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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Discovered a new species of dinosaur with a beak and horns amazing

Paleontologist-a lover of bill Shipp found in the American state of Montana fossils, which after quite a long time professional scientists were able to identify new, previously undiscovered type of dinosaur. The lizard who had the beak and horns of unusual shape, was named Spiclypeus shipporum.

photo: youtube.com

The first half of the name dinosaur comes from the Latin phrase, which could be translated as “shield with spikes”, and the second to the name of the person who found unique fossils. The dinosaur was a “relative” Triceratops, and looks like him for a variety of features, but has some differences. Instead of three straight horns sticking out of its head, Spiclypeus shipporum had two horns above the eyes are curved and directed in different directions, partly resembling ears, and one small horn above the nose. The dinosaur’s neck was a plate, surrounded by thorns. Such weapons, in all likelihood, was used by dinosaurs for protection and battles with members of their own species, since they were herbivores.Experts believe that Spiclypeus shipporum lived on Earth about 85-66 million years ago.

Specific species that experts have studied for ten years, was an adult dinosaur that lived about 76 million years ago. Apparently, he suffered from arthritis, greatly hindered his movements. Scientists discovered a round hole in the skull of a dinosaur, in all probability, was done by one of his fellow competitors, and the marks of sharp teeth on the bones told scientists that the meat of the defeated dinosaur was eaten by predators.

The researchers argue that the find allows better study of the ancient fauna and to clarify ideas about how the functioning of different ecosystems in the time of dinosaurs.

About the discovery of a new species of dinosaur paleontologists reported in the pages of the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

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