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Monday, March 19, 2018

Insults to Erdogan exposes the weakness of the European Union

The shaft of the insults that reproduce in address of the Turkish leader European journalists and politicians, is explained very simply. Europe sincerely dislikes “Turkish despot Erdogan, since its really not something to love, but is forced to cooperate with him because of deterioration of the refugee problem. The problem is that Ankara’s patience running out.

The strange affair of the European Union with Turkey becomes, as Alice said in Lewis Carroll translation by Vladimir Nabokov, “the far – the curiouser”. On the one hand, the assurances of officials that the joint efforts of the refugee problem is about to be resolved and Turkey will have visa-free entry and other preferences from the EU. With other strong statements from European officials about Turkish legislation and the Turkish – about the unacceptable pressure from Europe.

“We have a proverb – “start as Turks, but to end up like a German.” Here just the opposite”

The absurdity of the situation is best illustrated by not even pop up in the course of negotiations, systemic contradictions, and events related to them. So, in Ankara, the head of the EU delegation hansjörg Haber was summoned to the foreign Ministry after his response to the question about how the decision on visa-free regime. And he said literally the following: “we Have a proverb – “start as Turks, but to end up like a German.” Here just the opposite”.

The Turks were offended and declared Haber that his comments caused “outrage” and clearly condemned by the Turkish government. But Turkey’s Minister for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkır has released the following statement: “the German Ambassador, the EU must explain to the Turkish people that he has in mind, saying the words “like a German”, “like a Turk”. No diplomat, especially Ambassador can’t handle these words to the President of the country where he is doing his duty. He has no right. This is the first rule of diplomacy. Turkey’s relations with the EU are at a critical period in connection with a gross diplomatic errors and unacceptable views on Turkey down. I’m waiting for the head of the EU delegation to Turkey hansjörg Haber, who boasts that he is a German, made the necessary Declaration to that effect”.

As many refugees moved to Europefrom, if Haber had insulted the Turks by negligence or folly, the former mayor of London Boris Johnson – intentionally. Moreover, he received for this insult a thousand pounds (more than 90 thousand rubles). In dedicated Erdogan Limerick authorship Johnson speaks of “the man from Ankara” which was “a tireless masturbator”. The literal translation does not make sense, but if someone of the readers knows the modern British slang sufficiently, he may attempt to do their own literary version in English.

Official reaction from Ankara on this contest and poetry Johnson has not followed yet, however, it is unlikely she will be quite different from the reaction to the poem, the German broadcaster Jan Amerman. But, unlike the German counterparts, British prosecutors are unlikely to bring criminal case against the former mayor of the capital, and if they do, it is not because of poetic exercise.

We will remind that in Turkey a criminal case for insulting the President has initiated against citizens 1845. Under Turkish law, for it provides a monetary fine or imprisonment for a term of one year to four years.

Thus, we can say that Erdogan is consistently not define relations with foreign States. Friendship with Russia was sacrificed ghostly interests in Syria, and friendship with the EU initially looked so forced and unwanted (and both parties) that a rupture seemed inevitable. However, as he sang Viktor Tsoi, “I knew it would be bad, but didn’t know so soon”: the gap between the EU and Turkey, it seems, happens before the parties have time to carry out at least one item of previously approved agreements on refugees.

In this respect, especially interesting is the reaction of States and societies to quarrel with Turkey. Russia after the downed plane and the refusal to apologize has sharply cut economic ties, has cancelled a visa-free regime for Turkish citizens and have minimized all the other contacts. The EU, on the one hand, continues obviously pointless negotiations with the other former and current policy (recall that in addition to Boris Johnson insulting poems about Erdogan also read the Chairman of the Pirate party of Germany with Bruno Kramm) regularly use to address the Turkish President obscene language. If the level is not sandbox, then high school.

In connection with what is happening, remember the old Soviet anecdote about how the American says to the Russian: “We are the most free country. I can go to the White house and shout that Reagan is a fool, and for me it will be nothing”. What Russian replied: “big deal, I can also go to Red square and shout that Reagan is a fool, too, for me it will be nothing”.

Somehow, German and British TV presenters retirees do not insult their own leaders, and write and chant nasty things about foreign. Of course, in Germany and in Britain, the man that insulted the Chancellor, Prime Minister and even the Queen, not sent to prison and even will likely not be fined, but it will be perceived negatively. And to insult a Turk – what?

Russian liberals regularly resent folk art dedicated Barack Obama, or indecent pictures can you repeat that”, which is sometimes placed on their vehicles, the owners of inexpensive cars. But to introduce a conditional Yuri Luzhkov or any other of the former mayor of a large city, call the foreign President’s “tireless masturbator”, or the presenter, singing a song on a similar topic, is problematic. In Russia it is not accepted.

But as European politicians can just say “we don’t want to cooperate with unpredictable Turkish leaders, sullied themselves by collaborating with ISIS”, they skillfully exploited the resentment of their Turkish “partners”.

The result is two questions. First – who will then turn Turkey? If it goes in a circle, trying to normalize ties with the US, damaged shortly before the deterioration of relations with Russia, or try to go to Iran, China or some other new partner?

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