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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Milk will shoot up in price by 20 percent

After the publication in “MK” on the prospects of introduction of electronic veterinary certification of dairy products in the country, in our edition with the cry of the soul asked the farmer of Novgorod region, Chairman of the Association of milk producers of the region Alexander Fedorov. “The introduction of e-itcertification in this form, as suggested now, big mistake. It will bring huge problems to farmers and consumers,” he said.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

We will remind that the authorities have already announced the introduction in the country of electronic veterinary certification of finished products, particularly dairy, from 1 January 2018. A farmer from Kaluga region Alexander Sayapin in the Direct line with Russian President Vladimir Putin said that now he will have to write for fifteen hundred certificates at two tons of products. He described the initiative as “crazy” and asked her “to stop”.

In solidarity with him and other Russian farmers. In a short interview to “MK” Alexander Fedorov said that bothers him in this situation most of all.

– Because so far nothing organized – he resents. – The quality of Internet connection is just bad. I don’t know how in Moscow, but we have in the region of the connection is constantly interrupted even during video conferencing with the representatives of the Ministry of agriculture, in which I, as the head of the Association of milk producers in Novgorod region, are constantly involved. And how we will work in online mode all the time? What happens if we are not able to promptly obtain a new electronic certificate and promptly send them to the stores? On a new system it is necessary to move gradually, therefore, the first phase needs to act duplicate certificates — paper. As a safety net. But no one provides! We have 200 stores the sale of milk and dairy products. And on each of the products I have to do an electronic certificate. And, in case of technical failure? What to do?

But it is known that Rosselkhoznadzor has developed the information system for administration of a veterinary certification electronically?

– But the fact of the matter is that a normal system, which would have the status of state information systems, no. In practice, the Rosselkhoznadzor is going to implement its long existing departmental information system “mercury” to bring it to the registration of electronic certificates. This is absolutely wrong! Such programs should be Federal; all stakeholders must be clarified, how to work in the new system, which has uniform rules. And it must be done in advance. And now only a year and a half — during this time, prepare very hard. I’m afraid that will happen as the accounting system of alcohol USAIS introduced, three months, and all will pahaut and pahaut, you will understand that nothing works and cancel.

– Are the milk producers to the new waste, which will inevitably entail the introduction of a new electronic certification?

– Of course not! Producers and processors of milk today and already find themselves in extremely tough financial conditions. Financial crisis worsens and consumer demand. Our economy has been shattered. And to introduce new financial burden in such a situation it is unwise and dangerous.

– What costs will entail the introduction of a new system?

– First you will need to purchase this software. Will need to train additional staff to work on it. And all costs, of course, will fall on the consumer’s pocket. According to our estimates, milk and dairy products go up by at least 10-20%. So I think the decision on the introduction of electronic certification hasty. Information programme for the introduction of electronic certification should be carefully designed and developed by the specialists of Minselhoza and veterinarians with the involvement of producers and processors of milk to all the nuances of the process technology were taken into account. And highly specialized programs that we are trying to impose, will not help. It will end because certification will have to cancel also hurriedly, hastily as she was about to enter.

Rising prices and a falling ruble. Chronicle of events

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