebinsky.

As for the outgoing Payette, then to him the US Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft, who now works as the Ambassador to Russia. According to the expert, Tefft is “a lot stronger than the current one and the one that soon we will have. This means that the US, at least for now, until changed, the administration attach great importance to Russia and the decreasing value of Ukraine”, – said the analyst.

Agreed with him and former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, who reiterated phenomenon of fatigue of the West of Ukraine. Moreover, if the government will only talk and do nothing, in the end, the West may decide that Ukraine is “beyond repair”. This risk is there,” said Pifer, who was quoted by the UNIAN. “I am concerned that the government is slow with economic reforms and fight against corruption. On the West pinned high hopes on reforms in Ukraine after the orange revolution, but they did not materialize. Then there was the Maidan, and again disappointment,” – said ex-Ambassador.

Pifer acknowledged: “Ukraine has several very important reforms in recent years. But I was under the impression that over the past four-five months the pace has slowed considerably. And Ukraine can not afford now to let. The question is whether the new government set a new, accelerated pace. And what is especially important to fight corruption. Because in the West there is an established opinion that in Ukraine, little has been done in this direction”, – summed up the ex-Ambassador.

“Pyatt has played a negative role in the Ukrainian politics”

Mikhail Pogrebinsky appreciates the care Payette. In his words, he “played a highly negative role in Ukrainian politics and continue to play. The person who actually configures the Ukrainian elite on the internal Ukrainian conflict, – said the expert. – The main aim of the Ambassador is that there is Ukrainian people, who in unison hates Russia, and there are some renegades – a small number of people that play in the interests of another country-aggressor”.

This line Piett conducted during the Maidan two years ago, reminded the analyst. He added that Pyatt at the same time “is pretty straightforward in diplomatic relationship – was he acting so subtly, as Tefft. It was challenging, and, in the end, he and guests from the USA taught the current leadership to behave without any signs of self-esteem, General”, – said Pogrebinsky.

He explained that the logic now – “come master, we and, if possible, abdulm it. There are now attempts to cheat. But overall, it looks like humbly do request the authorities”, – concluded the expert.

Not according to plan

“Apparently, the United States is losing control over Ukraine, Pyatt and simply unable to cope with the situation,” – said in an interview with the newspaper OPINION researcher, Institute of USA and Canada Gevorg mirzayan. Rotation of ambassadors definitely not planned, said the expert. “No doubt about it – so quickly don’t change ambassadors”, he added. As for the new American representative in Kiev Mary Jovanovic, the expert noted that she does not particularly remarkable.

Her predecessor Payette was not successful in his job, said mirzayan. “We see that on a number of issues Petro Poroshenko put himself, to put it mildly, too independently”, – he explained. Thus, the US had proper control over the situation in Kiev, said the expert.

“Americans, apparently, underestimated the political specificity of Ukraine. We here believe that everyone out there is run by the Americans. And they would like to manage, but the interests of oligarchic clans there is too strong, and they are difficult to understand,” concluded mirzayan.

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