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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Moscow banks will acquire machines with the detectors of disrepair

Identify the old notes to bankers will help of high technology. They will develop a special counting machine, which will sort the bills, the state of which leaves much to be desired.

As it became known “MK”, order the development of counting cars with sensors of disrepair in the near future intend specialists of FSUE “Goznak”, and the cost of works will amount to 2.95 million rubles. Flow of banknotes in them will be carried out in the traditional way — long side. “According to the rules of the old notes need to be written off,” says a member of the Union paper money collectors of Russia, Pavel Zolotarev, ” this is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. There comes the money supply from all banks, sorted by special machines, the old banknotes are identified and written off. But it is a huge job. Apparently, to facilitate its intended “know-how” of FSUE “Goznak”. Thanks to him, bills in poor condition will be able to identify the banks themselves, and send the banknotes to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation not one but two parties: one will be those whose condition leaves much to be desired, and the other money in the normal state. Ordinary Bank customers this scheme will not be affected, but those professionals who are looking for the old notes, will be much easier.”

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