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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Alexei Mukhin: Amirov’s Arrest will lead to great changes

The expert told how the mayor of Makhachkala has been 15 years to stay at his post

June 3, 2013, 22:30

Text: Madina Shavlohova

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“Amirov’s arrest could be the beginning of large-scale changes in Dagestan. In fact, the organizers of this action swung not only on the shape of the Makhachkala mayor, but to the order management, which was formed in the post-Soviet years in the Republic”, – said the newspaper VIEW, political analyst Alexei Mukhin.

The sons of the arrested mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov: the head of Republican management of Federal bailiff service Dalgat Amirov and the Chairman of the Committee on legislation and state building of the Parliament of Dagestan, Magomed Amirov – arrived in Moscow, said a source in the Dagestani government.

“According to preliminary information, Mohammed and Dalgat Amirov are now in Moscow to be this period next to the father,” – said the source RIA “Novosti”. Informed in Republican management of Federal bailiff service and the reception were Deputy Amirov reported that Dalgat and Mohammed Amirova went on vacation.

The mayor of Makhachkala said Amirov, who held the post for 15 years, was arrested on Saturday and already on Sunday arrested two months. The Investigative Committee of Russia reported that he is suspected of organizing the murder in December 2011 of the head of investigatory Department SK at the Soviet district of Makhachkala Arsene Gadzhibekov. The case was initiated under article 295 of the criminal code (organization of an encroachment on life of the person who carried out the preliminary investigation).

Only in the case of detained more than a dozen people, including a nephew of Amirov, Deputy mayor of Kaspiysk Yusup Dzhaparov.

Supporters of Amirov, including representatives of the city administration and the city Parliament, has already declared intention to appeal against the court decision about arrest of the mayor. What political ferment waiting for Dagestan after the arrest of the mayor of its capital, in an interview with the newspaper look told the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

Alexei Mukhin (Photo: RIA “Novosti”)

OPINION: Alexei, you know that the mayor of Makhachkala was an iconic figure. How will affect the situation in Dagestan his arrest? Now what will be the balance of power in the Republic?

Alexei Mukhin: Amirov’s Arrest could be the beginning of large-scale changes in Dagestan. In fact, the organizers of this action swung not only on the shape of the Makhachkala mayor, but to the order management, which was formed in the post-Soviet years in the Republic.

Now with the arrest of Amirov involves a lot of public expectations. Expectations that the Federal government finally began to restore order in the Republic. If these expectations are justified, if we will talk about the change in the control system, not simply removing “in disgrace” is another – albeit very bright! – the helper, we can change the political climate.

If we talk about the medium term, the Dagestan Republic in the next few weeks and months, waiting for the fight between supporters and opponents of Amirov, as well as the struggle for the post not only the President, but also mayor of the capital of the Republic.

OPINION: why is he so long held? Whether his style compare with the style of the reign of Ramzan Kadyrov?

A. M.: Amirov – comes from a system of consumer cooperatives of Dagestan. In the last Soviet years, he even led the system Gipotensus. In 1991 he became Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic, and in 1998 changed this post to the post of mayor of Makhachkala.

Not less important is the fact that Amirov is a Dargin. And it is to Dargin belonged to two of the three post-Soviet leaders of Dagestan Magomedali Magomedov and Magomedsalam Magomedov.

An important circumstance is the fact that Amir always knew how to negotiate with a part of the Avar clans. To his bow were the representatives of other Nations, because he alone has solved the problems in the city. Undoubtedly, ordinary citizens who are faced with daily by iniquity, went to his bow and looked to the truth. I think, not last role has played a “folk diplomacy” and of course “other” methods. That is what he was appreciative of Magomedali Magomedov – the first post-Soviet leader of Dagestan.

Being an independent figure, Amirov, however, had partner and mutually beneficial relationship with the Magomedov clan-father and supported him on a number of fundamental issues. Support Amirov was hard and personally built them a system of power, which included control over literally all aspects of Makhachkala.

To compare the Amirov system and system of government of Ramzan Kadyrov can be only one parameter is hard personalist regimes.

OPINION: What role could play in this story, the head of the Republic Ramazan Abdulatipov? Prevented if he Amirov?

A. M.: it is obvious that the decision to detain Amirov was taken in Moscow. However, it is clear that it could not be made without the consent of Abdulatipov. Formally Abdulatipov was at anything – he was in Grozny at a football match.

As for personal relations and Amirov, Abdulatipov, it is quite obvious that they were, to put it mildly, complex. It can be traced at least in those public statements, which made Amirov after coming to power abdulatipova. And the roots of the conflict between them is clear: Abdulatipov arrived in the Republic to dismantle this type of power that represent the Amir and some of his colleagues, and Amir was not ready to change, to go into the shadows, or at least to play by the new rules of the game.

OPINION: How will the events develop further? Should we expect more arrests?

A. M.: Amirov’s Supporters will try to turn the tide in their favor. First and foremost, they will certainly try through lawyers to change the measure of restraint. In addition, it is possible that you will attempt the collapse of the prosecution by denying the defendants in the case from the evidences given earlier.

As for the new arrests and detentions, they are not excluded. First, apparently, not all of the defendants in the case Amirov arrested. Secondly, it is possible that at the sight of law enforcement bodies of others – as “iconic” – bureaucratic and business figures who were involved in those or other abuse.

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